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Due to lack of awareness about the danger signs of pregnancy women

Due to lack of awareness about the danger signs of pregnancy women


Due to lack of awareness about the danger signs of pregnancy women fail to seek in the right time for life threatening complication of pregnancy and child ...

Table 2: Multivariable analysis of factors associated with poor knowledge about danger signs during pregnancy among pregnant women attending a tertiary care ...

... we briefed the participants about the danger signs through a handout in the local language enumerating the danger signs during pregnancy and childbirth.

Table 1: Sociodemographic and obstetric characteristics of pregnant women attending a tertiary care center, Puducherry

Knowledge of the danger signs of pregnancy among mothers aged.

Table 1: Sociodemographic characteristics of the respondents (n=185)

Men's knowledge of danger signs during pregnancy, childbirth.

Figure 1

Figure 1: Respondents' perception on causes of danger signs during pregnancy (n = 185).

Comparison of experiences and awareness of danger signs between pregnant women attending rural and urban

Table 3: Respondents' knowledge of danger signs of pregnancy (n=185)

Figure 1: Overall awareness of danger signs in pregnancy

Table 6: Awareness of danger signs in the newborn among women at the.

Women who have experienced preeclampsia are at much greater risk for postpartum depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Table 2: Health education sessions and awareness of danger signs in pregnancy

Table 2: Knowledge of possible complications that may occur during pregnancy, labor, and the puerperium

Table 4: Categorization of respondents knowledge, attitude, and perception of danger signs in pregnancy based on scores (n=185)

Know the Signs and Symptoms of Preeclampsia, Spread the Word.

Table 6: Relationship between number of pregnancy and respondents knowledge on pregnancy danger signs (n=185)

Figure 1: Summary index on level of awareness of danger sign of.

Table 5: Comparison of level of knowledge with other studies

Table 1: Sociodemographic and obstetric characteristics among the pregnant women in Udupi taluk, Karnataka (n=305)

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Table 3: Analysis of quality of health education heard on key danger signs during pregnancy

Figure 2: Relation of education with level of awareness among women... Level of Awareness on Danger Signs of Pregnancy ...

They can involve the mother's health, the baby's health, or both. Some women have health problems before they become pregnant that could lead ...

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PHOTO: A woman gets a check-up from her doctor.

Signs of pregnancy can pop up in dreams or in seemingly minor events in everyday life

Knowledge was assessed about ANC visits, tetanus immunization, investigations, and nutritional factors, danger signs of pregnancy, contraception, ...

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pregnancy. You may find that symptoms are improving from the first trimester.

Postpartum Preeclampsia: Moms are Still at Risk After Delivery

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Figure 1

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You should have regular periods unless you are pregnant, breastfeeding, postmenopausal, or have a medical condition that causes your periods to ...

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Preeclampsia can make pregnancy dangerous and set off later medical problems

1 Purpose Improvement Tools/Methods Limitations / Lessons Learned Statistics Process Improvement Increasing awareness of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension ...

CMV Is a Greater Threat to Infants Than Zika, but Far Less Often DiscussedCMV Is a Greater Threat to Infants Than Zika, but Far Less Often Discussed

Table 4: Respondents means of transportation, preferred place of delivery and primary decision maker regarding pregnancy and delivery

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Once known as the 'silent killer,' there actually are common symptoms

Table 3: Selected characteristics of pregnant women who were not prepared versus prepared (n=305)

Box 15.2 Counselling about danger symptoms. Counselling has succeeded when the pregnant woman:

Medical checkups and screening tests help keep you and your baby healthy during pregnancy. This is called prenatal care. It also involves education and ...

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Figure 2

In light of Preeclampsia Awareness month, our own Liz Batman shares her personal experience with

Outdoor portrait of a pregnant woman holding her belly, brick wall in background.

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Knowledge of the danger signs of labor and childbirth among.

Even if your childbearing years are well behind you, conditions that you had during your pregnancy could influence your cardiovascular health today.

Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy


A Matter Of Life & Death: Why Are Black Women In The U.S. More Likely To Die During Or After Childbirth?

Table 5: Respondents' perception on why a pregnant woman with a danger sign should seek care at a health facility (n=185)

Blood cancer symptoms: Pregnant woman thought symptoms were just due to daily life

Symptoms. 12 weeks pregnant

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Your body needs iron to help carry oxygen through your blood to all parts of your body. Iron-deficiency anemia affects more women ...

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Figure 4: Signs and symptoms of gingival and periodontal disease among pregnant females

Death can happen up to a year after delivery.

Many Nurses Lack Knowledge Of Health Risks To Mothers After Childbirth

Woman holding pregnant belly