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I quite simply fancy the hues lines and linework This is

I quite simply fancy the hues lines and linework This is


I quite simply fancy the hues, lines, and linework. This is certainly an exceptional layout if you want inspiration for a #japanesewordtatt…

I quite simply am into the hues, lines, and linework. This is definitely

I unquestionably adore the pigments, outlines, and depth. This really is an amazing

I quite simply appreciate the colours, outlines, and depth. This is a really

I honestly love the shades, outlines, and depth. This really is an outstanding

I quite simply am into the color styles, lines, and linework. This is

I simply adore the colours, lines, and linework. This is definitely a wonderful

Trademark Art 'Zendoodle 1' by KCDoodleArt Graphic Art on Wrapped Canvas | Wayfair

Trademark Art 'Flowers 1' KCDoodleArt Graphic Art on Wrapped Canvas | Wayfair

I truly adore the color styles, outlines, and linework. This really is an

I unquestionably am keen on the colorations, outlines, and fine detail. This really

I quite simply am into the colorations, outlines, and linework. This really is

I sincerely adore the colors and shades, outlines, and linework. This is certainly

IAST #293 String by Adele Bruno, CZT

I quite simply appreciate the colorings, outlines, and linework. This is definitely a

I seriously have an appreciation for the tones, outlines, and linework. This is

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I found it quite difficult. But I had a lot of playing with Fife. I drew Fife often when I started tangling.

Next I'll do as many rounds as I need to of tighter line work until I get it how I want it. Although the “final” linework is never actually complete, ...

Still, the work as presented here is powerfully evocative, following the dreams or visions or memories of a weird little monster who looks a lot like a ...

Today's collage is from my boats-folder – since they are all around me all the time, and I have no photo-collection more extensive.

At this stage the art director and I went back and forth, making subtle changes to layout, setting and characters to prepare for the next stage, ...

For someone who can make such pretty pictures, Coche's ability to edit himself is downright ruthless, and it makes for very striking imagery.

"I Have No Interest In Pleasure." COMICS! Sometimes They Make Jurassic Park Look Like Flamingo Land!

A Question For Your Guys

Hair has lots of movement too! Drawing arrows to start getting a sense of direction can be a great place to start. Start the arrow where the hair is ...

Embroidery and Fancy Work p017.jpg

First just make your lineart like you'd do it normally

How to Draw Comics | How to Draw Head Portraits 1

For this piece, since I wanted a strong figure ground relationship with as much contrast as possible, I painted it fully in black and white first.



Work-in-progrees page from Anya's Secret Society , Yevgenia Nayberg

(I wish I was kidding). Anyway! Just wanted to be honest about being a human and if you're out there and you're scared to make a jump...just close your eyes ...

After I developed several visual development look paintings, I began working on the line work clean up look. I used one of Joe's scenes from the pencil test ...

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Attacked is my tile for ' It's A String, Thing #292' Challenge.

You've got to be like “Yeah, I made this!” If you aren't excited about it, I don't know how the hell you're going to get somebody else to be.

From Nayberg's sketchbook

Inking the sketched design.

... stumbling several miles in poor, bewildered Daphne's shoes) and the blithely inured (George and Emily Lime). It's all quite quotidian to them.

That was a serious question. It was in a secret hope to find its answer that Bell Aubrey had gone to pay a long visit to the Misses Brand, ...

Embroidery and Fancy Work p030.jpg

The purest pleasure on offer here is just looking at panel after beautifully put together panel of Crepax's early, brush-heavy chiaroscuro style, which I'm ...

(I wish I was kidding). Anyway! Just wanted to be honest about being a human and if you're out there and you're scared to make a jump...just close your eyes ...

Tangled Tidbits - *beautiful details for Fünf complete with a flower like center *bold contrasts of light and dark, line and curve

Urban Sketching: The Complete Guide to Techniques

Imaginary Lines III. Original hand drawing on Canson Watercolor Paper by Alejandra Linares. 16

What response is most meaningful to you when people view and/or read your work? How do you go about achieving that?

Embroidery and Fancy Work p049.jpg

“But if anyone is finding the fire extinguisher, then can they please be bringing it me so that I can be putting out my hair. Thank you.”

Certainly Forsman and de Radigues take their time and focus on “the little things” pretty thoroughly here, and for all intents and purposes this book plays ...

As always, if you have any more questions/requests please let me know, I'm always happy to discuss art-realted stuff :D

(I wish I was kidding). Anyway! Just wanted to be honest about being a human and if you're out there and you're scared to make a jump...just close your eyes ...

Sparkling wine, any color.


For both days we have a symbol, a torch with a flame/bird. Both days are very impressive. Remembering and celebrating. It is wonderful and important that ...

Also threw in an armchair because it was one of the things I saw whilst walking around Lavender and had a nice image of a nice friendly old man sitting in ...

We Bought A House! Let's Talk About The Money (Honey) | a pair & a spare | Bloglovin'

African Woman in Head Wrap - Portrait in pencil by Laura Dreyer

I have been very excited about today's drawing sesh. I have spent some time now fantasising about a new concept, and the illustrations I am envisioning is ...

My quick whiteboard sketch of 'Femme a la montre' for Art 101, 2017

Embroidery and Fancy Work p033.jpg

Preliminary sketch from The Bridge , Helga Bansch

Let's take a look at some differing sketches of trees that we could use to represent on a map.

Thank you for the challenge - all three are new-to-me tangles! Here is my entry for the challenge. I traced a Zentangle tile into my sketchbook.

hi guys today I made a tutorial on how to make my favorite art nouveau-y embellishments! these are a super fun and easy way to add a little emphasis to a ...

more variations

I know you are all eagerly waiting for the new Symbol Set “Cities of Schley” by Mike. You'll be happy to hear that Mike has finished all the ink outlines of ...

@boss_ruru also decides to rep Team Bliss with this lovely piece of Ms. Barson in one of her many alternate outfits.

The invitation suite was letterpress printed in a single color – a deep, dusky blue – to complement the intricate line work in the illustrations and help ...

Yes, inspired is the word! *'flat' Edie fill for ZZT *great 3 D line work

The ...

Once the publisher had approved the initial hand drawn look of the first sketches, I developed the main characters, Iqbal and his sister Sadia.

Preliminary sketch of interior spread from Typewriter , Yevgenia Nayberg

It's approximately five eyes that go across the face (depending on your style, play with this a little). The head wraps in a circle, so if the end eyes go ...

... Character B: Uncle loving the changes and has joyfully accepted them. He wears street fashion clothes that originated from the “hip” parts of Lavender ...

I also want to single out Merlet's contributions to this book. They're undoubtedly subtler here than in Charlotte Imperatrice, but perhaps more important to ...


... but his shamanic ways could just hold the key to retrieving their talisman intact and uneaten. Or simply be as bonkers as it sounds and not remotely ...


I have been folding several hundred presentation-folders at the museum (assembly-line work is a strange little passion of mine, true story), ...

... be for a heavyweight watercolour paper, but as I tend to go for a more modern experimental approach, these will become a regular choice for me.

I make sure to paint within the line work as carefully as I can, and using the Eraser (E) tool to clean up any brushwork that goes over the line work I've ...

My stars are more like flowers but I enjoyed doing them.

Storyboard sketches from The Bridge, Helga Bansch


photo JDMCwy01B_zpsrjpw0vik.jpg

Freehand drawing of the letter B. I am really inspired by Art Nouveau and Alphonse

Embroidery and Fancy Work p050.jpg

Original art for sale at UGallery.com | Sunday Brunch by AUTUMN ROSE | $1,100

Now that I have the hang of creating basic characters and emotions, my goals have shifted and expanded. In the future, I'd love to vary my character shapes, ...


The repeated emphasis on the materiality, the fecundity, of novels, of comics, of music and of speech draws us back to the truth that words and pictures are ...