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Jewish emigration out of the Third Reich female perspectives

Jewish emigration out of the Third Reich female perspectives


Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany on board the SS St Louis in 1939. Zilla Coorsh

Defining the Enemy. A key part of Nazi ...

In recent years, many victims of violence have written memoirs in which they seek out and confront the perpetrators who harmed them. The opposite is rare.

Women in the Third Reich

Helene Mayer of Germany, right, won silver in women's fencing at the 1936 Olympics. Photograph: Bettmann/Bettmann Archive

A scene staged by the Nazis for an International

How America's rejection of Jews fleeing Nazi Germany haunts our refugee policy today

Undated photo of a Jewish store

Between Dignity and Despair: Jewish Life in Nazi Germany (Studies in Jewish History) 1st Edition

Nazi board game

Women during the Holocaust

Members of the SA picket in front of a Jewish place of business during the Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses, 1 April 1933.

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Title page of the German government gazette Reichsgesetzblatt issue proclaiming the laws, published on 16 September 1935 (RGB I No. 100)

The Biological State: Nazi Racial Hygiene, 1933–1939

What Americans thought of Jewish refugees on the eve of World War II - The Washington Post

The Path to Nazi Genocide

German Jews during the Holocaust

(Jewish Museum)

Katherine Profeta at the Women's March rally in Manhattan's Foley Square on January 19, 2019. Anna North/Vox

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Taoiseach Eamon de Valera's condolences on Hitler's death spawned immediate international condemnation

Ben Kingsley stars

Nuremberg Race Laws

Jews escaping from German-occupied Europe to the United Kingdom

Jane Fonda attends the 2018 Women's Media Awards, hosted by the Women's Media Center,

St. Louis Passengers

Over a third of European Jews have considered emigrating over antisemitism fears, study finds. '

Seven men in uniform stand around a man and woman who have signs around their necks

World War II: Color Photos From Nazi-Occupied Poland, 1939 - 1940 | Time.com

'We are only following the law' doesn't explain immigration policy during Nazi era or now

... carrying about 900 German Jewish refugees, was denied entrance to the Havana harbor in 1939. The ship was later denied entrance to the United States and ...

A Jewish wedding party outside Ireland's Waterford Courthouse in 1901. (Wikimedia Commons)

Many descendants of Nazi victims fleeing a perceived rise in discrimination and the politics of Brexit Britain are still finding their EU citizenship ...

Renewed vitriol among right-wing fascists and new threats from radicalized Islamists have created a crisis, confronting Jews with an agonizing choice.

Poles and the Holocaust in Historical Perspective

Demonstrators protest during the "Keep Families Together” national day of action against the Trump

Jewish Life in Europe Before the Holocaust

(Center Front) Mirjam Geismar de Zoete; (Center Left) father Chaim de

How the Hitler Youth Turned a Generation of Kids Into Nazis

The man who survived eight Nazi death camps

A mailer sent out about Kim Schrier, a Jewish candidate for a high-profile congressional seat outside of Seattle, by the Washington State Republican Party.

A debate about the country's past has revealed sharply divergent views of its future.

Letter from the captain of the St Louis to the JDC

Russian immigrants attend an event marking the 25th anniversary of the major wave of aliya from

On the 17 August 1938, all Jews who had 'non-Jewish' first

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These labels translate to say 'Do not buy from Jews'. Whilst their exact

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Illustrative: Nazi signs reading 'Jews out' and swastikas are painted at the entrance

Adolf Hitler addresses the German people on radio on 31st January, 1933

Uzo Aduba, Maxine Waters. Uzo Aduba, left, and Maxine Waters attend the

AfD provokes outcry in Germany with launch of 'Jewish group'

Gisela Feldman on board the St Louis

1935 chart shows racial classifications under the Nuremberg Laws: German, Mischlinge, and Jew.

FIGURE 2-4 Rising senior ratio in the U.S. population, with and without projected immigration. SOURCE: Myers (2012) and unpublished estimates by Pew ...

This speech, discussing the Nazi Party's views on racial equality, was made by Göring

David Conley Nelson has spent years researching the LDS Church during the Third Reich, resulting in the new book ...

Hidden Pages in Anne Frank's Diary Deciphered After 75 Years

Persecution of Homosexuals in the Third Reich

Scholars Reconsidering Italy's Treatment of Jews in the Nazi Era

CNN poll reveals anti-Semitism is alive and well in Europe

Absent Jews, The

This is a photograph of Luta Wagemann and her son Robert Wagemann, taken around 1942

Jews hold strong views about the man honoured by a new statue in Jerusalem, says Catrina Stewart

Did Trump Echo Hitler by Calling Undocumented Immigrants 'Animals'?

Gerald Granston (right) on the deck of the St Louis

German, Jewish and NeitherGerman, Jewish and Neither

Anti-Jewish Legislation in Prewar Germany

NOTE: IRCA adjustments refer to the amnesty provisions of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, under which 2.7 million undocumented foreign-born ...

American Response to the Holocaust

World War I and the Jews

Germany: the role of women in the Third Reich

Arnold Katz and his son Benno Katz being paraded through Cologne during a boycott of Jewish

Nazi rally in Nuremberg

Honoring LGBT Jewish Holocaust Survivors by Amanda Seigel, Jewish Division, Stephen A. Schwarzman BuildingJune 6, 2017

This public notice, issued in Frankfurt on the 27 February 1935, banned Jews from

The Diary of a Young Girl Teacher's Guide


The Muslim director who filmed neo-Nazis: 'I thought – I'm not going to make it out'. Women

Adolf Hitler also published a list of crimes committed by groups he didn't like - The Washington Post

The Reich Citizen Law stripped German Jews of their German citizenship. (National Archives Gift Collection)

Victims of the Nazi Era: Nazi Racial Ideology

Beer Hall Putsch

Why are Republicans more afraid than Democrats to share their views in this “political climate” given that Republicans currently control both Congress and ...

Themes in Nazi propaganda

Anne Frank, a German Jew who emigrated with her family to the Netherlands during the

Nazi policies designed to persecute Jewish populations prompted a wave of emigration from Europe beginning in 1933. Many sought to move to the United States ...

Following Kristallnacht, the Nazi government fined the Jewish community one billion Reichmarks to pay for