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Good or bad companion Learn which plants help or hinder with the

Good or bad companion Learn which plants help or hinder with the


Plants can have good and bad neighbors too! Learn which vegetables grow well together, and the beneficial effects they can have on one another.

10 Veggies That Should Grow Together

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Potato Plant Companions: What Are The Best Companion Plants For Potatoes

Zucchini growing in my organic vegetable garden. Marigolds help repel bugs, and the zucchini

Companion Planting With Onions – Learn About Onion Plant Companions

The Companion Planting Philosophy

Companion Plant Visual Chart for your Garden

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26 Plants You Should Always Grow Side-By-Side

Vegetable Garden

bad companion plants for gardening

Companion Planting

companion planting Learn how to get your community garden up and working! Community Gardens Share Gardens Off the Grid ...

Companion Planting eBook

Lavender Plant Companions: Learn What To Plant With Lavender

Companions For Artichoke - What To Plant Next To Artichokes In The Garden

It is really helpful to know why a plant is a Good or Bad Buddy so you plant the most important ones, so I have added a Why? column.

companion planting

Alfalfa Is an excellent cover crop used to fix the soil with nitrogen a nd other nutrients. Easy to grow alfalfa will help to break up hard clay soils and ...

Companion Planting For Cannabis: What You Need To Know

Companion Plants

Citrus Tree Companions: What To Plant Under A Citrus Tree

What is Companion Planting?

How to Grow Sunflowers and What to Avoid

10 Flowers To Grow With Vegetables

Use this chart to know which plants grow best next to each other. Excellent tool

The best overall · by Toby Hemenway · "

Bougainvillea is a riot of color. It's a very popular landscape plant here in Southern California. I share everything I know about caring for & growing ...

Clematis 'Duchess of Albany' Photo/Illustration: Bill Johnson. Gardeners are a helpful ...

Example of bad companion plants >

Companion Planting eBook

Follow these companion planting guidelines to boost yields, minimize pest or disease problems and make garden management easier.

Ltd., All Rights Reserved; 21. ROSEMARY (Rosmarinus officinalis): Companion plant ...

Companion planting is the careful placement of plants (especially vegetables and herbs) which have been shown to have beneficial effects on one another.

7 Companion Plants for Milkweed

Everything You Need to Know About Growing Crisp Cucumbers

Companion Gardening in Australia Working with Mother Nature by Judith Collins Paperback / softback | Pub: 01/09/2008

Companion Plants For Dill: What To Plant With Dill In The Garden

You Asked: Can Indoor Plants Really Purify the Air?

Hydrangea Flower Colors

Author Saffyre Falkenberg began gardening with her grandmother as a child in Southern California. She continues to keep plants in her apartment in Texas and ...

The best gardening books you can buy

buckwheat plants growing in a garden

Basil makes a great planting companion for most garden crops. Photo by Getty Images/diane555


Best and Worst Flowers to Plant for a Pet-Friendly Garden

companion planting guide

Organic pest control means creating healthy soil, using companion planting, learning what the good bugs and bad bugs are and attracting predatory ones.

How Companion Planting Will Boost Your Cannabis Garden

Some plants ...

... have good neighbours, there are bad neighbours as well. Some plants really dislike each other, and shouldn't be planted in close quarters, ...

Collards and Catnip

12 Good Ideas for Keeping Milkweed Aphid-free…and 1 Bad One!

Privet – the Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

A close up of an deep orange French marigold.

We've also seen that others repel pests. All in all, companion planting offers a good blueprint for a much-improved garden yield.

Marigolds are an invaluable addition to any vegetable garden.

Try companion planting. Red Acre Cabbage & Wormwood

Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Rhubarb

Plants have long been a source of inspiration, magic, and awe. Learn about

Azaleas Made Simple

Cannabis 101: Ladybugs as a Natural Solution to Spider Mites

Many flowering companion plants help attract beneficial insects. Some help pollinate plants, which often improves yields, while others are predatory, ...

Growing sunflowers in containers.

Pole bean corridor

rose and garlic

path through plants

Dig the Fig – The Essential Guide to All You Need to Know About Figs

The slugs can't resist. They climb in, gorge themselves, and drown. It's not pretty – but it's definitely an effective way to control slugs naturally!

tarragon plant

Homestead Stories: A Colorful Zinnia Extravaganza

Lavender is among the plants that act as natural insect repellents. (Photo: Fred/Flickr)

Oregano is said to benefit from being planted near basil, which helps to repel harmful insects. It likes partial to full sun and should be watered only once ...

Everything You Need to Know About Growing Rosemary

8 Plants with Amazing Anti-Anxiety Benefits

Harmful Companion Plants for Broccoli. Celery and onions make good companions because they improve the flavor of broccoli.

How Companion Planting Will Boost Your Cannabis Garden | Colorado Pot Guide

Oh, since you asked, my favourite companion in my garden is healthy soil, full of organic matter, worms and good stuff. And beer!

A few months into the program a field day was organised to showcase the young people's progress to the Freemasons and their friends.

Yellow flowering nasturtiums

Overview: Sunflower Growing Tips

Companions For Lemon Balm – Learn About Lemon Balm Companion Planting

Companion planting is a bit more than just the general notion that some specific plants can benefit others if they are planted close to each other.

How to Grow Lima Beans

Spider Plant

10 Plants That Repel Bugs Naturally