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Great figures who led lives of selfsacrifice Socrates considered

Great figures who led lives of selfsacrifice Socrates considered


Socrates Quotes: The Life and Teachings of a Great Philosopher Through His Sayings

Socrates, the Enigmatic Philosopher


Masters of Greek Thought: Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle

Plato's Lie In The Soul

Masters of Greek Thought: Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle | The Great Courses

Alexander the Great

Why do philosophers make unsuitable life partners?

Socrates: A Man for Our Times

Detail of a Roman copy (2nd century bce) of a Greek alabaster portrait bust

Plato, the Metaphysic Philosopher

Wikimedia // Public Domain

In his Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle (384-322 B.C.E.) describes the happy life intended for man by nature as one lived in accordance with virtue, and, ...

Famous Greek people

The Possibility of Self-Sacrifice

Making Athens Great Again

... Gorgias shows Socrates in dialogue with the great rhetorician, one of his students, and an aspiring Athenian politician on the theme of the good life.

The fourth revolution

Dying for Ideas

Gandhi and the Socratic art of dying

Socrates in the City: Conversations on "Life, God, and Other Small Topics

How Gandhi Used Socrates

Review: 'Socrates' by Tim Nelson

Nikos Kazantzakis

Without the Least Tremor: The Sacrifice of Socrates in Plato's Phaedo

Socrates and the Purpose of Rhetoric

Socrates in the City: Conversations on "Life, God, and Other Small Topics" by Eric Metaxas

The Last Days of Socrates (Penguin Classics)

Seneca recounts the last, painful day, of the life of the rival philosopher Epicurus, who claimed that even that day he was happy. Which leads us into ...

10 Socratic ...

Indian religion has always felt that since the minds, the temperaments and the intellectual affinities of men are unlimited in their variety, ...

The end of progress

photo Diotima100_zpscbd53d55.jpg

Summer 2016, Volume 92, Number 2

“We ...

A critical distinction S: How can rhetoricians or tyrants have great power in states,

Detail of Alcibiades from the painting Alcibiades Being Taught by Socrates (1776) by François-André Vincent

17 Socratic-Platonic ...


The Death of Socrates , 1788 oil on canvas, 39 x 53 ½ in.; 99.06 x 135.9 cm. Museum Purchase with additional funds from The Robert H. and Mildred T. Storz ...


Diotima advises Socrates to climb a ladder of ascent in the contemplation of love:

What is the power of rhetoric. Gorgias vs. Socrates Rhetoric = greatest power,

Maria Callas

Jordan B. Peterson's “12 Rules for Life” is a call to clarity in an age of chaos

Michel Foucault

Homer, the Epic Poet

Seneca anticipates modern social psychological research in arguing that keeping oneself busy for the sake of being busy does not lead to happiness.

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(PDF) A Daoist Critique of Socrates | Matthew Pianalto - Academia.edu

El Greco, the painter

From Socrates to Sartre: The Philosophic Quest

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Søren Kierkegaard's Life (1813-1855)


#046 Doubt With Socrates and Nick Pappas In this episode you'll hear the philosophical history of “doubt” and learn why a healthy dose of skepticism can ...

The Socratic Method

John Locke (1632-1704) was a major English philosopher, whose political writings in particular helped pave the way for the French and American revolutions.

(DOC) The Democratic Man: Popular Will, Self Restraint, and the Freedom of Choice | Daniel Blanchard - Academia.edu


Ludwig Wittgenstein

Masters of Greek Thought: Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle | The Great Courses

In Saint-Quentin's piece on Socrates' death the scene depicts the moment just after taking the cup. The figures around him cry out and clutch their hands ...

Part III: Socrates and Callicles Callicles: Polus was refuted because he 'compromised'

Psychics Who Hear Voices Could Be On to Something

Quillette. Free Thought Lives

Socrates then admits that he was given this revelation by an enigmatic woman named Diotima of Mantinea, who likewise demonstrated to Socrates that love was ...

Pericles, the Inspired Statesman

Does it lead to more suffering than happiness? David and Tamler discuss a recent study that suggests the ...

Humanism's faith in reason represents our best hope

Steinbeck in Sweden during his trip to accept the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962

Mahatma Gandhi


From Our April 2017 Issue

Aristotle, the Philosopher of Reason


A portrait of Italian philosopher, writer and politician Niccolo Machiavelli (Florence, 1469-

Gandhi was a subtle, surprising philosopher in the Stoic style | Aeon Essays

(31/20) immanuel_kant_3

Agrandir ...

Quillette. Free Thought Lives

Jan Patočka, photo: Jindřich Přibík, archiv of Jan Patočka, CC BY 3.0 Unported “ ...

Socrates in the City: Conversations on "Life, God, and Other Small Topics" by Eric Metaxas

Sam Harris Asks Questions Jordan Peterson Can't Answer

For him the fundamental philosophical question — 'should I live or die; to be or not to be'? — had already found its answer in the idea of self-sacrifice.

(PDF) The Possibility of Self Sacrifice | Oded Na'aman - Academia.edu

Archimedes, the Mathematecian

Epilogue and Mythos: Socratic-Platonic Religion The souls of the just go to the