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Homemade Fence Charger Energizer Circuit with IC 555 oscillator

Homemade Fence Charger Energizer Circuit with IC 555 oscillator


Homemade Fence Charger, Energizer Circuit with IC 555 oscillator | FENCE CHARGERS | Electric fence energizer, Electronic schematics, Circuit projects


Solar Powered Fence Charger Circuit

MAKE THIS SOLAR POWERED FENCE CHARGER CIRCUIT | HOMEMADE | bushcraft and survival en 2019 | Fence, Electronic schematics y Circuit diagram


555 Temperature Controller Circuit

Let's try to work out the proposed 500VA Pure Sine Wave inverter circuit layout elaborately with the following facts:IC2 and IC3 are in particular designed

HV Ignition Coil Driver using 555

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Solar Charger for 6V 4.5Ah Battery

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Electronic Circuit Projects: Make this Solar Powered Fence Charger Circuit

The Back Shed: Electric fence energiser

Reverse Engineering an Electric Fence Charger

electric_fence_circuit_1 electric_fence_circuit_2 electric_fence_circuit_3 electric_fence_circuit_4

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The slightly lower voltage is not surprising because the solar charger was designed to end the charge cycle 30mV under max voltage.

1.5V 555 LED Driver Schematic

Automatic day night lamp using IC 741 and triac

Update April 11, 2019: here's another high quality build by Kalpesh Desai from India:

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About Electric super simple that triggers alarm when cut wire

Solar Charger Schematic

555 timer configured for 80% duty cycle at 1KHz

Salih, from Turkey, pushed things even further, with the addition of a solar panel to allow this electric fence energiser to operate autonomously in remote ...

Toyota MR2 EV Wiring Schematic .. Solar Cell Charger Schematic

electric_fence_circuit_1 electric_fence_circuit_2 electric_fence_circuit_3 electric_fence_circuit_4

Picture of Switch Mode Altoids IPOD Charger Using 3 'AA' Batteries

CDI ignition PCB design

Schematic Audio Amplifier with IC TDA2004

Update April 11, 2019: here's another high quality build by Kalpesh Desai from India:

This method could be demonstrated to generate additional energy on the recharging aspect compared to the need to steer the motor. In the method presented, ...

AUTO fast battery charger for cars .

homemade electronic circuit homemade circuit board homemade printed circuit board homemade volt solenoid wiring diagram

555 led driver protoboard

This is yet another example of high skill resulting in a beautiful construction. Congrats Kalpesh!

500W Modified Sine Wave Inverter

solar charger circuit by lm317

Design Updates

The output voltage is controlled by 2 resistors. I will use a second Second LM317 to make a 12 V line that I will use as VCC for the rest of circuit.

modified battery charger circuit

I discharged and then charged four batteries with the solar charger, and then charged four with a commercial charger made by Duracell.

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Visible on the photo is a wire jumper connecting R2 to IC pin 3. This was an afterthought when I found that low voltage operation was poor.

For me, I'm using a 12V DC battery charger that can give about 5 Amps. You may also try a car battery if you have one.


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electric_fence_circuit_1 electric_fence_circuit_2 electric_fence_circuit_3 electric_fence_circuit_4

LED tubelight using transformer rectified power supply circuit

Circuits for the Hobbyist(FILEminimizer) | Air Traffic Control | Amplifier

View attachment 245436 ...

Lm317 configured for an output of 1.47V

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Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits, Volume 2 - (Rudolf F Graf) Mcgraw-Hill Tab Electronics 1988 | Amplifier (2.5K views)


24V to 12V 400W DC Inverter

Enjoy making such interesting touch switch circkit. If any query arises please ask them in comment section.

heavy duty portable charger for usb devices phones ipad etc using pic12f683

not sure the correct image was uploaded, 2nd try

electric_fence_pocketmagic_nezocas_3 electric_fence_pocketmagic_nezocas_2 electric_fence_pocketmagic_nezocas_1

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AC Line Powered Electronic Ballasts - FL, CFL, and HPS Types

See Photo of Ultra-Compact 350 V Capacitor Charger ...



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AAA (1.5V) Battery to 120V or HIGHER!

Circuit Diagram:


Next experiment was different I had the Outputs to my meter set to 200 millivolts range and the negative input I had my A23 energizer negative sitting on ...

Hello. While observing, without knowledge in electronics diagram II, I think that to protect my PWM, I can include couple RC1 between the points ” A”.

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Wind powered mobile phone charger .

A diac is used in the gate circuit to provide a threshold level for firing the triac . C3 and R4 provide a transient suppression network.


LM317 - 317 or any similar regulator IC

Does my circuit have to match the breadboard diagram exactly?