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Embrace your Senioritis 4 Tips for Your Last Month of College

Embrace your Senioritis 4 Tips for Your Last Month of College


The last month of college is a time to relax, rejoice and relive some of

Here are four tips to take full advantage of your senioritis without having to stay an extra semester.

April and May are times of mixed emotions for college seniors. Spring has sprung, and so have the rest of your lives. Scary, right? The truthful answer is, ...

The last month of college is a time to relax, rejoice and relive some of

Embrace your Senioritis: 4 Tips for Your Last Month of College | College // Tips & Life Hacks | College hacks, College, College club

Embrace your Senioritis: 4 Tips for Your Last Month of College | Resources for College Students | College, Career college, College hacks

Here's your guide to surviving these last month of high school excited, happy, unscathed and ready for success in the future:

It's official: Second semester is upon us, and so is your most severe case of senioritis yet. Between trying to make your final college decision, ...

Pros & Cons of Taking a Night Class

Has senioritis set in among your students bound for college this fall? Maybe it's a good time to pull in your advisory group together and talk about this ...

You've made it to the final semester of your senior year. You're at the top of the food chain and it feels so good.

I am officially on the senioritis bandwagon. With six weeks to go before I a bid au revoir to my college, I can fully understand my fellow seniors.

The Science behind Senior Slackitude

DURHAM, NC - MARCH 03: A fan of the Duke Blue Devils waits in

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When parents and students enter the college-bound process, issues arise. It's the inevitable clash of what parents think is best for their kids, ...

Senioritis in full swing

Photo: Though senioritis is rampantly spreading through Blair, we have some tips to help you deal with it.

The Complete Guide to Scholarship Hacks


Diagnosed with a case of senioritis

When I began high school, I remember sitting in a class with other freshman and hearing my teacher tell us the next four years of our lives are going to fly ...

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Anya: A lot of people, including us, are going to tell you a lot of things. Some advice will be useful, like don't procrastinate or do apply early to ...

Senioritis: The Academic Pit of High School

What to Do During Your Last Semester of High School: A Checklist


Kirsten Traudt had been an editor on the Broadcaster staff for the past two years.

6 Simple Tips to Study Effectively

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College Survival Tips. College Is More Than A GPA

The senior class on blackout day (Noah Engel).

Do you know what FAFSA is? If you are in college or about to enter

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On the campus of Trinity University, San Antonio, TX, summer 2018


Many times, students and parents just “let the college decision happen”. They automatically assume that once they make the decision to attend, ...

Tips for Avoiding Senioritis. Senioritis: a ...

... the support & guidance. Publishing September. More here: https://jhupbooks.press.jhu.edu/title/truth-about-college-admission …pic.twitter.com/stTbiXyZ30


my high school graduation in cap and gown

college cost calculators


College Counseling Handbook

(I'm going to make this blog as short as possible because I know if there is a Senioritis-stricken ...

2018 College List

4 Tips for Writing Persuasive College Admissions Essays

Senior+Vanessa+Casillas+%28%E2%80%9819%29+. Senior Vanessa Casillas ('19) embraces her senioritis.

When talking about college, more and more people discuss the option of taking a "gap" year, i.e., the year between graduating from high school and starting ...

college decision to-do list

A bucket list notebook to document your adventures in the last few months of college, whether it's trying something new or going on a road trip with close ...


I wish somebody taught us this 4 years ago, because it's quite possibly the most important thing to keep in mind. You know how when you diet, the successful ...

Why do we procrastinate all the time? Procrastination for most college students lies simply in putting off school work, or waiting until tomorrow to apply ...

Senioritis. Yes. It's a word (and a disease). It hits most seniors the last semester of high school. It usually strikes after all their college applications ...

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A pretty journal to remind you that you still have a LOT to look forward to after graduation, so don't lose steam — finish college with a bang!

Senioritis Infects the Masses

The ReMarker newspaper • St. Mark's School of Texas • Dallas, Texas • Volume 64, Issue 7 • May 11, 2018 Life in brief

... The Top 8 Dos and Don'ts You Should Know Before Your Next College Interview

'Tis the season for beginning to work on college financial aid applications! While you or your students may have been busy working on the college ...

Choir Senioritis – Here's the CURE! View Larger Image

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... Barnard and I are publishing a book this September to help families have bettter, broader, healthier conversations in the college admission experience.


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Graphic by Nate Barton. Urban Dictionary defines Senioritis as, “A ...

A highly effective (read: loud AF) vibrating alarm clock because one of the most important factors of being productive is getting up on time.

college-survival-tips The-Naked-Roommate

Focus on Self-Discovery When Applying to College


Nervous about the new year? Have no fear! Here are seven tips directed towards just KIS students that will start you with a cringe but end you with nods of ...

People raise their hands in peace signs at a rally.

Essays About Work and Class That Caught a College's Eye

Senioritis is an actual illness.

If you're Seniors, you've more than likely already begun getting e-mails about senior checkouts, when to get your cap and gowns, and information about ...

Whether you were already accepted or if you were deferred from early applications, whether you are all in for college abroad or still in two minds about ...

10 Tips for Families Planning College Visits This Fall

Madde: Now I'm sure many of you already have your colleges picked and you are ready to apply, get in, and get going. But my advice to you is this: make ...

Take a bubble bath

20 Tips For Seniors Moving Out Of College Forever

How to Survive Senior Year With a Serious Case of Senioritis

... the support & guidance. Publishing September. More here: https://jhupbooks.press.jhu.edu/title/truth-about-college-admission …pic.twitter.com/stTbiXyZ30

Senioritis is encroaching while anxieties about the job search tug you in the opposite direction.

Tips for Keeping New Year's Resolutions

As nearly 500 new Trinity graduates stepped out into the real world this month, Tigers from decades past offered advice for newly minted alumni.

wikimedia.org wikimedia.org. The ...

Are Wait lists worth the Wait?

College feels impossibly far away. I mean you just got out of middle school! But in all honesty, College is a complicated admissions process.