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Horse chestnut patch green to yellow torn leaves with spit

Horse chestnut patch green to yellow torn leaves with spit


horse chestnut patch, green to yellow, torn leaves, with spit, yorkshire sculpture

Andy Goldsworthy, Yellow patch (elm) [Leaf patches edges made by finding leaves the same size tearing one in two spitting underneath and pressing flat on to ...

Dandelions collected on the way to Bretton laid around a carefully made hole

Andy Goldsworthy, Horse chestnut tree torn hole, stitched around the edge with grass stalks, moving in the wind Trinity College, Cambridge 24 July 1986

Nice for the bees, not a great look for your front yard


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Andy Goldsworthy, Red Leaf Patch, 1983.

Zeugophora spec.: frass pattern .

Plants With Spotted Leaves: Fungal Leaf Spot Treatments

5 April Touching North

Horse Chestnuts Illustration For The Classroom Wall

Sartle Blog — Winter Is Coming: Warm up to It with Andy.

TABLE 18–6 Protein, Sulfur-Containing Amino Acid, and Arginine Content of Horse Feeds

Lily leaf beetle larvae continue to feed and grow in size and are now capable of ...

Andy Goldsworthy: the true work is the change

Early leaf spot (Mycosphaerella arachidis)

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Sphaerulina gei: leaf spots on Geum urbanum

Some common confusions are 1) Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia), a vine in the grape but different leaves, and not with leaves ...

Red Humped Caterpillar

Leaves of the money tree plant

Buffalograss May Bring Relaxation Back to Your Summer

Joseph S Klimczak Jr. Distant Memory. #1043

Clockwise ...

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Tannins found in the leaves, bark, and acorns of most oak species are presumed to be the toxin causing poisoning in animals.


Horse chestnut trees, or conker trees, are coming into flower at the moment. This one is white, but they can be pink in colour too.

The ...

Farm Blog: A View From The Farm

... Tiny imported willow leaf beetle larvae feeding together on 5/30/18 in Chesterfield

Photos ...

horse in fall leaves

Figure 28.

Poison ivy is known by many for its chemistry, producing a class of organic compounds call urushiol found in the plant's sap and on leaves/stems/roots that ...

Narrowleaf plantain

Texas leaf-cutting ant

horse chestnut candle

baby monarch caterpillar

Itsonlyactingdad (Giant's Causeway - Indy Business) is entered in a $60,000 Allowance Race for three year old fillies at Keeneland on April 10.

Spring Sprout

AAA/Greg Weekes


Black-throated Blue Warbler nest.

Black ink on yellow boards Image is of a calla lily taking up 2/3

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European Apple Sawfly damaged fruitlet

Loo roll sown parsnips, hardened-off and ready for planting

Figure 13.

14. Alderley Edge

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A stone laid on previously for several hours

34 Graveyard Cedar and Cicero Marker

Comes ...

Dwarf Gorse

By the time I had made my way over to the Castagno, the hail had already melted, but I could see it had knocked a few tender leaves from its branches.

Acadia's Pest v. Pesticide Challenge

Behold, a committee of black vultures resting on a tree branch between meals (spotted at the Sunnyside Equestrian Center). During feeding, a group of ...

Range: Snakes of this species occur widely in the United States, and have been found in northeastern Mexico. Their range extends from southern New Jersey to ...

Devices and guns seized from business owner raided in Slate Belt explosions investigation, records say

Picozza (More Than Ready - Casuarina) came away with a big win in a $47,000 Maiden Special Weight at Gulfstream Park on March 8 going 1 1/8 miles on the ...

Andy Goldsworthy

I turned around and discovered that everyone else ...

... Weddings The Gardens at Uncanoonuc Mountain ...

Sunchoke seedlings

fall trail ride in northern maine

California Pastoral

Horse Chestnuts Illustration For Colouring In

National Zoo & Aquarium

This one is in the middle of the Wood Sorrel patch, whose shamrock-shaped leaves are just beginning to unfurl.

Tom Stephenson - comgra DSC05980.jpg


The hardest thing I've ever done was climb Mt. Adams in Washington.

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ramaria, coral mushrooms,



Diplocarpon mespili: leaf spots on Crataegus monogyna

Little Red Riding Hood Sticker Book


Baby bok choy (Iron Ox)

Definitely a phylloscopid… and perhaps a Pallas's leaf warbler Phylloscopus proregulus . Both images show

Birding Brisbane is a monthly magazine about Birds and Birdwatching in the River City

... leaf-beetle-tortoise-eggs.jpg ...


Fiction | October 4, 2017 October 4, 2017

Natures Plus GI Natural Digestive Wellness - 90 Bi-Layered Tablets product image

I found a little bit of Herb Robert and new leaves of Wild Strawberry

Gypsy moth caterpillars continue to feed and grow in size as viewed on 5/30 ...

... vine that are supplemented by freshness and minerality." It's the identical description for a Fiano wine made by Feudi di San Gregorio!


See jousting, artisans, living chess old world feats such as falconry, juggling and