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FJ Grootendorst de Goey Holland 1918 Rosa rugosa x Nobert

FJ Grootendorst de Goey Holland 1918 Rosa rugosa x Nobert


'F. J. Grootendorst'

'F.J Grootendorst' (de Goey, Holland, 1918). Rosa rugosa x. '

'F. J. Grootendorst' and 'Alchymist'

'Pink Grootendorst'

F.J. Grootendorst

Rosa Rugosa by Suzy Verrier

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... Rosa--Belle-sultane--1.jpg

The bush is moderately healthy, about 4 foot tall and 3 foot wide in typical Hybrid-Tea gangly form, and this year, the first in my garden, it developed ...

Grootendorst Red

... Rosier rugosa Rose au parfum de l'Hay

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Rosier chapeau de napoleon

Rosa rugosa pink Grootendorst (rosebush with flowers of carnations) rosier- grootendorst.jpg

'Rugelda', hybrid Rugosa rose. What's unique about this Kordes rose is it's

Hybrid China Rose: Rosa 'Cardinal de Richelieu' (Belgium, before

Tricolore de Flandres

'Prairie Valor' was introduced in 1984 and bears those ruby red blooms as large (4.5") fully double flowers, often in clusters. The first photo here, ...

Rosa - Rugelda Rose - Calgary Plants Online Garden Centre

Others crosses were made with ramblers (R. wichuraiana, R. rugosa, R. multiflora descendents) infusing more complexity to the class

Prairie Valor. '

'Dainty Bess' x 'Lady Hillingdon'. A charming single cultivar. Pronounced golden anthers framed by wavy petals of cream and pink. Growth vigorous and bushy ...

'Perle d'Or' (1884) resembles 'Cecile Brunner' even if has other parentage. The orange-apricot buds open to golden pink flowers about an inch across.

Rosa rugosa 'Pink Grootendorst', a sport of 'F.J. Grootendorst' ( Grootendorst, Holland, 1923). A soft pink, it has a tendency to revert to red, ...

Rosa rugosa FJ Grootendorst (rosebush with flowers of carnations) Rosier- F.J.Grootendorst.JPG

Rosa 'Belinda's Dream'

Rosebush ' Rose de Rescht ' Rose de Rescht


Rosier Buff Beauty ...

Rosier Stanwell perpetual

Grootendorst – F.J.Grootendorst · groo1 groo2

Grootendorst – F.J.Grootendorst

'Baby Faurax' a sport of the climber 'Veilchenblau'

Rosier Ghislaine de feligonde et rosier cornelia

The orange-apricot buds open to golden pink flowers about an inch across. The flowers are in clusters from five on up. Highly fragrant, disease resisstent ...

Fotografie: Przez uprzejmość Dorota Szczepaniak. Mieszaniec rosa rugosa.

Another sport 'Superb' with crimson blooms produced 'Gloria Mundi' with clusters of orange vermilion very double little pompons against shiny, bright green ...

f-j-grotendoorst-jpg2_ ...

Rosebush Count of Chambord Rosier--Comte-de-Chambord-.jpg

Quiet, Demure, and Uninspiring. '


My Quest for the Rugosa

[the center was open up

Grootendorst Red

'Verdun' a small plant with tidy clusters of lilac pink has unknown parents

Rosier Buff Beauty Rosier--Buff-Beauty-.jpg

grobian grobian1

'Gloire des Polyanthes' (1887), bright pink fragrant flowers in small clusters.

Gardens of Caligula


'Dorothy Perkins' Rambler Roses, Floribunda Roses, Wichurana Roses, Pink roses,


Another polyantha with wichuraiana blood is 'Yvonne Rabier' with double pure white flowers

I can't fathom how so many of my plants survive, roots anchored into parched soil like this. If I would slip an endoscope into these cracks, ...

Rosa rugosa Frau Dagmar Hastrup Rosa-rugosa-Frau-Dagmar-Hastrup.JPG

historyczna róza parkowa Reine des Violettes Heritage Rose, All Flowers, My Flower, Flower

A cross between 'Mme Norbert Levavasseu' with 'Dorothy Perkins' (with R wichuraiana blood) gave 'Ellen Poulsen' with large double cherry pink flowers



Halo Sunrise Ancestors 2

Bearing the large clusters, polyanthas were successful roses, but their flowers taken apart tended to be small and not so nice.

... a few roses, cholla, prickly pear, yuccas, Japanese honeysuckle, grape hyacinth, St. John's wort, vinca, beardtongues, coral bells, rock rose, sea pink, ...

Rosa rugosa Schneezwerg ...

Growing David Austin's 'Mrs. Doreen Pike' Hybrid Rugosa Rose David Austin



... leather leaved globemallow, white prairie clover, Crimson Rambler morning glory, goats' head, chamisa, winterfat, ragweed, snakeweed, áñil del muerto, ...

Other photo:lien ...

and another one, not so severe pruned

f-j-grotendoorst-jpg2_ f-j-grotendoorst-jpg3_

Die Blüten-Farbe der Moosrose 'Deuil de Paul Fontaine' changiert von Dunkel-


Yes, I'm Ready


La Reine Victoria - old Bourbon rose


Rosa iliensis-copie-1

Grootendorst Supreme

What's blooming in the area: Tea roses, chamisa, áñil del muerto, broom senecio, tahokia daisies, Maximilian and native sunflowers, purple, and hairy golden ...

Doftar ljuvligt: Ros Celestial Purple Roses, Pink Flowers, Pale Pink, Lilac,

[the center was open up

Thoughts From The Abyss

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gros Choux de Hollande

'Catherine Mermet' Rose Photo Rose Photos

Halo Sunrise Ancestors 1

Always the cuts should reveal good, clean wood, with a white or greenish color, not brown. When entire canes are removed dont left stubs which will die back ...

My garden is still attractive, I think, although it has morphed into a white garden and I'm not that fond of monochromatic gardens.

Halo Sunrise

This morning, Thursday morning, there is a mist in the air and the 0.9 inches of rain that fell last night (the first moisture in over a month of hot days) ...

and after pruning

What's still blooming somewhere: Tea roses, red hot poker, winecup, scarlet flax, drab chamisa, chocolate flower, chrysanthemum, Mexican hat, áñil del ...

Rosa gigantea hybrid 'La Follette', climbing an oak.

and after pruning


Fotografie – w Rosarium im. Nisso Fumagali w Monza rok 2018.

I have a line of 'Matrona' sedum lining one of my beds, and on the flowers of those sedums were a writhing, panting mass of Goldenrod Soldier Beetles ...

What's still blooming somewhere: Tea roses, California poppy, red hot poker, winecup, chamisa, chocolate flower, chrysanthemum, Mexican hat, áñil del muerto ...