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Is Concussion TBI and CTE acceptable risks of contact sports

Is Concussion TBI and CTE acceptable risks of contact sports


Fiji's Koli Sewabu and the All Blacks' Leon MacDonald are left sprawled on the ground

A study about concussions and the risk of chronic traumatic encephalopathy ( CTE) is generating national headlines:

Kids playing football

Everything we know about concussions is wrong

holland and barrett

Clermont's French scrum-half, Morgan Parra, is concussed during the ERC Cup match

6) The NFL has made the game somewhat safer. But it's still dangerous.

What to Know About New Concussion Research

Concussions in the NFL: How Worried are You?

Can Cannabis Help NFL Athletes At Risk Of Developing Deadly Brain Disease?

Signs of a Concussion: What You Need to Know

Dominic Day uses CBD to help aid recovery

Playing Tackle Football Before 12 Is Tied to Brain Problems LaterPlaying Tackle Football Before 12 Is Tied to Brain Problems Later

Offensive Play. How different are dogfighting and football?

Soccer player holding his head. A concussion is ...

Being clear about what we mean: head injury, concussion and traumatic brain injury

Amazon.com: League of Denial: The NFL, Concussions and the Battle for Truth (9780770437541): Mark Fainaru-Wada, Steve Fainaru: Books

Getty Images/Collection Mix: Subjects RM

Dakota Conwell suffered a series of concussions through high school and then in college while at the University of Arizona. After taking some time off, ...

Super Bowl 2019: Football concussions: The link between head injuries and CTE, explained - Vox

Coping with Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: A Guide to Living with the Challenges Associated with Post Concussion Syndrome a nd Brain Trauma ...

Can biomarkers detect concussions? It's complicated

Head Games is a documentary directed by Steve James and produced by Bruce Sheridan.

Football Frenzy

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)

The Reasons Not To Ban Contact Sports For Children: An Answer To 'Concussion '

Eating Their Own: On The Hidden Risks Within Hockey's Warrior Culture

Media Continues to Be Ahead of the Science on CTE – Brooke de Lench – Medium

Amazon.com: League of Denial: The NFL, Concussions and the Battle for Truth (9780770437541): Mark Fainaru-Wada, Steve Fainaru: Books

Is football really unsafe? A physician talks about why he lets his son play

NFL concussion lawsuits explained

A Football Player's Descent Into Pain and Paranoia

Concussion in the NFL: The dying game

The New York Jets' Greg McElroy was sacked 11 times and suffered a concussion in this Dec. 23, 2012, game against San Diego. (AP/Bill Kostroun)

Could soccer headgear reduce concussion risk? First-ever ratings say yes.

Two helmets colliding in the 108th annual Army-Navy football game in 2007

CTE, concussion dangers mostly dismissed by elite high school football players | USA TODAY High

Owen Slot: Is it safe for my son to play if concussion law does not change?

Denver Broncos' Von Miller (R) strips the ball away from Carolina Panthers'

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Cases, Injury Rates, and Rates.

Female concussion brain scan

How Is a Concussion Treated and What Can You Do During the Recovery Period?

Concussions in the NFL: A player tells his story

Table 5 . Description of the "Five Es" of injury prevention and ...

NFL Concussion Awareness: An Exclusive with Dorsey Levens

The countless concussions sustained in the NFL can have catastrophic consequences.

Concussion Focus Needs to Shift from NFL to Youth and High School Football | HuffPost

High school football participation numbers dropping amid health concerns

Concussion is now an injury that is acknowledged but we still don't know the

Super Bowl 2019: Football concussions: The link between head injuries and CTE, explained - Vox

State of the NFL: Concussion Awareness and An Exclusive Discussion with Ex-NFL Running Back Dorsey Levens

Decline in Youth Football Attributed to Risk of Head Injury

New Hope for Concussions TBI & PTSD

Roy Keane said players concerned by concussion in the sport should 'play chess' instead

History shows 'smarter' football is no match for concussion

The toll of recurrent traumatic brain injuries (TBI) has been gaining widespread attention in the media and the public discourse in America for the last ...

BRAIN INJURY professional vol. 16 issue 1

FIG. 2.

Concussion and chronic traumatic encephalopathy: International Rugby Board's response | British Journal of Sports Medicine

Is Traumatic Brain Injury Preventable in Amateur Boxing Competition?

Should kids play contact sports? Ex-NFL players join Megyn Kelly

Opinion: The harsh reality of knockouts, concussions and fighter health

Hunt Batjer: No one-size-fits-all answer for concussion worries

Concussion: Does rugby union need to learn from the NFL?

As the spring season approaches, contact sports, such as #soccer and #lacrosse

Rugby is thought to be safer than NFL. How much safer?

Javier Zarracina/Vox

... concussion rates in high school & middle school show same pattern as college. Collision/contact sports highest, girls > boys in comparable sports .

Trent Edwards suffers a concussion

FIG. 1.

Ken Stabler

If you've ever watched a football player get leveled on the field, you probably weren't surprised when the National Football League admitted a link between ...

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How Does Your Brain Get Hurt?

T.J. Ward #43 of the Denver Broncos tackles on T.Y Hilton #13 of the


Truth Doesn't Have a Side: My Alarming Discovery about the Danger of Contact Sports: Bennet Omalu, Will Smith, Mark Tabb: 9780310351962: Amazon.com: Books

Agitated Behavior Scale, developed by John D Corri

What Happens To A Football Player's Brain During A Concussion? | Popular Science

Image titled Prevent a Concussion Step 1

National Estimates of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Frequency.

Athletes who play on despite suffering a concussion put themselves at increased risk for a second

Left: Sagittal T2-weighted MR image obtained in a 13-year-old presenting with hockey-related concussion and 6-week period of bilateral hand numbness and ...

The uncertain future of football: The concussion crisis ensnares former Wildcat and Bear Mike Adamle - Chicago Tribune