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Here Are The 11 Most Dangerous Places In Utah After Dark

Here Are The 11 Most Dangerous Places In Utah After Dark


Brigham City

Salt Lake City

Park City

3. Ogden

7. Moab

Tony Cyphert/Flickr. One of the most dangerous places ...

Bureau of Land Management - Utah/Flickr

Here Are The 11 Most Dangerous Places In Hawaii After Dark

Here Are The 11 Most Dangerous Places In Hawaii After Dark

Arkansas City

Salt Lake City, UT

Kansas City

(Note too that state fair rides and traveling amusement rides are likely far more dangerous than the rides at amusements parks.)

Is Mexico Safe?

Colorado is one of the more hazardous states for truck drivers. Colorado Department of Transportation/Handout via Reuters

The 20 Most Dangerous Hikes

Utah - 469.jpg

Greenwood, MS

The 17 Most Dangerous Airports In The World And Why You Must Experience Them

Here are the 7 most treacherous places to drive in the US, according to truck drivers who work there for a living

These are the 15 worst cities for black Americans

There are still dangerous pockets scattered throughout the city, and careless tourists can quickly find themselves in trouble.


Although Barbados generally has a lower rate of violence than it's Caribbean neighbors, it's not without dangers – especially at night.

10 Best Things To Do In Valencia At Night: Explore The City After Dark | Trip101


View from Alta this afternoon. Mostly cloudy skies with plenty of snow to ski.

Source: Wikipedia User JERRYE & ROY KL ...

Utah - 432.jpg

Duck and goose hunting in California, Nevada and southern

Here Are The 11 Most Dangerous Places In Utah After Dark

Jamaican culture is alive with music and an unmatched optimism. But it also has a dangerous side, where crime is a growing problem.

A mule deer buck grazes in Zion National Park, Dec.

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Mount Hua Shan, China

The ornate black gates to the Poison Garden warn visitors of the deadly plants that grow within. (© Duncan Andison/Corbis)

Utah - 362.jpg

Clockwise from top: The skyline in July 2011, Utah State Capitol, TRAX,

Crocidolite (blue asbestos) is the most dangerous mineral from human health viewpoint. Image courtesy of R. Tanaka.

The very best things to do in Cape Town's coolest suburb, Woodstock

11 pm in the Pass. Summer here is truly disorienting. I really struggle to

Petty & Violent Crime; Drug Crime; Dangers After Dark ...

Utah - 442.jpg

Tolleson, AZ

Cape Town: two cities, one mountain

Utah reservoirs near capacity for first time in years after high snowpack levels

The Kelso sand dunes in the Mojave Desert

Utah - 303.jpg

Florida City, FL

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american southwest road trip itinerary

In my opinion one of the most under visited places in Provo. It is an awesome place to go to, throw a frisbee, skip rocks or swim in the lake (I know ...

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Here Are The 10 Most Dangerous Places In Pittsburgh After Dark

So this is why we came to Rainbow Terrace, leaving town in the afternoon, to test out my aux. LED's. Being out here after dark added more to the beauty we ...

Utah - 366.jpg

Cleveland, OH

The Famous Photo of Chernobyl's Most Dangerous Radioactive Material Was a Selfie

Stray dogs and a beggar on a street in Kiev, Ukraine

The Milky Way, as seen over Dinosaur National Park in Utah. (Dan Duriscoe)

Utah - 319.jpg

Mccomb, MS

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Utah - 337.jpg

Travel safety specialist Phil Sylvester put on his journalist's hat (it's a trilby with a card in the band that says PRESS) and did some investigating.

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One of the most notorious cities for drug-related crimes, drug cartels here totally run the show. There's firefights in the streets and violence is highly ...

Its remote location in southeast Utah makes Canyonlands

Roosevelt, UT

A Foggy, Soggy Day at Bryce Canyon National Park

1. Salar De Uyuni

Shimmy Through the World's Most Spectacular Slot Canyons