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I cover all the bases from Colonel Sassy Sanders to Baberaham

I cover all the bases from Colonel Sassy Sanders to Baberaham


Hope your guys are ready for the next ear release this Saturday at 5pm est!

I cover all the bases from Colonel Sassy Sanders to Baberaham Lincoln 🎀 . Wearing @

Gee thanks I made

Wig altered and styled by me all pieces from arda

🛸Tori👾 (@happyunbirthday1) Instagram Profile Photo

🌙🌙🌙 . • . • . • . • #wonderworldnyc #fairykei #mahoushoujo #jfashion | happyunbirthday in 2019 | Nyc

My work desk is always so hectic looking since I have my little toys all over

Never ...

No new outfit today but here's another from a while back because I really loved this look ✨💞🎀 . • . • . • . #6dokidoki #clubkid #drag #dragqueen ...

I made a couple of Yumekawaii / Yamikawaii facebook groups because there weren'

15 jam ·

Just ...

Papa bless white liner and big lashes to cover up my sleepy

Ears made by me y'all! . Used #mehronmakeup clown white lite for the white base ! @sugarpill zero liquid lip for the lips and #wolfecosmetics palette for ...

Now the question everyone has been asking… What's all this 'Betty Beat' stuff

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I couldn't wear any lashes since my eyelids are pretty annoyed with me 😂 . 💞top: @6doki_official ✨• 💞necklace: @yokaicandy ✨.

🛸Tori👾/👹Venus Thightrap🍑 on Instagram: “#katsucon day 0 look 🌈🎊 . • Thotty pose to show off shoes but also to thank god for all this bod ✨ .

Something very special coming to the South East on 3/10… Stay tuned for

WHATS UP LINK IN BIO TO WATCH @_benscar AND I TALK ALIENS, FASHION, AND DRAG AT @thirdeyecollective 👌 . • . • . • . #podcast #friends #atl #6dokidoki ...

Wearing all @magical_ulala to bring y'all some kitty POPSTAR looks ❤ 💞

🛸Tori👾/👹Venus Thightrap🍑 on Instagram: “Giving you Momos cybergoth little sister 👀 . • . • . • . #sugarpill #sugarpillcosmetics #drag #dragqueen ...

Ezaki Bisuko is sporting a Puvithel Magical Girls First Aid thermometer necklace! #Repost @

Comfy clothes day !!

Almost forgot to post these makeup shots from the other day !!! . • Wearing @sugarpill zero liquid lip ! . • . • . #sugarpillcosmeti…

Colors for the first batch of our Existence is Futile have been chosen! You can

Not to be cocky or nothing but I think I looked pretty cool last night 🖤🌀🖤. • ALSO I MADE THOSE EARS AND I WILL BE MAKING EARS FOR SALE SOON KEEP ...

I haven't made moon circlets in

Inpress Issue 1239

Some shots from my first ear release that's live now over at my depop! Honestly wanna cry from all the support y'all thank you!! I can't wait to get even ...

My favorite picture from the Betty Beat event! #Repost @kaneshac (@get_repost


RecordOf Horses2


FINALLY GOT CURTAINS. We're almost ready for a wardrobe room tour in the next few weeks ! . • . I would love to do a whole apartment tour but we still ...

You can't Betty-Beat these special shirts! These will be available for


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Colonel Sanders Quote


Hey cool! One of our pins is in a @buzzfeed article featuring @maramedium

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News about #feelthebern on Twitter

Our event is coming up in just a few days!! If you haven'



This is how i write summaries to get everything in 10 sentences Tumblr Posts, Tumblr

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In February of 1861, just days before he assumed the presidency, Abraham Lincoln faced

You can catch us alongside @hard_decora at Animarathon later this month! #puvithel #

🌙🌙🌙 . • . • . • . • #wonderworldnyc #fairykei #mahoushoujo #jfashion | happyunbirthday in 2019 | Nyc

Wowowow look at this gorgeous ouji with our Crystal Heart brooch!! Check out their


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Beat Magazine #1488

Now that we can finally letting us post... I wanted to give a


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Ask me stuff darling! add me on.

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Did you check out Lovely Lors latest video? Shes wearing a full Puvithel outfit in

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Beat Magazine #1477

Bernie Sanders on the Pope


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"All right, what the hell have you lot been doing while I was away?"

S I C K of goodie bags with two postcards and button? Well Puvithels goodie bags for Puvithel

Beat Magazine #1468

Love this cute shoot featuring our now sold out Existence is Futile jacket! #Repost

Hahahaha Roy Mustang Live Action, Blue Exorcist, Maid Sama, Colonel Mustang, Roy


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Ahhhhh this is so incredible! 😻 #Repost @porcelainette (@get_repost) ・



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Sorry for the late of shoes but I wore some lazy crocs since it was SO WARM AND NICE YESTERDAY !!! . Wearing all @cyberdogofficial and a @galaxxxyrocks ...

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Or vote for the WOMAN who will do those things.

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I love the character design in the game so I am very excited, though I'm guessing maybe 1 person will know what the game is.

I grew up with him and jeter and Jorge and Bernie and Andy. Damn I


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