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Hypotension Differential Diagnosis emupdates Education Med

Hypotension Differential Diagnosis emupdates Education Med


Hypotension: Differential Diagnosis

Hypotension: Differential Diagnosis – emupdates

before the CT

Ppt Thyroid Disorders Powerpoint Presentation Id 3524209

Cen Review Questions Part 1 Ppt Download

hypotension shock nontrauma | joint ems protocols, Skeleton

Pharmacology: Buprenorphine has a high affinity (really wants to grab) for ...

EM Curious Ultrasound Leadership Academy covers Aortic Ultrasound - UMEM Education Pearls covers the suprasternal notch view for detecting ...

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The body of literature that says it isn't is not relevant to our practice. In the Archives of Internal Medicine paper, ...

FOAMcast - Emergency Medicine Core Content

Best Case Ever 48 – Organic vs Psychiatric Illness

Report I: learning objectives ...

Figure 13.2 Management algorithm in severe to life-threatening asthma (with authorization from the authors with accreditation to emupdates.com)5 IBW, ...


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PV Card: Electrolytes and ECG changes - Academic Life in Emergency Medicine #nurseshirts Nursing

This week we had our semi-annual combined educational conference with St. Louis University Emergency Medicine. The topic was "Myth Busters" and it was an ...

In this serving, Dr. Heidi Kimberly teaches ...


Best Case Ever 49 – Post-Arrest Hyperkalemia

From Dr. Katelyn Hanson and Hanson's Anatomy:

Calcium channel blockers classes and names

... hypotensive to 70s, with AKI, mild hyperK (6.5). Exam shows severe ascites. Notably, on a non-selective beta-blocker. What's the diagnosis?

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orthostatic hypotension (postural hypotension) - diagnosis and, Skeleton

The ...

... and dynamics within the community.

Review the Signs & Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal with this LIFTL post. - See "Beyond Benzos for Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome" on this blog


Pediatric Dose Thresholds 1

Pain Free ED Site ACEP Now: Non-Opioid Pain Medications to Consider for Emergency Department Patients EMCrit: Opiate-Free ED with Sergey Motov

Figure 13.2 Management algorithm in severe to life-threatening asthma (with authorization from the authors with accreditation to emupdates.com)5 IBW, ...


EML eye answers


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Cover image of TOTAL EM - Tools Of the Trade and Academic Learning in Emergency Medicine

Bonus: personnel arrangement diagram



From Dr. Katelyn Hanson and Hanson's Anatomy:

Okay, it's been a while since I posted anything, but here's a quick one. This is a 30 year-old person who presents to the ED with palpitations. What is it?


All medications come with side effects, so be sure to address things like diet, smoking and weight loss while you have a captive audience.

end of life care consultant communication

Fusion Beat - LITFL

Prior ECG on file:

The Apple Watch Heart Study


hypotension: causes & symptoms - funbuzztime, Skeleton

Diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism in the Pregnant Patient.

Chronic Stable Angina

No significant change

Pelvic Xray Review

1 minute review of commonly performed ultrasounds in the ED including technique and diagnosis.

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Do you use cricoid pressure during induction and paralysis?

Remember, warfarin lasts longer than most clotting factors.

3 out of 5 stars

... “Standard-dose epinephrine ...

This week we discuss upper GI bleeding pearls from a workshop we did in our weekly conference.

hypotension postprandial and orthostatic

Ep 115 Emergency Management of the Agitated Patient


Figure 13.1 Asthma exacerbation severity stratification pathway. BGM, blood glucose monitor; BP, blood pressure; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 second; ...

Familiarize yourself with the ARDSnet protocol (... and consider keeping a copy of the FiO2/PEEP table on your phone or mobile device)

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low blood pressure medications | low blood pressure treatment options, Skeleton

Bizarre, Brady, and Broad (wide QRS). This ECG is too bizarre to be anything other than end-stage hyperkalemia.

The pathophysiology and clinical features are different - so I'll look at CLL to start with. As always, the Calgary Guide has the best overview.

Many will be unable see or hear, talk or move; these capabilities may fade in and out. Although most will tolerate this well, some will find it ...

low blood pressure diagnosis tests for hypotension

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Bonus ...

Acute kidney injury (AKI) has been a concern for many years and the teaching has been that ...

Series of Prehospital ECGs Showing Reperfusion

5. Any gait or truncal ataxia?

Episode 52 – The Esophagus


My doctor recommended the usual prescription pills for my condition but he failed to mention how expensive these were. I have already placed a second order.

This is the ECG of a young man who complained of chest pain.

1. Ob/Gyn core content (Bartholin's gland drainage,ovarian torsion, Dysfunctional uterine bleeding)[MD]

My general practice has been to order the urine tox to placate the inpatient teams as I don't want to start fights all the time, but I clarify with the ...