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During the mid1900s Chestnut was virtually destroyed in the

During the mid1900s Chestnut was virtually destroyed in the


Reclaimed Antique Wormy Chestnut Hardwood Flooring traditional-bedroom

Reclaimed Antique Wormy Chestnut Hardwood FlooringTraditional Kitchen, Cleveland

Antique Wormy Chestnut

UV Natural Oil Prefinish ...

Example of a mid-sized classic l-shaped medium tone wood floor eat-

American Chestnut Flooring

Small elegant home design photo in Cleveland

UV Natural Oil Prefinish; UV Standard Prefinish


Example of a small classic guest medium tone wood floor bedroom design in Cleveland with blue

Old World Charm.jpg

Inspiration for a large timeless dark wood floor eat-in kitchen remodel in Cleveland with

Chestnut Reclaimed Floor

American Chestnut Flooring

Example of a small classic wooden straight staircase design in Cleveland with wooden risers

Antique Reclaimed Wormy Chestnut Specifications

Example of a large classic u-shaped medium tone wood floor eat-in kitchen

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The Chiltern Open Air Museum is actually a folk museum, showing several buildings from different periods in time. The buildings had to be removed for some ...

Sistersville during the era of the great oil boom circa 1900. Wells were drilled virtually everywhere as evidenced by the numerous derricks and industrial ...

How Virtual Reality and Sideline Brain Scans Could Help Diagnose Concussions


A Church on Peachtree: Second Edition

Clarington depot during the Depression year of 1933. This depot not only served the Wells Bottom region but also Clarington, OH via ferry.


'Early bird' bald eagles already nesting

There are many other buildings on site with additional information and the tearooms (above). The building below was from a barn that had collapsed, ...

Hunters in Alabama with a bait privilege license can now hunt deer during the open season and feral hogs year-round with the aid of bait.

Drawing of Atlantic Basin in Red Hook via Brooklyn Historical Society.

Black and Chestnut Oak Seedling Response to Glaciated Soil: Implications for Northward Expansion in Response to Climate Warming

West Liberty Ave looking south from Pioneer - 1918

Anne de D├ętroit, founded in 1701 is the second-oldest continuously operating Roman Catholic parish in the United States. The present Gothic Revival-styled ...

Decking of J&J Maggs Antiques Barn in Conway, Massachusetts After Tornado

The Anglo-American Dry Dock and Warehouse Company stored tobacco and repaired ships on the site of what is now Ikea. Via Brooklyn Historical Society.

Icelandic Horse, Chestnut With Flaxen Manes, Asleep In Winter Sun - stock footage

Cattle dead of rinderpest in the years after the devastating.

August. On the ...

Sync Your Ancestry Tree with RootsMagic Software

Barbuda Warbler (Photo by Jeff Gerbracht/Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab)

Barn Siding Naturally Weathered

Richard Somers Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution invite you to the dedication ceremony of a new monument dedicated to the veterans of the ...

Rice Rivers Center December open house canceled

Freehold Real Estate downtown office - 334 4th Avenue ...

The Tembeling River in Malaysia's Taman Negara National Park, near the home areas of hunter-gatherers and other groups that scientists studied to test the ...

History of Philadelphia


Shopping in Paris, French DMC

Updates from SquashedTomatoPrints on Etsy

March. The cover ...

Enjoy learning about native American history and culture while enjoying the great outdoors

It's wonderful to discover artworks that you haven't seen before and the Heidi Horten Collection at the Leopold Museum provided me with another opportunity ...

Can Planet Earth Feed 10 Billion People?

A cleft chestnut pedestrian reversable gate, faced on two sides, the whole frame constructed using mortise and tenon joints pegged with oak draw-pins, ...

11th annual research symposium held at Rice Rivers Center

October 11th was declared the International ...

Amersham Prefab: After World War 2, many people had to live in temporary accommodation because of the destruction. Over 160,000 of these prefabs were ...

Encyclopedia Of Healing Foods

Witnessing Christmas season in Key West transforms the geographic lens through which I've been filtering the experience. Jack Frost can nip at my nose.

Neuroscientist David Eagleman on What Is Possible in the Cosmos


Epic Duck: The Story of the Canvasback


I thought it was interesting that this brand had a similar name to the one preceding it (SiriuS sounds almost exactly like SRSLY when pronounced out loud, ...

Industrial Red Hook- Hardening, Filling, and Polluting the Waterfront (1800s-mid 1900s)

Oak Skip Dressed

The exhibit is on view during regular public hours in city hall's main floor rotunda, located adjacent to both the east and west elevator bays, ...


Russian midget friends in a living room on 100th Street, N.Y.C.

Elizabeth Seton High School - 1941

In my view, Chagall's art, his biography, and the cataclysm around him combine to make something worthy of space on museum walls.


A new door opened in Gordonsville and beyond lies a treasure-house full of imagination, experience and magic! European antiques, stuffed toy animals, ...

Icelandic Horse, Chestnut With Flaxen Manes, Eats Prickly Gorse - stock footage

Structure and Dynamics of an Old-Growth Pine-Oak Community in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, Georgia, U.S.A. | Request PDF