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Descriptive Stats by Group Compare Means SPSS Tutorials

Descriptive Stats by Group Compare Means SPSS Tutorials


SPSS Basic Skills Tutorial: Basic Analyses

SPSS Tutorial 11 - Comparing Means - Interpretation of Results

SPSS: Analyzing Subsets and Groups

This procedure is obtained from the Compare Means item of the Analyze menu, and then the Means item on the submenu.

Performing Two-Sample T-Test in PASW (SPSS)

Find the Mean and Standard Deviation in SPSS for Two Groups

Descriptives Output

These options, then, generate the following output.

Compute a mean score from several variables in SPSS

Select "Analyze -> Compare Means -> Independent-Samples T Test".

SPSS descriptives menu option

ANOVA output

Part B: Starting Up SPSS

menus for descriptives statistics

Calculate the Mean, Median, and Mode in SPSS

SPSS for Beginners Part 2: Frequency Counts and Descriptive Statistics

31 SPSS Example (Independent Sample t-test) Analyze  Compare Means  Independent Samples T Test… Hypothesis ○ H 0 : There is no significant difference ...

IBM SPSS Statistics dropdown menu, showing Analyze Descriptive Statistics > Frequencies

Crosstabs output

SPSS Simple Means Window

A new window pops out.

One-way ANOVA: SPSS Analyze -> Compare Means -> One-way

Histogram output

SPSS Statistics Essential Training

Data analysis methods in SPSS

Unpaired t-test options in the SPSS menu

SPSS Independent T test Windows

Figure 10.15 Options for Repeated Measures ANOVA in SPSS

6 Running ...

Step 2. Now, go to analyze, non-parametric tests and independent samples

Scatter plots are used in descriptive statistics to show the observed relationships between different variables.

Output Viewer

Levene's Statistic Test of Homogeneity of Variance Using SPSS

Figure 10.12 Menu Selections for Repeated Measures ANOVA

repeated measures anova 1

Description: Description: DesStat4

Summary statistics


IBM SPSS Statistics popup windows, showing Descriptives, and then Descriptives Options

Image spss_ttest_8

Wilcoxon sign test

One-sample t-test menu in SPSS


Levene's Statistic Test of Homogeneity of Variance Using SPSS

SPSS 11 4

Two-way ANOVA: SPSS Analyze -> General Linear Model -> Univariate.

Description: Description: students.bmp

SPSS for healthcare and life science statistics

Descriptive Statistics-Numeric ...

Step 3: Click “Analyze,” then click “Compare Means,” then click “Independent Sample T Test.”

Figure 10.2 Menu Selections for One-Way ANOVA in SPSS


Find the Mean and Standard Deviation in SPSS Using the Frequencies Procedure

Selecting [Options...] you will find,

Univariate Analysis

SPSS allows us to select part of the data set for further analysis, while excluding the remaining cases from these analyses. The procedure is found by ...

Independant samples test table example

IBM SPSS Statistics popup window showing Means SPSS Statistics data set example ...

Let us concentrate here on an example showing how to use the Analyze menu to produce a frequency table of a variable. The Analyze menu offers groups of ...


Step 3. Then you see the following dialog box. Click objective and select " compare medians across groups".

Image spss_ttest_1

Interpretation of factor analysis using SPSS

Variable view (showing Value Labels box)

You will see many options to choose from. Some options lead to complex analyses. Others lead to those that are quite simple. We will be using the Analyze ...

Analysis Options

Step 2: From the menus, select DATA/Split File...the following dialog box appears. Click on the radio button titled "Organize output by groups."

What Is Descriptive Statistics? - Examples & Concept

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Calculating Descriptive Statistics in SPSS

You specify the test variable, i.e. the variable for which the means will be calculated. In our example that is "age".

The Frequencies window should be the next item that you see. From there you will want to locate the desired variable, in this case “sex.

If Descriptive is enabled, then the descriptive statistics for each condition will be generated. Making Homogeneity-of-variance active forces a Levene's ...

Understanding Statistics for the Social Sciences with IBM SPSS book cover

R summary output

Figure 2: Descriptive statistics of the example data. Note: M = mean; SD = standard deviation

Step by Step Independent Samples T-Test in SPSS 21

results of descriptive statistics

Figure 1 – Levene's test for Example 1

How to run an ANOVA


Step 3: Go to data, and click on identify duplicate cases.

Defining groups for an unpaired t-test in SPSS


Expressing Descriptive Statistics in Tables

Data analysis using regression and multilevel / hierarchical models by Andrew Gelman, Jennifer Hill

Descriptive vs Inferential statistics


Group Statistics Table

Categorical variables with custom total summary statistics