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I decided to do a clasped weft weave to show off t Clasped

I decided to do a clasped weft weave to show off t Clasped


I decided to do a clasped weft weave to show off t... -

Clasped weft shawl by me

Clasped Weft Pillow – Pillow Month – Schacht Spindle Company

Clasped weft with 4 colours!

Clasped weft table runner on rigid heddle loom, hand dyed cotton.

Weaving clasped weft on Artsy Fartsy

Clasped Weft Weaving for Great Designs

My First Attempt at Clasped Weft ...

You can see a subtle approach on the right and a sharper colouring on the left. ← Summer ...

Clasped Weft weaving on a rigid heddle loom

Clasped Weft with 3 colours

This clasped weft is for a scarf I've been commissioned to do. The person who's asked for this liked the subtle interplay of blues and greens in another ...

Clasped weft done in gold acrylic with black backg... - #Acrylic #

The scarf warp is 2/8 Tencel in Straw and I choose a simple undulating twill for the pattern. Clasped Weft is usually done with plain weave but I wanted a ...

Weaving triple clasped weft on a floor loom

sampling: Saori: clasped weft weaving

Triple Clasped Weft Demo

Clasped Weft Weaving Tutorial.. I want to try this.


Clasped weft in action

A relatively new weaver, Heather chose to weave her project on our 15” Cricket Loom and challenge herself with a new technique, clasped weft.

Clasped weft I just can't ...

... clasped weft pattern. Fabric off the loom – unwashed

Clasped warp instructions!

Clasped weft weaving technique - basic demo - bostonwoolworks

Clasped weft weaving for handwoven Gypsy Jacket

And an hour after that I was ready to weave again! There is something to say for 6 epi!

Share. Beginning Weaving ...

Chenille scarf using clasped weft.

top & bottom of cayenne baby wrap


Class: Beyond Easy Weaving - Clasped Weft - Hill Country Weavers

clasped weft bars

... showing clasped weft weaving technique in multiple colors. Detail – front/right side (Click for larger version)


front (on left) - back (on right)

I didn't aim to make a literal copy of the heron image, but I wanted to try to use an interplay of structure, clasped weft, variegation and colour to ...

The full piece (two pieces still attached by warp) hanging on the wall.

Do you see the zig zaggy design in the center area? Do you notice that the red is rather solid as is the purple? Those things are the "magic" in this ...

Finished cloth

glitter gold scarf with sienna stripe

Not enough fabric of either for a solid colour rug, but enough for stripes or in this case, clasped weft.

The clasped weft technique is most often seen with two colours in Saori style weaving. See blog post on Clasped Weft. However it's a simple thing to use 3 ...

copyright ...

Free pattern to weave an alpaca and silk scarf with clasped weft stripes

I haven't felt overly enthusiastic about working on the clasped weft warp; it's sat waiting for me like this for a few days.

To weave clasped weft technique, you need two yarn sources: a shuttle and a yarn supply. For this project, I put the ball of navy yarn in a bowl on the left ...

Adding a bead to a clasped weft on a rigid heddle loom.

Woven Stained Glass

Clasped Weft Sampler

... showing clasped weft weaving technique in multiple colors. Detail back/wrong side (click for larger version)

weaving on cardboard

I actually sampled, I had to because I wasn't sure if the weft was going to cover the warp and I had to figure out the pattern, and I wanted to have ...

I knitted a collar with the dusty Brazilian stretchy cotton for me. It was supposed to be looser and bigger but I got this far with one ball and I have ...

Free pattern to weave an alpaca and silk scarf with clasped weft stripes

On my first visit I ...


Clasped Weft Weaving

end of baby wrap 'right' side. Moving on, I mentioned that I wove two clasped weft ...

I was pleased how the fibers filled in the spaces and created a relaxed, soft fabric that only shrunk in length by an inch.

Navajo weaving on table loom

Black and white clasped weft infinity shawl. A quick weave on this beautiful Good Friday

image 0

I knew I was going to run out of my lilac weft so I thought I

A real-life example

On October 20th we had the brilliant Jan Beadle come to lead a workshop. When Jan was first booked to do a “Clasped-Weft” weaving workshop I must admit I ...

Clasped weft weaving for handwoven Gypsy Jacket

As ...

handwoven rayon chenille scarf with ribbon accents

add some weft

Butterfly #1 (green) interlocks with butterfly #2 (pink) and exits

Trying a clasped weft weave! . #knittymelissa #schachtcricket #knitpickshawthorne #weaving #

Free pattern to weave an alpaca and silk scarf with clasped weft stripes

Students learned clasped weft technique in yesterday's weaving class. #handwoven #weaving #weaver

This is what I started on Esther's warp. The warp is far less complex than the previous clasped weft warp, only a gradation of five achromatics.

1-Day Workshop - Get Fancy with Rigid Heddle Weaving

The difference between width in the reed and the finished piece isn't much, but the photos show the dramatic difference in how the yarn behaves while it is ...

So in general, two colors clash when they are far apart on the color wheel and one is much lighter or darker from the other. (It is also possible for a ...

This wrap will be partly done with a clasped weft. Oh boy, do I

end of baby wrap 'wrong' side

clasped weft

(Log Cabin; Playing with clasped weft on the latest Jane Stafford online guild project.

Tapestry #3 has me playing with some clasped weft. (By the way,

Free pattern to weave an alpaca and silk scarf with clasped weft stripes

I was first inspired by a pen in and ink drawing I saw on Pinterest but in my excitement, I did not capture it and now I can't get it back in ...

Clasped weft weaving for handwoven Gypsy Jacket

Tree Under Stormy Skies

I won't go into details of how to do clasped weft because Kaz Madigan at Curious Weaver does it much better than I could here. Logistically, I get around ...

Weft interlock weaving technique - weaving lessons for beginners

Beat row in place.

This fun workshop will introduce you a new way of weaving - in a circle! Using just a simple cardboard (or pizza base) loom, ...