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Former Facebook content moderator sues company for giving her PTSD

Former Facebook content moderator sues company for giving her PTSD


Former Content Moderator Sues Facebook, Claiming the Job Gave Her PTSD. The Facebook logo is displayed at the 2018 CeBIT technology trade fair.

Ex-Content Moderator Sues Facebook, Saying Violent Images Caused Her PTSDEx-Content Moderator Sues Facebook, Saying Violent Images Caused Her PTSD

Facebook is being sued by a former content moderator for giving her PTSD

Former Facebook employee sues for PTSD

Former content moderator files lawsuit against Facebook, claims the job gave her PTSD

Facebook Sued by Former Content Moderator Over 'Debilitating PTSD'

Ex-Facebook employee sues company, claims 'psychological trauma' from job gave her PTSD - TheBlaze

A 3D plastic representation of the Facebook logo is seen in this illustration in Zenica

Former Facebook content moderator says job gave her PTSD, sues company

Ex-Facebook moderator sues over workplace trauma

A former content moderator is suing Facebook for giving her PTSD — Quartz

Facebook is hiring moderators. But is the job too gruesome to handle?

Ex-Facebook content moderator claims disturbing images gave her PTSD; sues

Facebook sued by former content moderator diagnosed with PTSD

Facebook logo with two people in silhouette

Facebook vows improvements after moderators claim PTSD

And for the 1,000 people like Chloe moderating content for Facebook at the Phoenix site, and for 15,000 content reviewers around the world, today is just ...

Selena Scola, a former content moderator for Facebook, is suing the Big Tech company for allegedly giving her psychological trauma and PTSD as a result of ...

Facebook is being sued by an ex-content moderator who says she got PTSD from exposure to graphic and 'toxic' content on the job

Content moderator sues Facebook after developing PTSD: https://t.co/

Facebook sued by former content moderator who says the job gave her PTSD | #follownews

The lawsuit (pictured) alleges Facebook failed to adequately provide a safe workplace for Selena

Ex-Facebook moderator sues Facebook over exposure to disturbing images

Facebook's 7,500 Moderators Protect You From the Internet's Most Horrifying Content. But Who's Protecting Them? | Inc.com

Facebook is being sued by a former content moderator in a lawsuit seeking class action status.The moderator alleges she experienced PTSD because of her job ...


Facebook is giving a pay raise to employees saddled with some of the toughest work in the tech industry: content moderation.

Facebook content moderation is an ugly business. Here's who does it

Former Content Moderators Are Suing Facebook Over PTSD and Trauma

Woman Suing Because Facebook Gave Her PTSD

Adrian Britton

Facebook Moderators See Such Awful Content They're Experiencing PTSD-Like Symptoms

Report: Instagram's IGTV 'Recommended' Videos of Graphic Violence and Possible Child Abuse

The Trauma Floor. The secret lives of Facebook moderators ...

The Human Cost of Monitoring the Internet

Can Social Media Cause PTSD? Former Facebook Moderator Sues For Mental Trauma

Facebook moderator sues over exposure to endless human suffering | WIRED UK

Facebook vows to improve content reviewing after moderators say they suffered PTSD - CBS News

Facebook has been thinking about moderation all wrong

A contractor at the Manila office of TaskUs, a firm that provides content moderation services to U.S. tech companies.

A recent report by The Verge revealed that Facebook content moderators use alcohol, drugs and having sex at work to cope with the stress of viewing a myriad ...

A former moderator named Sara said that the secrecy around their work, coupled with the difficulty of the job, forged strong bonds between employees.

Content reviewers in Essen, Germany

Facebook Content, In Law Suite, Ptsd

Facebook now has about 15,000 content reviewers, almost all of whom work not for Facebook

Facebook content moderator

IS terrorist holding a knife in an alleged beheading video (Reuters)

Scola said she worked at Facebook for nine months under a contract through Pro Unlimited Inc

Facebook is hiring 3,000 more people to monitor Facebook Live for murders, suicides, and other horrific video

Former content moderator blames Facebook for PTSD

Let's Make Tech CEOs Moderate Their Own Hellish Websites

In this file photo taken on March 21, 2018 A lit sign is seen at Facebook ...

Like most of the former moderators I spoke with, Chloe quit after about a year.

A former Facebook content moderator claims PTSD (and other things) in a new lawsuit – Archy Worldys

Facebook content moderators end up believing conspiracy theories spread on the platform

The Horrifying Job of Facebook Content Moderators

Young woman looking exasperated at a PC against a bright background in an office to depict

Secret Facebook documents reveal how site battles violent content

Facebook employees angry at treatment of moderators, who have one of internet's most dystopian jobs

Chloe has experienced trauma symptoms in the months since leaving her job. She started to have a panic attack in a movie theater during the film Mother!, ...

Class-action lawsuit against Facebook alleges moderator's job gave her PTSD


The workers who police terrorist content on Facebook were exposed to terrorists by Facebook

Ex-Content Moderator Sues Facebook, Saying Violent Images Caused Her PTSD - The New York Times

Facebook will increase hourly wages for some content moderators

Content moderator sues Facebook after experiencing PTSD https://t.co/FPGUj8gQC6

Facebook's single-minded focus on accuracy developed after sustaining years of criticism over its handling of moderation issues. With billions of new posts ...

Facebook Content Moderator Says Job Gave Her PTSD, Sues Company

The lawsuit claims Facebook has drafted standards to protect workers from graphic content they have to

Lifelong grazier vows to grow already voluminous beard until drought breaks

Samsung's stunning 75-inch TV can be made larger or smaller in seconds

Human moderators do the dirty work of keeping disturbing content off the internet

Facebook Gives Us the First Real Look at Its Cesspool of Terrorist Propaganda and Hate Speech

Content moderators working for Facebook say the demands of the job leave them traumatized to the

Former Facebook Content Moderator Sues The Company, Says Her Job Gave Her PTSD | The Daily Caller

[ IMG] Reuters/Charles Platiau Facebook's content moderators ...

Facebook employees angry at treatment of moderators, who have one of internet's most dystopian jobs | Financial Post

The price responses we received.

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It's time Content Moderation Companies Take Serious Care of their Workers || 2019 || HOPLA Online

Image caption MySpace was one of the first social networks and moderators saw as much bad content as currently available

... he clicks a browser extension to let Cognizant know he is leaving his desk. (“That's a standard thing in this type of industry,” Facebook's Davidson ...

Facebook plays defense over concerns about content moderators' mental health

To protect the privacy of the Facebook users whose posts they review, workers are required to store their phones in lockers while they work.

Some Facebook content moderators have resorted to using drugs while on break as an escape from the “misery” of seeing traumatic images on the platform, ...

YouTube Is Probably, Maybe Hiring Some People to Make It Less Welcoming to Child Predators

Microsoft Is Being Sued by Online Moderators, Who Say Watching Violent Images Gave Them PTSD