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Entrance to the underground dauntless compound Divergent in

Entrance to the underground dauntless compound Divergent in


Entrance to the underground dauntless compound!!!

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The Dauntless Pit || The Pit, early evening hang out. Dauntless Compound. Divergent Series.

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Divergence: Choices

The Dauntless

Divergent filming location: Seventeenth Church of Christ Scientist, East Upper Wacker Drive, Chicago

Divergent Invite-Only RP

... Analysis Divergent Study Guide

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Divergent After War: Embark

Most of there compound is kind of like and underground tunnel that they live in until they finish there training and turn in to official dauntless members.

There are many settings in this book but the one that the characters spend most time in is the Dauntless Compound. Here is where the chasm, dining hall, ...

One Choice Can Change You: Divergent as Nigredo

Read online Insurgent (Divergent Trilogy, Book 2) pdf book by Veronica Roth on Juggernaut Books

4 ABNEGATION The Selfless Abnegation's main focus is selflessness, something Tris never really had The people of Abnegation belive selfish people are to ...

Seems Dauntless, does it not? For complete details on the origins of these images, visit Divergent Fans!

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3 THE FACTIONS In a futuristic Chicago, the city has been divided into 5 factions, based on beliefsIn a futuristic Chicago, the city has been divided into 5 ...

Divergent FOUR

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This Book is about a girl named beatrice Proir who joins A faction called Dauntless and Falls inlove with one of the leadres who calls himself four.

... of Dauntless HQ, where a simulation-controlled Tobias nearly kills her. In her willingness to allow her lover to shoot her, Tris finally concludes that ...

Divergent ...

Team Diverge: Building Team Needs Aplicants - First Project: Divergent Map/Rollplay Server

The story takes place at two different factions. Shows why they do the things they do and think the way they do; Dauntless Compound- underground ...

Dauntless Compound: The Pit by Aaronicus ...

Wigs's Reviews > Divergent

How I believe the city looks from a bird's eye view:

... known for being the choice for anyone who wishes to commit suicide or kill someone. There is also the tatoo parlor, a popular place here at Dauntless, ...


Divergent by Veronica Roth book review Rebekah Koontz site

Divergent Veronica Roth

2 Divergent ...

New 'Divergent' photo! Watch Tris go Dauntless -- EXCLUSIVE

Divergent Preferences And Imagines

Act like it. Divergent Fan ArtDivergent DauntlessDivergent ...

1 Divergent Author : Veronica Roth Date of Pub. : 2011 Science fiction By: Nichole Gordon

Map: 'Divergent' filming sites in Chicago - chicagotribune.com (March 16, 2014)

The story takes place in a futuristic Chicago. There's a fence that locks everyone in the city, and also Lake Michigan has become a swamp, as well as large ...

DauntlessSkylight. DivergentDauntlessSet

Divergent filming location: Navy Pier, Chicago

Review: The books Insurgent and Divergent are told through the eyes of Tris Prior. I enjoyed reading from Tris' perspective in Divergent, but not so much in ...

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DIVERGENT trailer Tris jumps into the Dauntless compound

Finally read Four: A Divergent Story Collection and, of course, it was amazing. Made me fall in love with these little Dauntless rascals all over again.

5 Summary ...

Tris and Four on the Ferris wheel, drawn by tumblr user mynameisfour (source)


The Traitor: A Divergent Story

by edenpictures The Pit? | by edenpictures

CONTENTS. Divergent

Candors fall {Born to be dauntless book two/ divergent fanfiction}

Tobias looks at me. I can't be popular with the Dauntless, because Tobias is right—I'm not Dauntless; I'm Divergent. I am whatever I choose to be.

Divergent by StartANewLif3 Divergent by StartANewLif3

Divergent filming location: Spertus Institute, South Michigan Avenue, Chicago

1 Tex t Divergent Series-ABC Book By: Ruby Hawks

Inextricable: A Divergent FanFiction (Book Three) ©


... by the stunning Shailene Woodley who you might have seen in The Fault In Our Stars. The movie is an adaptation from the book Divergent by Veronica Roth.

Loyal Dauntless:

Another Dauntless Story

Korean conflict. From Wikipedia ...

4 Conflict Man Vs. self Tris has to learn to control her fears and to trust others

Finally read Four: A Divergent Story Collection and, of course, it was amazing. Made me fall in love with these little Dauntless rascals all over again.

VALERIE ESTELLE FRANKEL The Merciless Mart, home of Candor, was once the Merchandise Mart

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Dauntless, the courageous

But for Divergent to resonate on an alchemical level, it must first function as one part of a tightly woven three-act narrative. Plenty of tripartite book ...

5 Dauntless Dauntless ...

... and so on and so forth to infinity. So what made Tris such a special snowflake?? Why is she Divergent when the rest are just brushed aside???

The Chasm Insurgent, Allegiant, Divergent Book, Erudite, Dark Side

Blue Flames //Divergent Fanfic//

The Dauntless Come To Them From La Salle Street As Tris And Her Mother Cross The Street To Go To The Other Alley)

Chapter 1: etting S Setting The setting in this story

Four: I hope you survive.

Not Dauntless, not Abnegation, not faction less, Divergent." -Tris

'Divergent:' a road already taken - The San Diego Union-Tribune




Divergent project

Divergent: A Triseric fanfic, Grey and Blue

Divergent: Entering Dauntless Full Scene


Allegiant (novel) - Cover

... This is where the Dauntless go to eat for meals. Girl's and Boys Bedrooms; Bedrooms are not separated by gender, and each bedroom can hold ten people.

1 Divergent By Veronica Roth

Divergent boo.

Allegiant (Divergent Series Book #3)

The Peaceful Truth ~A Peter Hayes/Divergent Love Story