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Holy shit snacks this phone case is btchin Nerdy Phone cases

Holy shit snacks this phone case is btchin Nerdy Phone cases


Unique Abstract Art Oil Painting Phone Case Iphone 7 Pro, Iphone 8 Plus, Iphone

Handmade Retro Apple Logo Vintage iPhone Case Vintage Iphone Cases, Iphone 7 Plus, Iphone

Baby Pug - Clear Tpu Phone Case Cover

baymax iPhone & iPod Case by Punziella - $35.00. A · Phone cases

bolt harry potter spell iPod Case For iPod 5 and iPod 6

Delight Iphone & Samsung Clear Phone Phone Case Cover. Samsung Cases ...

Inspired But Tired iPhone Case. Cool Iphone CasesIphone Phone ...

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visual-search/sample-data-larger.txt at master · awslabs/visual-search · GitHub


CASETiFY - Turn your favorite Instagram & Facebook photos into custom cases. Girly Phone CasesDiy Phone CaseIphone ...

Stop Number One


Buy things on eBay, yeesh.

Clockwise from top: Hershey bars, banana, nail polish, nail polish, marshmallows

Basic Facts

Now, is this particular problem worth solving (i.e. do a lot of people want to record, share, and watch restaurant reviews)? I have no idea.

I hope this means that his palate (lol, I type palette at first, someone take my English degree off of me, oh wait, I never got the degree) is finally ...



A celebration of creative thinking - week 2



I Am Terribly Important, 2019

Guerrilla Gravity's Less Expensive, US-Made Carbon Frame

Now he has and I am thankful, although the more and more I hear about the release the less enthusiastic I'm becoming. Let's start with the DVD covers... ...

iPhone 6 Snow White Holding Apple New 4.7" Clear Hard Cover Phone Case Skin #

And in this episode we introduce a special new segment from our very own Executive Producer Marc Hershon called "Let's Review", where he reads recent ...


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At least i caught this one before production

I ...

Capilano Courier | Vol. 49, Issue 8.


I know what they're doing. I understand what they're doing, but with what I create I have a different mindset completely, as I think a lot of graphic ...

Kyle Strait Here, Rampage Champ - Ask Me Anything!

STEM Gifts I Cook Meals Periodically Nerdy Gag Gift Punny Science Gifts Periodic Table Cutting Board Engraved Bamboo - CB-0062

Nerd ...

Today I got double Cocks on the desk to fuck the shit out of some code.

TalkCast 406 – Scot ...

Before I start: be careful before taking legal advice from the Internet. I see enough wrong information that you could get in trouble.



Chrome bags look bitchin'. The question is, do they function as well as they look? I mean, the logo is rad, the seat-belt style buckle is unbelievably cool, ...

DEATH DOMAIN is Adam Huntley Stroupe (aka Billy Ruben) from Baltimore, USA, said to be a science nerd, so he's combining his interest in science and music ...

Maybe a couple of souvenir T-shirts will make him think twice.


Why it is Important to Maintain Balance in Your Life

Best New Jokes: Mostly Old Jokes

SICK SLICE CINEMA and LUNCHMEAT Proudly Present the Outrageously Radical TV Show LUTHER'S MID-FRIGHT SNACK! Check Out the Premiere Episode RIGHT HERE!

"galactic" glitter cases. Glitter Phone ...


Making AR real for clients


It hardly seems like it was five whole years ago. Partly because it still looks more beautiful and modern than the majority of mobiles on the market... but ...

System Of A Down

A little bit of sweeping, and my ever-trusty “big softies” meant that this spot was a solid couple hours of fun. The nearby parking lot (with lots of shaded ...

I had planned on this making my next solo record; if such a thing ever materializes, but Kenny and Matt took a shine to the demo, so we spent some time ...


In the case of Mason not sending back the book, for instance, we'd have to suppose that some good-hearted Mason in a different timeline did send the ...


[Disclaimer: As one is wont to do when talking fan-fiction, or FF, this article will contain acronyms and terms that are exclusive to fandom, ...

Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale – The Winds of Winter Open Chat

AXEMEN Bob!, Stu! Steve! at Haydns!

Get Rid of Canine Odors, in Your Abode, Carpet and Sofa Cleaning

Note that Adobe's Device Central application ...

Special fake burgers for me and Chooch, the special little liberal snowflakes who use reusable straws. God, we suck so bad!

image 0 ...

As to what makes the time and place work for me, I think it's because I have a love – or should I say – love-hate relationship with Los Angeles.

Barbie at 50 Cartoon

Curious Japanese Shit of the Week: – Five girls dressed as tall human-sized Pikachus hopping around in the Luminarie courtyard in a circle



Holidays 2018

Nerd Effect News – Episode 19

It's probably an irrational response, because you could ...

Each episode of Death Is Imminent is ...

The best man, since little league days.


Be good to each other, and we'll see you out there, Denny aaaand Patrick, Matt, & Kenny The Great Affairs