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I incredibly love the colours lines and linework This is a

I incredibly love the colours lines and linework This is a


I incredibly love the colours, lines, and linework. This is a wonderful concept if you would like a #japanesesleevetattoo

The line work in this image shows incredible detail. The thickness of the lines and the lack thereof is used to show highlights and shadows.


mandala | Love the dot/line work with a Pop of colour in this mandala tattoo

12. Manual cleaning

I incredibly appreciate the color styles, lines, and linework. This is definitely a

15. Manage layers

A Flow Of Organic Lines

7. Krita

I incredibly love the colours, lines, and linework. This is a really great

Inbetween by saltytowel. I have a ...

Unknown Artist | Amazing line work

Clean blue sketch traditional line-art to color it digital with in Krita

I truly love the colors, lines, and linework. This really is a superb

Illustrative Tattoos: The History, Designs, and Artists

Final line-art :

How to do clean Line Art by saltytowel

Conclusion :

Now you can easily colour the lineart.

Drag the cursor across a line you want to be straight

My taste here is for a dark Burnt Sienna . Save a Presets [read : chapter 9] if you need to find the exact same color setting next time.

As I get to travel more, I almost expect that my focus will shift onto different sights.

Hand holding a sucker in fine line style

The line work is very precise in this book – in fact I feel a little too precise. The areas to colour in many places are very small (too small!) and the ...

I simply love the color styles, lines, and linework. This is certainly the

image 0 ...

(I know some colourists just set the top layer to a 'multiply' blending mode, which makes the white invisible but I prefer doing it this way).

50 Amazing Coloring Books to Celebrate National Coloring Book Day

Ultimate Inking and Coloring Tutorial for Adobe Illustrator (short version) - YouTube

The feeling of creating something manually is such a different sensation to me than working with a computer program. I find it more enjoyable.

The Color of Heaven (The Color of Earth) Paperback – Deckle Edge, September 1, 2009

Basicidea by saltytowel

You either love it, hate it, or love to hate it! Personally, I found the game so incredibly difficult when I got to level 58 (I know, that's nothing!) that ...

It's certainly a classic composition, or something a bit cliché for a run and jump pose ; but I wanted to see this one with more details.

d618202d25ab37d2d0a6b4d4125a0069.jpg (460×700) Drawing With Pen, Contour Line Drawing,

Readers have been asking me to write a digital colouring tutorial for years so I'm FINALLY getting around to it. You can read my previous posts about idea ...

50 beautiful free wallpapers for creatives

Did He Have a Lust for Line?

tattoo artists toronto

2018's Incredible Artistic Growth from the Etchr Community

Courtesy of Dots to Lines

Now on the layer, click on the mask and fill it with black. The Color Burn layer will be completely masked and hidden from view.

Introducing Sketch Icons

Godzilla vs King Ghidorah linework complete! Color next…


illustration, skulls, linework, ink Storm Wallpaper, Queens Wallpaper, Skulls, Coloring

Filter : Color Adjustment curves

B2 by Ry-Spirit

Godzilla vs King Ghidorah linework complete! Color next…

I have a few more photos of books that I flicked through in Dymocks the other week. I wasn't overally impressed by the linework in these books.

I am also a really big fan of the old surf and skate artists like Mike Giant and Jim Phillips. James Jean is a legend when it comes to composition and ...

The linework that started off the finished thing! It was pointless drawing the flames of the Anima banner because they'd be 'additive' – rendered with light ...

A quick way to experiment with different colours is to fill lots of areas with the same colour, and then selecting a specific area and using the ...

Do you think you will keep on portraying and revealing the landscape around you? Are you interested in depicting a more urban scenario? Right now I love ...

Complete Guide to Bible Journaling: Creative Techniques to Express Your Faith (Design Originals) Includes 270 Stickers, 150 Designs on Perforated Pages, ...


He loves to draw with pencil crayons and really dark tonal pencils. Elements of linework and color are incredibly important to his work.

Using the Brush tool, paint on the Layer Mask with white. It will feel

There was an error trying to play this video. Please make sure your browser is up to date.

Which Tattoo Artists You Should Go To By City

Godzilla vs King Ghidorah linework complete! Color next…

Quick and Easy Digital Ink and Paint in Adobe Illustrator CS5 Tutorial

If I ever get a chance to pitch a Star Wars story to Marvel or Disney or Lucasfilm it's going to go something like this:

I rather like this mix of subject matter, however I am not overly excited by a lot of the linework in this book. Some reviews on Amazon say that they like ...

Marcy Gregg's distinctive artwork springs from a love of color and line. Born in rural East Texas, she expressed an interest in art at an early age.

33 Rose Tattoos And Their Origin, Symbolism, And Meanings

Original Art (Watercolor) Reward Tiers:


Nate's a deft hand with humor, but her artwork, rendered in a brisk, exaggerated cartoony style with light pastel colors and stark black linework, ...

I did the concepts, design and final linework/shading, while the beautiful colors were done by the talented Nutchapol Thitinunthakorn! I LOVE the rich ...

Mike Moreno

Beautiful Tattoos Look Like Sketches Inspired by Geometric Symbols and Old Engravings

I incredibly like the shades, lines, and linework. This is definitely a superb tattoo design if you would like a

At last you can see the incredible detail of Gustave Dore's linework!

The range of colours is really impressive; they're all so bold and have a gorgeous chalky quality to them. One look at my portfolio and you'll notice I use ...

How to break down bodies so you'll be drawing like a pro in no time.

Because if something goes wrong, you have to fix it. And you have to do it in an elegant way—it can't be obvious. I'm definitely learning how to do that.

Adding a simple back light line of white colour makes your figure pop a bit more

“All right, so we're almost up to date. When were you born? '94, was it?” “'95. I was a toddler on the night New Labour got elected.

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Blue Is the Warmest Color

The reason I scan the image in at 400 is because of the threshold adjustment. What this does is it looks at your image and decides if each pixel is dark ...

27 Best Tattoo Artists You Should Follow on Instagram – Tattoo Design Ideas 2018

Her control of the material is exceptional, and I love admiring her delicate shading, linework, and interesting color combinations.

I'm trying to make an effort to leave more comments on art and fic. Content consumers are a driving force in fandom. Use your amazing powers to do a whole ...

We LOVE the contrast @btraynor creates with her gorgeous lines and popping colour palettes!

Meatneck by saltytowel

Design Basics Index

You can download my drawing in high-resolution, ...


Oh but I like 130% a ...

And finally I went over the whole thing with color drawing ink to finish it. You can maybe see the difference in the blue between the bits over the linework ...

... a translucent acetate film that allows me to create incredibly fine and crisp linework. Drawings are 8.5x8.5 inches and matted to 12x12 inches.

Tattoo colour wheel

... which is one of the reasons I like ink and watercolor. It kind of bakes itself in as you work and if you don't like it you have to start over.