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GraphQL and REST technologies compared GraphQL Architecture

GraphQL and REST technologies compared GraphQL Architecture



At Workpop, our architecture looks like this:

Although REST has been a much-wanted breakthrough in the domain of API-based architecture, it is yet to fulfil the aspirations of the developers.

The Role of Domain Driven Architecture and GraphQL in Digital Transformation

So you've been constructing and using REST API's for quite some time now and short while ago started hearing about GraphQL — a new hype in the field of API ...


Sensedia GraphQL +BFF Pattern


Typical architecture of a web application using REST API ...

GraphQL London #3(3 Talks)


Writing Your First GraphQL Query

REST REST REST Complexity Your app; 11. Put GraphQL ...

Often, GraphQL is presented as a revolutionary way of designing web APIs in comparison to REST. However, if you would take a closer look on that technology ...


20181227 dda and graphql 01


Introspecting GraphQL APIs

Why GraphQL is Taking Over APIs

A comprehensive guide to SOAP, REST & GraphQL Web Protocols


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Surfacing Metadata - OData vs GraphQL vs ORDS

Recommendations - OData vs GraphQL vs ORDS

REST or GraphQL? An Objective Comparison Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast. Technology


3 Methods to Resolve GraphQL Endpoints


How is GraphQL better than REST?

#REST APIs are now #RestInPeace APIs | Long live #GraphQL

GraphQL is an open-source query language developed by Facebook in 2015 and it is built on the graph data structure. Many big companies are adopting GraphQL ...

GraphQL is a standard for declaring data structures and methods of data access that serves as a middleware layer between the client and the server.

GraphQL: A Retrospective

the data changes as you describe your query differently. Your GraphQL ...

10. Two ways to present GraphQL ...

The state of GraphQL in Drupal

GraphQL for All? A Few Things to Think about before Blindly Dumping REST for GraphQL

architecture diagram

GraphQL Server Integrating Existing Systems

Easily Build GraphQL APIs with Prisma

React, graphicQL and Relay

eBook Released: GraphQL or Bust

Explaining GraphQL and How it Differs from REST and SOAP APIs

Typical architecture based on AppSync

Apollo GraphQL - a short overview | GraphQL Blog: Learning GraphQL, Tutorials, Examples, Tools

What is GraphQL?

Why You Should Really Use Graphql To Build An Api Feature image

GraphQL by Example

Sofa — The best way to REST (is GraphQL)


Replacing REST with GraphQL APIs for the core of a technology stack for 2019.

Creating a GraphQL server with NodeJS

2.2 Project Structure

Let's assume that we need to load a user's content. If we are using REST, we need to send three queries to the server:

What is GraphQL?

What is GraphQL?

REST in peace

21 Feb 2017 3:00am, by Mark Boyd

OData vs GraphQL vs ORDS


... 22. Backend API usage • GraphQL ...

graphql advantages disadvantages

From REST To GraphQL. Coding Tech

Sample listing: A REST API typically returns data according to a predefined data structure

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Figure #1: A sample query in GraphQL

Building a UI Service Layer with GraphQL or Falcor

graphql book

Learn how to migrate your existing REST APIs to GraphQL, leveraging Cloudflare's #serverless computing platform.


GraphQL: A data query language

This month the Full Stack Engineering Meetup group hosted the inaugural event at Greenhouse's new offices — Stack Magic with GraphQL!



... a graph which shows all the relations of our application and how the data is structured into the graph. This will help us understand how GraphQL works ...

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GraphQL over REST

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