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I want to see the antivaxxers argue with him Funny Memes of the

I want to see the antivaxxers argue with him Funny Memes of the


Anti-Vaxxers Edgy Meme Didn't Go Quite As Planned.

20+ of the best memes that mock anti-vaxxers

anti vaxxers meme about anti vaxx nurses with picture of Dark Night's Joker

People Can't Stop Trolling Anti-Vaxxers With Memes (30 Pics)

When I'm arguing with an anti-vaxxer.

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22 Of The Most Entertaining Responses To Anti-Vaxxers. Funny ...

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"Mom, they got rid of anti-vaxxers." "Son, anti

Most anti-vaxxers reject modern medicine and use alternative health products. Many “crunchy” mommas like Karen love to use their essential oils. This meme ...

A woman wears a tinfoil hat and is mocked for her unsound opinions.

The Internet Is Shutting Down Anti-Vaxxers One By One And It's Too Entertaining To Read (22 Pics)

anti vaxxers meme Tweet about anti vaxxers' kid having Windows 95 diseases


Top 10 Pro-Vaccine (or Anti Anti-Vaxxer) Memes on the Internet

People Can't Stop Trolling Anti-Vaxxers With Memes (30 Pics) | Bored Panda

Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus opines on vaccine testing.

Woman pokes holes in anti-vaxxers' theory by using their own argument. Got 'em.

anti vaxxers meme with Austin Powers about living dangerously by getting flu shots


Which is why registered nurse Meggy Doodle (who's also a mom) took a rather different approach to making her pro-vaccine argument, as you can see in her ...

A woman with a notepad mocks anti-vaxxers

Anti-vaxxers shouldn't be dismissed right away, according to NPR this afternoon


They're not simple reminders that diseases like the measles may be more severe than a weeklong rash; they escalate to body horror, plagues and death, ...

Trying To Lead The Blind is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 15

When you vaccinate your memes to prevent them from dying after a week Modern problems require

People Can't Stop Trolling Anti-Vaxxers With Memes

Shrek Writer Argues the Term 'Anti-Vax' Akin to the N-Word, Twitter Responds Accordingly

I'm sick and tired of anti-vaxxers...so I'm making memes about them!

Arguing with antivaxxers like -💉 -💉 -💉 -💉 -💉 -💉

Doctors Calling Out Anti-Vaxxers' BS On Twitter Is Our Favorite Thing


Debunking Anti-Vaxxers

From autism risks to mercury poisoning, here are 10 lies anti-vaxxers are spreading about the measles vaccine

Thankfully, a photographer caught Karen amid her studies. When Karenn reminds you about her research, share this meme with her.

Seven ways to talk to anti-vaxxers (that might actually change their minds) - Healthy Debate

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Image via Refutations to Anti-Vaccine Memes

The unsubtle sexism of the "Anti-Vax Mom" meme

So trust instead, a random guy who makes movies for a living and is frequently seen on Twitter making fun of autistic children. Get your health knowledge ...

This meme is available on a T-shirt, and the proceeds go toward a very worthy cause.

Sounds harsh, I know - meme

Children of Anti-Vaxxers Tell Their Stories

twitter news jokes medicine vaccines deez nuts anti-vaxxers ridiculous dumb science research measles stupid

The Legendary Anti-Vaccine 13th Episode of 'The Brady Bunch' Is Real, Hilarious

I am the first one to get a “joke.” I don't want to rain on anyone's parade and people are free to post whatever brings them joy.


Anti - vaxxers be like.

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Image result for anti-vax mom meme

Anti-vaxx 'mobs': doctors face harassment campaigns on Facebook

An Anti-Vaxxer is portrayed wearing a tin foil hat and ignoring logic.


Photo: I homebirth, I use cloth nappies and I immunise. That's the message of my campaign.


Internet Destroys Anti-Vaccination Argument By Turning Its Logic Around

Good Job Anti-Vaxxers Damn Retards

Anti-vaxxers have embraced social media. We're paying for fake news with real lives

To All the People Who Think Anti-Vaxxers Are Right or Even if They Have Any Argument Whatsoever, Here Are Pictures of the Last Generation of People, ...

If Anti-Vaccine Parents Rode The Magic School Bus

Anti-vaxxers wrongly believe that vaccines cause autism. This meme is perfect for throwing into an argument about vaccines and autism.

Ethan Lindenberger's mother did not believe in having him vaccinated. He questions that decision, and now that he's 18, he's seeking to remedy it.

Anti Vaxxers. .. How will they enforce that area ban? Will they be

Open up - meme

Anti-vaccine activists demonstrate in Houston in August 2017. They don't believe

Love the rebuttals to these insanely ignorant pro-vaccine memes. Cassie McNaney · Antivaxxers trying to argue

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01 Jill Promoli Family

When humans create vaccines that nearly kill every single molecule of you, but then anti- vaxxers become a thing - iFunny :)

Anti-Vaxxers Their children [gunshots] (adi Anti-Vaxxers Why would doctors

when they admit they are lying liars who lie!

10 Anti-Vax Roasts So Real, They'll Start Believing in Modern Medicine


But it wasn't all fun and GIFs. While many shared their heartbreaking stories of childhood illness, someone brought up this snippet from an essay written by ...

Nurse Shuts Down Anti-Vaxxers with their Own Logic

This sums you up quite nicely.

A sad commentary about the state of affairs in 2019.

We don't want to nail anyone on the cross behind the anti vaccine movement, but let's just say we're here for the science and a few good laughs.

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Regressive Meme

Do you, or someone you care for, live with a disability? What has been the one thing that has made the world more right for you?

And when that doesn't work, they resort to this…

Actor Luke Perry died yesterday after suffering a massive stroke, and anti-vaxxers are already attempting to link his death to vaccines.

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A poster promoting the ant-vaccine research on the whale.to website.

anti-vaccers anti-vaxxers all the same science denial cliamte change global warming GMOs

Anti vax moms ...

A global-health expert accused anti-vaxxers of having an 'utter contempt for

Complementary and alternative medicine ...

I bet answers from anti-vaccine folks aren't the same as the answers