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Expansion is possible Compassion is possible Connection is

Expansion is possible Compassion is possible Connection is


Expansion is possible. Compassion is possible. Connection is possible. Tell your story.

Expansion is possible. Compassion is possible. Connection is possible. Tell your story.


From Mindfulness to Heartfulness: Transforming Self and Society with Compassion: Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu: 9781523094554: Amazon.com: Books

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Keepers of the Wild Thanks Paws and Claws Society's Circle of Compassion for Animals

Six Foundations for a Spiritual life Would you like to enjoy a higher level of calm ...

From Mindfulness to Heartfulness: Transforming Self and Society with Compassion: Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu: 9781523094554: Amazon.com: Books

The Language of Kindness by Christie Watson

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Does Taking Time For Compassion Make Doctors Better At Their Jobs?

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5 Intention-setting Ideas to Expand Our Human Capacity for Empathy

Art With Impact

A Fearless Heart: How the Courage to Be Compassionate Can Transform Our Lives Paperback – April 12, 2016

Exponentially Expand your Care, Compassion and Connection: Practical Strategies for Leadership and.

The Science of Compassion

Here, Now, With You: Six Movements of Compassion for Life and Leadership Paperback – February 19, 2019,#Life, #Leadership, #Movements, #Compassion

Tammy Z's Yoga

The Empathy Effect Seven Neuroscience-Based Keys for Transforming the Way We Live, Love, Work, and Connect Across Differences

There Are Actually 3 Types of Empathy. Here's How They Differ--and How You Can Develop Them All

Scientist Surprised to Find How Important it is to Have Visual Diet Rich in Kindness Over Cuteness

... engaging way to shift our attention and expand our approach to eating and feeding children that considers the importance of relationships.

The book does a good job of introducing what they found to be the core aspect of PNSE (or awakening): the narrative self shows up less in one's experience.

... challenges can arise as we expand, as we open ourselves to empathically pick up on others' emotions and states of being, and as we extend compassion ...

Connecting with emotional teenagers is a critical piece of the job as a social worker. Evidence shows compassion can significantly improve both depth and ...

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How meditation and psychedelic drugs could fix tribalism

Before we come into this life we are a part of a consciousness that many refer to as Creative Source or God. The terms do not so much matter as much as ...

A Vision for Cordata's Children

Book: Lessons Learned from The Path Less Traveled by Zero Dean - Lessons Learned from The Path Less Traveled

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Blossoming Heart Yoga with Leia!

Texas House OK's two bills to expand state's medical marijuana law

We know that we created a very powerful prayer action that day on Mount Sinai, and we want to expand its ripples as far as possible, with your support!

Why Grief Is A Series of Contractions and Expansions

New Trier 2030 Planning Committee Documents

Richael Faithful on Twitter: "A week after the election, we're gonna spend some deep time exploring compassion, core intimacies, and love politic. ...

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Can Mindfulness Ease PMS?

"The 4 C's of Success: Commitment, Connection, Compliance and Compassion: Achieving Notable Retention Rates Through Proactive Collaborative Recruitment " by ...

The Clergy Appreciation Rate rewards pastoral leaders for the invaluable service they provide to their churches and communities.

What if we stopped asking “what do you do?” and started asking “how might you BE in this world?”

Perhaps your daughter got a D+ on the math test—and you regret some harsh words. Maybe you're telling yourself that you bungled advice to your fifth-grader ...

Different cultures demand certain roles and behaviours from women, with varied expectations that may perhaps limit or expand her potential as an individual.

So let's take care of others wholeheartedly, of both our friends and our enemies. This is the basis for true compassion.”

Aktion Club members develop important social and emotional skills that promote meaningful connections with self and others. Club members learn to be mindful ...



Medicaid expansion gets enough signatures to appear on Nebraska ballot

Compassionate Colors

Persona 5 guide: How to raise kindness

The Seven Principles of Effective Compassion – Freedom & Virtue Institute

(Appropriately, there's a "typo" - The correct spelling of Peter's name is RATAJCZYK, and will be corrected on the official record).

When I make that human connection, especially outside my comfort zone, my heart and mind expand, my compassion deepens, and my perspective widens.

Wendy Judith Cutler – Journal Writing & Memoir Workshops

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

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'Anything Is Possible' Is Unafraid To Be Gentle

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Easy to see some shifts in focus over the course of a presidency. My point was - which is more interesting and impactful for a kid?

Free Loving-Kindness Meditation workshop

CFC maintains three distinct blogs: Compassion, Compassionate Communities and Compassionate Education. We invite participation on all three blogs.



A Time of Dialogue on a Way Forward

Hamilton & Area Chapter and Gloria Cardoso Leadership Coaching Presents Exponentially Expand your Care, Connection and Compassion as a Leader and in Life

Leading up to the event, we asked our TCR community to share their thoughts on the importance of grief awareness and support.



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Meditation not only quiets your mind, it also expands your capacity for compassion, which is why Deepak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, and CNN en Español ...

Drag to Reposition

“More than Flinging a Coin”: True Compassion as a Critique of Charity

Some children have a harder time reading social cues of others or putting themselves in someone else's shoes. It is up to us to model and teach how to be ...

Get these creativity tools to take you past fear into courage and enthusiasm with the knowledge and skills to free your creative spirit.


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Only Love Is Real and It Starts With You

Is America Possible?

What is Metta Meditation?

Why Being Naive Can Make Your Fortune

Free Printable List: Word of the Year Ideas for 2019

Is compassion fatigue inevitable in an age of 24-hour news?

Compassion Connect on Twitter: "How well do you know the 3 parts of our #OneVoiceCampaign? http://t.co/oMibM0zhmc http://t.co/3cAgTdDNE9"

The Heart is the organ connected to the LOVE Aspect. It really couldn't be anything else could it! The other body parts connected to this Aspect is areas ...


Listening with My Heart: A story of kindness and self-compassion: Gabi Garcia, Ying Hui Tan: 9780998958033: Amazon.com: Books