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Do you see the chemtrailing cowardlyapatheticignorance

Do you see the chemtrailing cowardlyapatheticignorance


Do you see the chemtrailing??? #cowardly#apathetic#ignorance #Pathetic

David Suzuki on Chemtrails

... “Chemtrails” ...

THE CHEMTRAIL ATROCITY RIGHT HERE IN GREATER GEELONG 2019 - The Chemtrail Atrocity Right Here in Greater Geelong

Contrails or vapor trails are condensation trails and artificial cirrus clouds made by the exhaust of aircraft engines or wingtip vortices which precipitate ...

Contrails or Chemtrails? What are they really?

What the hell are they spraying on us? PART 2


David Suzuki on Chemtrails

The excerpted article below makes it clear that a lot of people are into the act of changing the weather to further thieir economic, political and military ...

Contrails or Chemtrails? What are they really?


This is a tweet from Kylie Jenner last week. She was beaten up by the

chemtrails. Image: Geoengineering Watch

Most people will be completely satisfied with this approach, especially the people you really want on your side. You see, you don't really want people who ...

Chemtrails global Genocide - Global Mass poisoning!

If you are still denying chemtrails then you need to LOOK UP and wake up!

... aluminum and/or barium toxicity drawing even more attention to global geoengineering programs.Although scientists and activists are calling chemtrails “ ...

ANY other illness can be used likewise, remember YOU WILL NEVER SHOW ANY EVIDENCE ANYWAY, right? So all illness is fair game, bring in meningitis, lupus, ...

The media did their bit of course - business as usual for the psychopaths at covert war with our nation, in other words.


Before commencing on this enterprise, make sure you have the “enterprise” set up, after all, you are doing this for money, aren't you?

#We Do Not Consent Question Everything, Flat Earth, Weird Facts, Fun Facts

... announcement of a proposed 'Space Force', as a new, sixth branch of the military (see here and here), I'm re-posting my article on secret patents.

Progress of a chemtrail.

This chart provides a timeline showing the progression of mercury-related symptoms from 1990 to late 2010. Here we see the immedate elimination of all 17 ...

... a brilliant businessman who knows that the status quo he is building his empire upon requires a propaganda firm that the public will trust and believe.


#vaccines #vaccineskill #vaccinedamageawareness #aluminum #formeldahyde #mercury #abortedfetuscells #animaldna #gmos #chemtrails #childabuse #5g # ...




An anti-Muhammad billboard has sparked anger among Muslims

#vaccines #vaccinedamageawareness #formeldahyde #aluminum #mercury #animaldna #abortedfetuscells #gmos #5g #5gtowers #flouride #chemtrails #pizzagate ...

If you live in California, or really anywhere out west, how do you escape


Friends Of Liberty Archives: Why are 8 Democrats sponsoring a bill to eliminate the death penalty for treason?

The Sea Wolves-The Story of German U-Boats at War | U Boats | Anti Submarine Warfare

2016: gene drives, CRISPR, consciousness, suffering, transhumanism: Unsorted Postings on social networks by David Pearce

89 8 26 February, 2019

When Satan et al Rule - Edited 3 | Hadith | Prophets And Messengers In Islam

Conspiracy Revelation: 2.6.2029: Repto Cigar Shaped Ships..they say.

Making an argument

Just when you thought the world had enough disinfo memes, a new franchise is born: and Mark Passio wants to tell you what is really going on and what the ...

What are Terahertz waves? They're the radiation that fills the spot between microwaves and infrared waves on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Dedicated Ignorance Exercised Comatose Judiciary Suicidal CJS Consciousness Jump Start


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Apathy in America is a growing plague

... endlessly in T.V.. …until people are totally fed up with the NASA lies… nobody has any interest to see this old stuff, they want to see your Dark Fleet.

OK back to the problem at hand ,#chemtrails do you think they are poisonous

The HAARP and Chemtrails Connection | Weather modification, power beaming, Star Wars-type defense capabilities, communication disruptions, ...

Conditioned through taste and traditions... Simpleton believe and do whatever they are told

... #aluminum #formeldahyde #mercury #animaldna #abortedfetuscells #andrenochrome #pizzagate #gmos #nwo #chemtrails #5g #5gtowers #injectingtruth

#mcdeath #mcdonalds #happymeal #animals #apathy #indoctrinated #brainwashedsociety #ignorance

He was not the type of man that was cowardly and that would do something like that.”

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DECENCY flyer FEB 7TH.jpg

The one thing that we have on our side, more potent than our endless well of naivete and ignorance, would be our apathy. And these traits, have been ...

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I don't get it either! Vote Trump, give him a chance,

“can't you see this is due to government manipulation of the weather from chemtrails”…

2D Duality Duelity Shadow Guv SG Sustainable Growth Dependent On SG Stolen Goods PRICK SG Sustainable Growth Dependent On The Nuts 2 Feed It

In your skies today, you may find that there is only one plane running short

The ...

Bring your own mugs to cafés and invest in a few metal straws. Compost food scraps and dispose of what you can't ...

We need to help guide and educate them from birth to understand as the most important code of life, that we are ALL Keepers and Guardians of our own Souls.

This document proves that they know EXACTLY what they are doing and microwave radiation, 4G and 5G is a WEAPON!

The chat mentions “RR” and Mueller, a clear reference to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein naming former FBI Director Robert Mueller as a special ...

Clinton herself never addressed or denied the emails contents. The emails were in fact leaked by US intelligence community staff who opposed organised ...

New Agora 7th Year Anniversary Issue

This is a chemtrail not a contrail (NASA 2025 micro dust weather modification and mind

Narcissism at its finest. 🙄 #society #WakeUp #attention #attentionseeker #socialmedia


Natural News| The war on humanity continues unabated in Texas, where over one million acres of land are being carpet-bombed with the aerial spraying of ...

What does God think of Donald Trump?

So what do Christians miss in that story? Why did King Saul want a bride-price of 100 Philistine foreskins? Why didn't he say his daughter was worth 50 ...

#vaccines #vaccinedamageawareness #formeldahyde #mercury #abortedfetuscells #aluminum #animaldna #abolishthatshit #childabuse #chemtrails #gmos #5g ...

Will You Join United CEO Oscar Munoz On First Boeing 737 MAX Flight?


... can be found in a church in Rome built by the mother of Emperor Constantine in the year 322. Below is a picture of the original skull and bones ...

It would also raise questions as to whether Seth Rich was murdered in retribution for the DNC leak and to prevent him leaking any further information.

NIH graph showing old research relating particle size to retention rates in the deep lung.How do we control it?Because this heart issue was so frightening, ...

... silver oxides into the atmosphere and then manipulated them to 'see what would happen.'" Source: https://in-this-together.com/chemtrails -exposed/


Droit ROA Rights Of Admiralty The droits of admiralty were definitely surrendered for the benefit of the public. TP Turning Point

Repost @trustyourselves #wakeup #chemtrails #geoengineering #poison #indoctrinated #satanicelite #

P. J. O'Rourke on the fundamental ills of society... via Exposing the

... to this covert depopulation agenda, and what he suggests is that everyone wake up to the recognition that we on Planet Earth today in 2015 do ...