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How to fill a border on a budget How Will Our Southern Garden Grow

How to fill a border on a budget How Will Our Southern Garden Grow


6 Steps to a No-Work Cottage Garden

Rock garden in bloom, close-up

The Perfect Border for your Beds: Defining a gardens edge with inexpensive stone that fit any shape or size garden bed. Details @ www.jennaburger.com

Garden border

cottage garden with various heights of flowers and greenery

10 Tips For Landscaping On A Budget More

Old Lexington Gardens, Butte, Montana


Easy Do-it-Yourself No Dig Edging - Garden Lovers Club

cottage garden landscaped path with flowers

An overflowing bed filled with a tightly knit matrix of plants requires little grooming and pruning to control its size.

Heathers in garden

A River of Lamb's Ear Holds a Hillside Garden in Place.

A perennial border filled with delphiniums, astilbes, lilies, daylilies and lamb's ears.

easy garden plants to grow

Fill your garden with plants on a budget! These fast-growing shrubs will put on plenty of vigorous growth and fill bare corners

This garden is filled with tough-as-nails perennials that come back each year. Even then, they need little more than the occasional tidying up.

Orange Crush

5 Trees for Screening Our Lovable Neighbors — B. B. Barns Garden Center & Landscape Services

Low-Maintenance Plants for Easy Landscaping

Choosing the Best Trees for Privacy

plants for border bidens

Choosing Plants For Sloping Areas – What Plants Grow On Slopes

Micro prairies: No yard is too small to go with earth-friendly native plants

Cosmos Flower

Low-Growing Plants Guide: Border Plants For Your Walkway

A beautiful example of a diversified border creating privacy and beauty.


Close up of perennials flowers in bloom in the summer.

Raised Bed Gardening - How To Start A Garden With Raised Beds

10 garden plants even you can't kill

As an interior designer, I've always known the importance of well-defined lines. Inside the house or out, a clean, smooth line provides a finished look and ...

Whether you're looking to cover a large area or simply fill some space between plants in a garden bed, there are many types of garden ground covers to ...

Plan a Flower Bed | The Home Depot's Garden Club

Design School: Foundation Plantings

Gardeners and budget conscience homeowners everywhere are learning the benefits of container gardening with perennials.

Do not cut back the stem or any of the foliage as this will all contribute to the growing bulbs as they slowly die back.

Landscaping ideas for a low maintenance yard

7 Fast-Growing Shrubs

Seaside Gardens That Thrive

These 15 Perennial Flowers Are Our Absolute Favorites, Year After Year

Do not cut back the stem or any of the foliage as this will all contribute to the growing bulbs as they slowly die back.

17 Easy Landscaping Ideas to Create the Outdoor Space of Your Dreams

A collection of containers filled with rosemary, oregano, thyme and other culinary herbs adds

Bleeding Heart Flowers

Walking through the garden selecting blooms, we get to appreciate the plants in a new way, while slowly putting together ...

Elevated raised bed gardening is a great way to grow! (AD)

Hidden Retreat. Ron Ernst Garden

Landscaping and patio of modern condo building

Deer, Garden, Groundcover Pixabay ,

landscaping ideas

Easy Annual Plants That Bloom All Summer Long

17 Best Plants for Cool-Season Color

Sedum: Low Maintenance Perennial

Privacy Trees: 4 Top Picks for the Season

Green screens: how to create a sense of seclusion without growing resentment

The Big Sweep

Weeds in Paths? Use Vinegar, Not Roundup

Tulips in full bloom at the Keukenhof, the world's largest flower and tulip garden park

10 Perennials Easily Grown From Seed

15 Flowering Ground Covers to Meet Landscaping Challenges

Green grass is more environmentally beneficial than you think

With their distinctive coned shaped flowers in whites, blues and purples, you cannot mistake the intense smell of the lilac as spring slips into summer.

Gardening Scotland: a review

14 Plants for Desert Gardens

Heathers in garden

Susan Clotfelter, Special to The Denver Post

This deciduous or semi-evergreen shrub is America's fastest-growing hedge, growing up to 3′ per year. The shrub's dense, dark, glossy green foliage makes it ...

multicoloured pansies in a pot

Get The Tropical Look

flower garden

Poolside Plant Info: Tips For Planting Around Pools


garden design ideas

ground cover plants titimg

Old Farmer's Almanac

I had read about some native plant gardeners receiving complaints from neighbours and municipal officials, so I carefully designed the new garden and strive ...

If you're looking for some great climbing plants to grow up a trellis and

Mediterranean Plants for Your Garden

Yesterday, I went to the Home Depot to pick up a gallon of stain for the garden boxes. As I was waiting for my order to be processed, I headed over to ...

container gardening, potted plants

12 Easy-Care Favorites for the Cutting Garden

Perennial Garden Design Ideas

10 Best Landscaping Ideas. By Southern Living

During my pollinator garden research, I learned that a surprising number of conventional gardening practices are actually harmful to pollinators.