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I want this Only left side darker messier and the right side

I want this Only left side darker messier and the right side


I want this!! Only left side darker, messier and the right side color!,


Amateur image of the Orion Nebula taken with a Sony Alpha a6300 camera, by Bryan

Image credit: Raúl Palma Gallardo, via http://www.cristoraul.com/SPANISH/astromuseo/galerias/messier /M95-M96-M105.htm.

Image credit: Rich Richins, of all 110 Messier objects (in no particular order

Image credit: © 2008 — 2014 — Dark Horse Observatory, via http://www.darkhorseobservatory.org/index.php?CategoryID=35. And yes, detail-detectives, ...


M59 is one of the largest elliptical galaxies in the Virgo galaxy cluster. However, it is still considerably less massive, and at a magnitude of 9.8, ...


Image credit: Rick Beno of Conferring With The Sky Observatory, via http://www.conferringwiththesky.org/displayimage.php?pid=500.

Messier 16 (M16) – The Eagle Nebula

Discovered in 1779 by Charles Messier, M58 was one of the first galaxies recognized to have a spiral shape and is one of four barred spiral galaxies in ...

Messier 49 – the NGC 4472 Elliptical Galaxy

Seeing the Treasures of Messier's List with Mobile Astronomy Apps

Image credit: Jim Misti of Misti Mountain Observatory, via http://www.mistisoftware.com/astronomy/Galaxies_m110.htm.

This photo nicely shows the chains of stars that dangle from the central region of the cluster. They're even more obvious at the telescope.

Holes and shoals


The first sighting of the waxing crescent Moon this past weekend not only marked the start of the Muslim month of Ramadan worldwide, but also sets ...

Sharpless2-237 and NGC 1931

Located in the constellation Andromeda, M110 was discovered in 1773 by Charles Messier. It is a satellite galaxy of the Andromeda galaxy (M31) and a member ...

Spitzer Captures Childhood, Middle Age, & Maturity of Stars in One Region | Digital Trends

Messier 43 – the De Marian's Nebula

Messier Monday: The Most Perfect Elliptical, M89 – Starts With A Bang! – Medium

Artist's concept of SPT0311-58, a pair of massive galaxies in the very early universe. Researchers say galaxies of this era are “messier” than the ones we ...

March Astronomical Highlights: Full Moons and Plenty of Messier Objects

NASA news: Two galaxies colliding in space

Next arm in

Orion Nebula - Hubble 2006 mosaic 18000.jpg

Messier 12 (M12) – The NGC 6118 Globular Cluster

Messier 98

DESI “first light” image of the Whirlpool Galaxy, also known as Messier 51. This image was obtained the first night of observing with the DESI Commissioning ...

This trio of galaxies is one of the Leo I group's highlights. Left to right: NGC 3389 (not a member), NGC 3384 and M105. Sloan Digital Sky Survey-II

Messier 95 and Messier 96 in visible light. Image: Scott Anttila

How do black holes produce their enormous jets of hot, fast matter?

Messier 44 – The Beehive Cluster (Praesepe)

Person clasping their face with their hands, with open eyes emerging through, in a

Formation and history[edit]

Messier 78 and Barnard's Loop

trifid nebula,messier 20,m20,ngc 6514

Rotation curve of spiral galaxy Messier Triangulum. Credit: Mario De Leo/wikipedia, CC BY-SA. Beyond dark matter

m20,messier 20

Red and Black Spots on Sunday's Jupiter, Ceres Peaks, and Old Moon gives Dark Sky Delights!

December 21st 20:30

The Galaxy Split In Two

Dark matter may not actually exist – and our alternative theory can be put to the test

Best Deep-Sky Targets of the November Night Sky: How to See Them

Art for "What the Sight of a Black Hole Means to a Black Hole Physicist

A “Jellyfish” Galaxy Swims Into View

Dumbbell Nebula – Messier 27



Messier 88. Located approximately 47 million light-years away, M88 is a spiral galaxy with well-defined and symmetrical arms. Although it is a member of the ...

NASA news: The galaxy Messier 90 in space

pinwheel galaxy,m101,m101 galaxy,ngc 5457

Why the black hole is a ray of light in these dark times

Image credit: © 2006 - 2012 by Siegfried Kohlert, via http://

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The effect of light painting Balanced Rock, Arches National Park. Note the uneven lighting: one side of Balanced Rock is bright, the other dark, ...

Event Horizon Telescope

The Pinwheel Galaxy, also known as Messier 101. This face-on spiral galaxy is about 21 million light-years away. In the sky, it is located near the end of ...

This one holds two imaging scopes, a big Ritchey-Chretien on the left and a big ...

June evenings are mild and bug-free, and offer a great variety of deep

Amazing image of an amazing event.

Messier 53 – the NGC 5024 Globular Cluster

fireworks in the night sky: NASA's Hubble Space has peered nearly 5 billion light-

M90 is a bright, beautiful spiral galaxy situated in the Virgo cluster of galaxies. Located in the constellation Virgo, this galaxy is approximately 59 ...

Image of the Milky Way over Black Rock Desert in Nevada

This is a 1995 Hubble photo of the Pillars of Creation. It's one of the

Messier 34

This story starts with Jeff Barton, Director of Astronomy at the Three Rivers Foundation for the Arts and Sciences (3RF). Jeff sent me a Facebook message on ...

Ultraviolet: GALEX

Messier 11, also known as NGC 6705 or the Wild Duck Cluster, is located around 6000 light-years away in the constellation Scutum.

Messier 53 is a "Globular Star Cluster" located in the direction in Coma Berenices and composed of around 500,000 old stars and is within our own Milky ...

Hubble's look at the globular cluster first cataloged by Charles Messier in 1760.

Cosmic Wreath and Ornaments Decorate the Universe in These Space Telescope Photos

messier 20 stars,star-forming nebula

Messier 108

The huge Omega Centauri cluster packs 10 million stars into a ball 230 light years across. It's about 16,000 light years from Earth. Stars are only 1/10 of ...

The Hyades

m83,southern pinwheel galaxy

... of the Moon ...

Of all the forces or objects in the Universe that we cannot see—dark energy and dark matter—none has frustrated human curiosity so much as the invisible ...

This image of the southern spiral Messier 83 (above) was captured on a photographic plate by an optical telescope of the mid-19th century. At right, Harlow ...

How 'High Life' Created a Black Hole That Looks Just Like the Historic Photo. "

Milky Way Story IIIa/VII ~Sadr region and cygnus starcloud~ .

Messier 33 – The Triangulum Galaxy

an infographic of the anatomy of a black hole. a thin stream of light coming