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FBI Stories 2018 IC3 Report Released Statistics gathered by the

FBI Stories 2018 IC3 Report Released Statistics gathered by the


Infographic using 2014 - 2018 financial losses and complaint numbers from the 2018 Internet Crime Report. The statistics gathered by the FBI's ...

Cover of the 2018 Internet Crime Report from the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

FBI Top Story: 2018 IC3 Report Released

“National Cybersecurity Awareness Month isn't just about understanding the risks, but also emphasizing our collective power to combat them.”

FBI Director Christopher Wray answers questions during an interview with Richard N. Haass, president

There were 351,936 complaints in 2018 - an average of over 900 every day. http://ow.ly/N81450rkPIM pic.twitter.com/oAHdFeUUgd

BEC (also called email account compromise or EAC) scams are carried out when a bad actor targets a business or individual and convinces someone to perform a ...

Opioid Takedown. News · Stories · Videos · Press Releases ...

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Online Fraud and Extortion

myFBI Dashboard on the App Store

January – September 2018 Cyber Attack Statistics

Cyber Attacks Statistics Cyber Attacks Timeline Security

Spear-phishing ...

The full data, as well as complaints reporting that the consumer asked the entity to stop calling, is available at www.ftc.gov/donotcall-databook2017.

New Top Ten Fugitive

Introduction to Criminal Justice Systems Diversity and Change 2nd edition by Rennison Dodge Test Ban

To Catch a Hacker: Toward a comprehensive strategy to identify, pursue, and punish malicious cyber actors – Third Way

Full address reporting

As always, we encourage any victim of a cyber crime to report it to the FBI's Internet Crime and Complaint Center by visiting ic3.gov:

Cyber News Rundown: MyHeritage Breached

... statistics over different time periods and locations and to download your query results and other information? Check it out now at http://fbi.gov/cde ...

Stock image depicting stock prices with a red arrow pointing down and a green arrow pointing

FBI: US companies lost $1.3 billion in 2018 due to BEC scams

Intersection level reporting

Techmeme: Reddit says it is rolling out Events, used to schedule posts related to an event like a TV show, and Collections, used to curate posts, ...

domain renewal scams

And of course SonicWall found some increases in the negative stuff too.

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Berkeley Police Department

“The Russians Have Hacked into Our Computer…” – Human Behavior and Cyber Security

To Catch a Hacker: Toward a comprehensive strategy to identify, pursue, and punish malicious cyber actors – Third Way

*Read the full report here.

Outline of how the business e-mail compromise is executed by some organized crime groups

Coinbase Shutters High-Speed Crypto Trading Division, Axing 30 Jobs

What Testing Backlogged Sexual Assault Kits is Teaching Law Enforcement About the Crime Photo courtesy of the Bureau of Justice Assistance Sexual Assault ...

That's why the FTC has designated January 29-February 2, 2018 as Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week.

Be aware of scams, and report any suspicious financial fraud or internet crime to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (iC3) at http://ic3.gov . ...

They can start simply with the ownership records, which are freely available over the web, as in this example:

The #FBI announces reward of up to $20,000 for information leading to the identification, arrest, conviction & sentencing of the individual(s) responsible ...

The study was commissioned by Tenable from the Ponemon institute, and can be found here.

If the narrative is that Bitcoin or the “latest cryptocurrency” will erode the margins and even business models of existing payment providers, ...

In addition to catching the ...

To Catch a Hacker: Toward a comprehensive strategy to identify, pursue, and punish malicious cyber actors – Third Way

“IBM X-Force researchers report an increase in HawkEye v9 keylogger infection campaigns targeting businesses around the world.” reads the analysis published ...

2018-2019 College And Career Readiness Guide For 9th grade

However, in rural areas the distance to travel for counseling services is a serious limitation. Most clients are able to come to the TBCAC for the forensic ...

Download The Full CEO Fraud Prevention Manual



Connected devices are essential to our professional and personal lives, and criminals have gravitated to these platforms as well. Many common crimes—like ...



Another Beneficiary List Style

New DPS Unit Focused on Building Relationships in the Rio Grande District

Cisco: IP traffic will surpass the zettabyte level in 2016

What the Rise of Quantum Computing Spells for Cryptocurrencies


2018 Division of Emergency Management Awards

2018-2019 College And Career Readiness Guide for grades 10, 11 & 12

Here's Hunter, which not only provides email addresses but also provides hints on the email format used.


mass mailing fraud


Fake Apps Hiding In Plain Sight In Google Play Store

SpotCrime on Amazon Ring Neighbors app

How to Report a Crime to the FBI

American Cybercrime: The Riskiest States in 2018

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apartment supply demand and vacancy in San Diego

Bitcoin ...

Above is the five year performance of Moneygram, another remittance service provider.

House of Mystery True Crime History

The solution scored 92% for ease of use against an industry average of 82%, and 90% for ease of admin against an average value of 83%.

Lottery scam payment coupon

MIT Technology Review

Using WinHex on a Blackberry

Techmeme: Postmates says it has launched in 1,000 new cities since December, now operates in 3,500 cities across all 50 states, and that it reaches 70% of ...


My view, while I have not, nor would I block her from anything in my life, I am excluded from my twin's life, whether in reality or the virtual reality of ...

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For more information about the Equifax breach, visit Equifax's website, www.equifaxsecurity2017.com (This link takes you away from our site.

Cybercrime, Digital Forensics and Jurisdiction

The State of Cybercrime

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From New York to Atlanta for a short layover and now off to Houston. As

The healthcare industry has been ravaged by a range of cyberattacks, in particular, ransomware attacks. The sensitive nature of the patient data these hacks ...

SpotCrime on Life360

Necessary Information to Claim Winnings

The airdrop buzzword can be heard numerous times nowadays. Airdrop itself is a popular approach to give away the token to the community.

DPS Releases the 2017 Crime in Utah Report


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Web Filtering for MSPs