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Inmates families have the right to communicate with inmates in jail

Inmates families have the right to communicate with inmates in jail


Talking to inmates family members outside on the prison. Lots of inmates with medical conditions and unsure if they're getting their medicine.

Jails are replacing visits with video calls—inmates and families hate it

Prisoners' Rights

The unnecessary high inmate calling cost is a major issue and an injustice that should be curbed to help them connect with their family members.

Inmates Using Telephone

App Lets Families Easily Send Printed Photos to Their Loved Ones in Jail With a Swipe of a Button

Typical video visitation

The American incarceration boom has given rise to companies that provide products and services, like phone calls for inmates, to government prisons in ...

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The Prisoners Who Care for the Dying and Get Another Chance at Life

A video-visitation system

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The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration

Should Denver's two jails reinstate in-person visits between inmates and their families?

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The Largest Prison Strike in U.S. History Enters Its Second Week

Keefe Group, based in St. Louis, Missouri, is comprised of several companies

How Companies Like JPay Are Making Millions Charging Prisoners to Send An Email | WIRED

Information for Inmate Families and Friends

Real criminal justice reform now

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A new bill could finally ban predatory inmate phone costs

Current Issues

How to survive a British prison

The big business of prisoner care packages

No Way to Call Home: Incarcerated Deaf People Are Locked in a Prison Inside a Prison

The Stanly County Detention Center will ensure that inmates confined in the Stanly County Detention Center are provided the opportunity to visit with family ...

cheap inmate phone calls n.

Sign Up for emessaging. eMessaging allows family and friends to communicate ...

An inmate uses a Global Tel Link tablet.

By Sam Gustin. February 12, 2014. Hundreds of thousands of U.S. prison inmates and their families will now be able ...

Irish prisons: warring gangs use threats and acts of violence against other inmates, their

Leading Inmate Telephone System

Prison Guards Are '#FeelingCute' About Threatening To Assault Inmates for No Reason. "

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man in prison Approximately 15% of incarcerated people have serious mental illness, although that number can vary depending on the type of illness.

A Corrections Officer on What Really Happens During Conjugal Visits

It's been described as 'Skype for the jailed' and is being sold as safer and more convenient. But it begs the question: are in-person visits a human right?

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Prisons launch WeChat account for inmates' families

Prisoners' Families Helpline

It Costs About 50 Times More to Make a Call From an Illinois Jail Than From an Illinois State Prison

Prison Safety in New York. "Working together for public protection"

San Pedro prison

Consent for Minor Visitation

FACT 2 — State prisoners serve about three years on average for their crimes—a one-quarter increase since 1984.

Easy Account Creation and Management Options for Inmate Friends and Family

The outrageous scam of “free” tablets for the incarcerated

Law enforcement officers stand at the entrance to the Alderson Federal Prison Camp where Martha Stewart

How America's prisons are fueling the opioid epidemic

Why Corrections?

This means that those who are leaving prison on parole tend to be nonviolent offenders, a fact that is likely relevant to discussions of reintegration.

Prisons Want Cell Phone Jammers to Stop Inmates from Communicating with the Outside World

What went wrong at Britain's prison of the future?

The Way Out Prison Ministry

The exploitative prison-phone industry could be soon dominated by just two companies

The Denver Sheriff Department is negotiating .

If you have any questions or would like a refund, please call 1-877-998-5678 for assistance. If you would like to purchase more talk time visit ...

What Prison Cells Look Like Around The World

Prisoners' rights in prison

What are inmates provided with upon admission to a correctional facility?

Correspondence between Cruz and Jalet.

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pA page from Richard Wembe Johnson's correspondence with emGQemp

Halden Prison

... immediately following release from prison. Lack of necessary identification documents, interruption in needed medical care, and even lack of appropriate ...


Nadler))) on Twitter: "Back at #MDC right now. Talking to inmates family members outside on the prison. Lots of inmates with medical conditions and unsure ...

On the wall were flipboard sheets listing the preconceived notions that many officers had about female inmates ...

Jail Abuse Lawyer

Prisoners, HIV and AIDS

There is currently a dearth of existing research with this explicit aim. For now, the evidence we have suggests that prison life leads to personality ...

The Jail Health-Care Crisis

Sign for Florida's Orange County Corrections facility.

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Why Prisoners Deserve the Right to Vote


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My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard: A Mother Jones Investigation – Mother Jones


Best Prison Slang Words You (Hopefully Won't) Need To Know | Prison Writers

Underfunded, Overcrowded State Prisons Struggle With Reform

The Basic Concept Pertaining To Inmate Telephone Use by cannette51722 - issuu

Some additional helpful details: On-site: Inmate ...

Pennsylvania's newest, most expensive prison is finally ready - and inmates are dreading it

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A percentage of income collected from phone calls goes back to the authorities for the exclusive right to extract money from a captive population.