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How to Choose the Best Heated Cat Bed oliveknowscom Heated cat

How to Choose the Best Heated Cat Bed oliveknowscom Heated cat


Cats are quick to find the warmest spot to sleep in. Whether it's a sunny windowsill, a warm radiator or grabbing your seat when you get up to take a ...

... How to Keep Your Cat Safe During the Winter Weather



Petfusion Premium Cat Bed

But should you be treating your kitty to a warmed bed? If so, what should you look for in a heated cat bed? Read on to find out!


Canac Cat's Cradle


Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad

Aspen Self-Warming Pet Bed

... How to Choose the Best Heated Cat Bed


The Best Apps for Cat Owners - Today there are a whole range of apps for cat owners to enjoy, whether they are there to help us care better for our pets ...

What to Look for in a Cat Bed

The Best Ways to Calm Your Cat

As cat parents, we love being treated to the gentle rumble of our cat's purr

One thing that may not have come up in the decision making and planning process was where she will sleep. Many cat parents don't think twice about letting ...

You & Me Cat Perch

Best Calming Sprays for Cats

The Best Treats for Your Cat

For a lot of cat parents, adding a cat to the family wasn't a decision that was made lightly. There are many things to consider when deciding whether or not ...

Thus, if you live in an area with cold winters, it's advisable to keep your cat inside.

The Best Cat Beds

5 Best Litter Boxes for Senior Cats You'll Love Too

... bit of kit for any cat owner. We'll also talk you through the different types of carrier available and explain the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Katie Jenison

Are you looking for a litter box that is safe, comfortable, and convenient for

Keep in mind other cat parents are or have already tackled this issue, so you can too!

The holidays are coming, and each of the items featured here will make for a nice gift for your pal. But why wait? The winter chills have already arrived at ...

Mats in cats? There are lots of way to avoid these mats or remove them

For some cat parents, finding the perfect food to feed their cat is a piece

Table of Contents

Choosing the best cat book for your kids? Then here are some of our best

Cosequin for Cats

Human Foods that Harm Your Cat - since cats have a different digestive system compared with

GoPetClub 62-inch Cat Tree

There are lots of cat food out in the market and choosing the right one is

sentry good calming cat spray

The Best Gifts for Cat Lovers

Whether it's a cushion on a warm windowsill or a self-heating cat bed, your fur baby will be eternally grateful.

As your cat gets older, it's time to reconsider its lifestyle. Regardless of its

The Top Brands of Cat Calming Products

Frisco 24-in 2-Story Cat Condo

How to Choose a Cat Carrier

Frisco Round Bolster Pet Bed

Our cats are part of the family, which means they celebrate with the family! Holidays are a fun and busy time for everyone due to traveling, celebrating, ...

Cat Spray Brand, Features, Price. Ceva Feliway Spray

The Key Ingredient of Cat Calming Sprays

Cosequin is a supplement that is specifically aimed at helping maintain joint health in your cat. It's the number one vet recommended joint supplement brand ...

First, congratulations on your new kitty! Your bundle of joy will surely bring more warmth and fun into your home, as well as hours of entertainment and ...

comfort zone cat spray

Caring for a pregnant cat and the impending birth of her kittens can be a stressful experience, so as her pet parent, it is important to make sure you are ...

SmartPetLove Kitten Warmer

Below are some Easter gift ideas for your kitty. Don't forget to wrap up some items before placing them in a basket, so the little one can discover what's ...

If there is one thing that cats can't get enough of, it's exploring. Whether they are running around within the house, jumping in the garden or exploring ...

Well, worry not, cat parent! Below are the best kitten toys that you can easily purchase online and get delivered to your doorstep.

Petfit for Life Warming & Cooling Pad

An amazing cat toy from Animal Planet, this interactive cheese toy is a treat your kitten will definitely love you for. The toy is designed with a ...

Good things come in threes, and this triple layer of fun might just be what your kitty is missing. Providing hours of fun for a curious cat, ...

How Cat Calming Sprays Work

Sarah Dixon

The toy that will surely keep your kitty occupied, this interactive multi-function cat toy is a food dispenser, an automatic spinning toy ball, ...

AMOMI PET Multi-Use Cat Scratching and Groom Pad with Self Grooming Brush

A snuggle buddy perfect for young kittens, especially those that are separated from their mama cat – this plush is also a behavioral aid toy.

We hope that this guide helps you to choose the perfect carrier for you and your fur baby to enjoy many adventures!

Invest in Some Special Products

Make this a part of a set of steps, or cat clouds, to give your pet somewhere to escape away from other pets or children.

If you're not sure if your Easter meal is safe to feed to your cats, look at this article to see what human foods harm cats.

An engaging toy that also encourages active play and exercise, this is more than just a cozy cat bed. It is padded for the ultimate comfort of your kitty ...

If she doesn't you can also try spraying a catnip spray or sprinkling some catnip on her bed to entice her to spend time there.

If it turns out that she is pregnant, you will need to take steps to get ready for the birth of her kittens. On average a feline pregnancy lasts for about ...

... it would be best to consult with your vet about getting your cat spayed to prevent future pregnancies and to help your cat live the best and healthiest ...

Playing Cats

... because our new vet told me about a product that had the potential to combat her anxiety. That was the day I learned about cat calming pheromone sprays.

A cat toy that will be loved by cats of all ages, the Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit Toy offers a large play area for hours of interactive fun.

It is no secret that indoor cats adore fish and for kittens, these vividly-designed plush chew toys will provide them hours of endless fun.

For that reason, it is in the best interest of both you and your cat to keep her indoors for the duration of her pregnancy.

Oftentimes, parasite infestation among domestic pets is dealt with through items that can be bought in popular pet stores and online shops.

Do you know other natural methods of eliminating flea and ticks? What worked best for your kitty? Let us know!

You may be nervous to do so because of the common misconception that the mother will abandon her kittens if you handle them too much, but Dr. Lorie Huston ...

Categories Knitty Kitty 2 Pack – Yarn Ball Cat Toy With Rattle

Perfect for a playtime session for you and your kitty, this friendly snake can slither or dart around for your cat to catch and chase.

Spaying and neutering your cat has health and financial benefits, too. Spaying or neutering your cat can help them lead a healthier and less stressful life ...

Sarah Dixon

Cat fleas and ticks are visible to the human eye. However, they are also easy to miss. If you are not sure if your cat is suffering from fleas and ticks, ...

Another great addition to interactive cat toys, this IQ Treat Ball also functions as a food dispenser and slow feeder. The transparent top part of the ball ...

The toy features a unique design inspired by Donald Trump, a squeaky sound each time your cat ...

If there is one thing that cats can't get enough of, it's exploring. Whether they are running around within the house, jumping in the garden or exploring ...

Sarah Dixon

An equally adorable toy for the latest addition to your kitty brood, this cuddle pillow features a built-in purring mechanism that promotes mental ...

Flea Comb

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Bragg Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw

... How to Choose the Best Heated Cat Bed · Katelyn Cresmer

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