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How Can VDI Help Optimize the Performance of Your Business Blog

How Can VDI Help Optimize the Performance of Your Business Blog


How Can VDI Help Optimize the Performance of Your Business?

10 Ways How VDI Will Change Your Business in 2019

Simulate different behaviors of various users during a VDI performance test with Workload Mashup. “How can ...

What do you test, and what do you monitor in your VDI environment?

Virtual Desktop InfrastructureScott Armstrong2018-08-02T11:16:34-05:00

Virtual Desktops (VDI) FAQs

What Is VDI And How Does It Work

Essential VDI Performance Graphs in the Login VSI Analyzer

... in enterprises where they'd get premium tools without any budgetary constraints to impede their requests. In this guide, we've covered a variety of VDI ...

Top 15 Blogs of 2015 – VDI Tips, Tricks and Many Hits

To answer that question, you must first start with the obvious: breaking down just exactly what DaaS is.

7 Free Citrix Optimization and Monitoring Tools That You Cannot Do Without

8 Ways Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Can Benefit Your Business

Blog; VDI. 5 Key Benefits of Hosted Virtual Desktops for Your Business

Recent poll results for what are the top VDI Challenges and Problems

Top 5 Performance Tuning Tips for Windows 10 in VDI

[Blog] Eliminate Your Price / Performance Bottleneck and Enable Your Business to Adopt VDI with AccelStor NeoSapphire™ Part I

How to improve your Windows Server 2016 performance

To combat these challenges, many organizations are turning to hybrid cloud virtual desktop (VDI) solutions. Hybrid cloud gives you the agility and ...

Testing the Performance Impact of Windows 10 in your VDI environment

With this tool, we provide a recommended Pure Storage platform(s) along with an estimated TCO based on a select criteria including number of users.


Software Defined Thin Client FAQs

Three Lesser Known Tips for Your VDI Performance Tests (Login VSI Tips & Tricks)

Getting great video performance using remote access is possible, if you have the right software to augment your performance and shrink bandwidth demands.

The details of the optimization vs non-optimized system show the benefits on the close-up image below.

Deliver secure and stable virtual apps and desktops with 1-Click. Organizations today aspire to provide their ...

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Web Performance Optimization: Top 3 Server and Client-Side Performance Tips

How AIOps can Help Increase Your Business KPIs

clear uses—user assessment or onboarding, and validation of machine performance in cloud-based virtual workspaces.

In reviewing this list, I suspect that you made a connection with many of the benefits above that would be suitable for your organization.


VDI Performance Isn't Bad … Anymore

Unlike versions past, Windows 10 is being touted for many things – from new mobile device management (MDM) and data protection features to helping ...

VDIworks Virtual Desktop Platform Reviews: Overview, Pricing and Features

Java Applications Monitoring

Forget the scripting, OS image sprawl, painful patch Tuesdays and the ever so common comment “VDI doesn't work” when a single application has an issue.


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Most people who either have moved to or are considering VDI wan, do so to improve the economics and efficiency in their ...

... Mode (Thinwire H.264 + Lossless Text” and “Image quality drops but CPU on client is able to support higher resolution and improves performance”).

Windows 10 and one Golden Image

GPO Optimization

CloudReady optimizes your existing endpoints, making your VDI implementation even more secure.

RedPixie Citrix on premises azure.jpg

When making decisions about the best VDI solution, you need to clearly understand what is driving your organization's desire to virtualize.

Is Windows Virtual Desktop Right for Your Organization?

It's a simple at a glance understanding of modern app delivery that allows you to disconnect apps from the underlying Windows OS:

Imagine the possibilities, with the planned 1-click simplicity of Nutanix Xi Cloud Services, attached to Frame's compelling DaaS offering, that did not have ...

Zero Client: What's the Right Fit for Your Business?

Ten reasons your VDI implementation will fail, and what you can do to ensure success

not optimized vs optimized microsoft windows server impact on scalability vsi max. %VSImax Performance increase

[Blog]7 Tips for optimizing VMware vSphere on All-Flash Array

Your Data Center is Dead

They showed how NVIDIA GPUs accelerate organizations, enabling them to run deep learning, inferencing, training and HPC workloads on the same infrastructure ...

How do I cost effectively manage a virtual desktop environment once I get it up and running?


Looking up virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and its roots there's one thing that stuck out each time '…all components are essentially saved in the data ...

the ultimate windows 10 tuning template for any vdi environment vmware os optimization tool fully tuned

Can you explain for us in more detail what you feel are the inadequacies of Microsoft's approach for implementing VDI with Windows 10?

Steps to a Successful VDI Implementation

The software-defined networking revolution is underway, and while many enterprise IT departments are considering SD-WAN and SD-Access to help solve their ...

VDI Performance Testing: To VSImax or not to VSImax

The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions that were available at that time had poor performance ...

Google Next 2019 blog v2

The Four Biggest Pitfalls to Avoid in VDI

What's New in VMware Horizon 7.3.1 & Horizon Client 4.6 | VMware End-User Computing Blog

Optimizing Citrix® XenDesktop® for High Performance

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Download: What's Slowing Down Your VDI Checklist

A couple of customer successes I'd like to highlight:

Digital Transformation Roll Outs: Transforming Your Email Inbox

VDI Begins with XP End

The Criticality of VDI Performance: How EGAN Benefited from Ecessa WAN Virtualization

When you look closely you'll notice that you can check/uncheck individual optimizations as well. So when you don't want a special tweak to be applied you ...

How to size your infrastructure to optimize your end user experience

Manage. How to use VDI optimization to maximize performance

Now, with over 90 breakout sessions, first time instructor led VMware labs along with VCDX experts on hand to talk ...

The Big Reveal: New Avit VDI compute Power is easy to install and cheetah fast. “

Citrix Summit 2016