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In the interest of keeping companion planting simple I have tried

In the interest of keeping companion planting simple I have tried


In the interest of keeping companion planting simple, I have tried to make lists of plants that go well with each other. That way, as I am planting my ...

A full list of companion plants in a downloadable pdf version. The Yates Companion Planting Guide.

Companion Plants

Pumpkin Growing Companions: Learn About Companion Planting With Pumpkins - If you are planting pumpkins in your garden, it pays you to learn something about ...

Companion planting is the careful placement of plants (especially vegetables and herbs) which have been shown to have beneficial effects on one another.

Companion Planting 101 - What you should plant next to each other to maximize your garden

best companion plants for hostas – Longfield Gardens. Hostas have no trouble holding ...

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Starting a vegetable garden from scratch

9 Companion Plants to Grow with Cucumbers

Designing with Hostas

Companion Plants for Lilies, Species Lilies, Asiatic Lilies, Oriental Lilies, Trumpet Lilies ...

Airy plants add space. Fine-textured plants have several functions, including the ability to make a garden feel more spacious by seeming to recede into the ...

Do you know which vegetables grow best together? Here are 5 companion planting charts to

Plants That Grow With Heather – Tips On Companion Planting With Heather

Underplanting roses, Best David Austin Roses, Best roses for borders, Rose borders, ...


Underplanting roses, Best David Austin Roses, Best roses for borders, Rose borders, ...

Anna Pavord: 'Peonies make a wonderful addition to a garden if you follow simple rules'


Avoid too many brightly colored hostas

rose garden with bird table in the centre

... peas in pod

8 Best Rose Companion Plants

small vegetable garden with lettuce, petunias and pole beans

Instead of a black brick wall, this is now the view from Jenny and Bevan's living room. Plants in this vertical garden include begonias, fuchsias, nandina, ...

30 Summer Flowers for the Prettiest Garden Ever

Susan Clotfelter, Special to The Denver Post

Gardening Companion on the App Store

Using plants is a natural and effective way to repel mosquitoes, flies and other insects from entering your home. Certain plants can also prevent pests like ...

... with companion plants. Easy garden tips 5

Gardens: want a burst of colour in autumn? Try these plants

Thyme. thyme pink flowers

Vegetables Love Flowers: Companion Planting for Beauty and Bounty: Lisa Mason Ziegler: 9780760357583: Amazon.com: Books

Easy-To-Grow Plants You Should Plant This Spring

How to Grow Bright, Beautiful Zinnias

The 25 best self-seeding plants to save you time and money

Containers are used prominently and add interest to this restful refuge in the garden.

A few pot plants can add life to your garden and home. Bunnings Greenlife Buyer Katie Eggleton says, “large and small, pots add an extra level of interest ...

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A close of few of a clump of yellow black-eyed susan flowers in bloom

Choose your pot – Make sure to add some broken pottery or stones to the bottom to support drainage. A good bulb fibre will encourage roots to establish and ...

Easy Landscaping with Ornamental Grasses: Simple Tips for Carefree Success

cottage garden with various heights of flowers and greenery


Accenting them with the appropriate companion plants will help them get the attention they deserve. Hostas

Gardening Companion on the App Store

Planning, Building, and Planting a Raised Garden Bed


Now that they have finished flowering, shrubs such as Camellia and Forsythia can be lifted and moved provided the soil is not frozen or waterlogged.

30 Easy Groundcovers for Your Garden

Great Garden Companions: A Companion-Planting System for a Beautiful, Chemical-Free

Spring flowering bulbs deal 2

Anthurium in pot

Crop protection is not only about keeping pests and the weather from damaging our cherished fruit and vegetable plants, it is also a useful way of extending ...

Herb Garden Border “


A potager garden with flowers and vegetables combined


Get an early start on spring with a generous helping of bulbs that pop into bloom just as winter starts to fade. Here, the cheerful yellow flowers of ' ...

gardening apps

How to layout a vegetable garden

Designing With Spiky Plants

Container Gardening

Sedum Autumn Fire Fall Color, Red and Pink Sedum Autumn Fire, Autumn Fire Stonecrop

Heuchera Coral Bells

When applying lawn seed for a new lawn the soil needs to be cleaned from any debris and weeds. Dig over the soil to make sure any lumps are broken up and ...

Patio garden climbing up railings, garden, urban garden, patio garden, balcony garden


Pick Drought-Resistant Plants

Visual Companion Planting Chart (Guide)

Hibernating ladybirds abound at our place

colocasia potted as patio plants

Ficus lyrata is a great pot plant for your office as it loves indoor conditions and bright lighting. And because it's a slow-growing plant, ...

15 Stunning Container Vegetable Garden Design Ideas & Tips | Balcony Garden Web

Fallugia paradoxa seed head with bee. Photo courtesy of Emmis Oure

Underplanting roses, Best David Austin Roses, Best roses for borders, Rose borders,

Plants under a tree

Growing a salad in pots

companion plants growing

cordyline in pot

small garden featuring herbs mixed with flowers, with overly lay text "small garden,

gkh articles

Cleome spinosa


Gardening Companion on the App Store

I've had poor luck with hydrangeas, but I know many others who've been successful. Look for a variety that can withstand prairie winters.

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Thin or needlelike foliage: The elongated shape of plants, like 'Aureola' Japanese forest grass ( Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola', Zones 5–9) and 'Caledonia' ...

With a variety of colors and textures, these ornamentals will add interest to your garden

Plants for window boxes

Photo by Oregon State University/Wikimedia Commons.

Early season square foot garden bed divided into squares