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Creationists Claim Stonehenge Built By Satanic Giants Crap crazy

Creationists Claim Stonehenge Built By Satanic Giants Crap crazy


Stonehenge is a magnificent structure and testament to human engineering and will. Like the pyramids, it's one of the few wonders of the ancient world still ...

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Creationists Claim Stonehenge Built By Satanic Giants

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Evolution really is True ... even when you claim it is not because scientists

Saudi Cleric claims that sun revolves around the earth - #cleric_rejects_rotation_of_Earth

How America Lost Its Mind


Creation/Evolution Journal 1 cover

Giant Human Skeletons Uncovered Near Stonehenge Nephilim Giants, Giant Skeleton, Bigfoot, Historical Photos


Noah's sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth evidently lived for about 600 years each. Shem's son (Arphaxad) - 438 years; then his grandson, Salah lived for 433 ...

Ahu Tongariki near Rano Raraku; ancient astronaut proponents state that the stone structures were built by (or with the help of) extraterrestrials

've been trying to understand the history, development, and modern configuration of what I call the "degeneration doctrine" (the idea that the human career ...

Yes, God may let us die, but He knows what He is doing! He will GREATLY reward those willing to die for Him.

The four things that still corrupt people today: wisdom, riches, beauty, and power.

(Skeptoid #677) - An examination of the claims that 5G cell phone data service is potentially harmful to life. May 28, 2019. Read | Listen (14:38)

Is there any evidence that giants once walked the earth, as so many myths and

Lies in the textbooks[edit]

Ancient artwork[edit]

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Evidence cited by proponents[edit]


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Cueva de los Tayos and the Lost Metal Library: Part 2 (Skeptoid #638) - A closer look at how bad the evidence is that a cave exists filled with golden alien ...

Religious and cultural practices[edit]

Book of Ezekiel[edit]

His only supporters are from the lunatic fringe of tax protesters, paranoid conspiracy theorists, and those guys who hang out in rural cabins with canned ...

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Catholic priest says Pride flag was made by Satan

A Science Based Ghost Hunting Toolkit (Skeptoid #668) - How a TV ghost hunting show might look if they did what they claim, and used science. March 26, 2019

Satan's Giants Built Stonehenge, Creationist Claims

Votive relief of the winged priest of Dudu on display at the Louvre Museum, France.

Physical scale[edit]

And right there is where the whole idea of Evolution got started. It didn't start with Charley Darwin. It started with Satan in the Garden of Eden.

Epigenetics Woo (Skeptoid #636) - This exciting new(ish) field in genetics has brought with it a slew of snake oil claims. August 14, 2018

Fossil layers[edit]


If a reptile were to try to evolve into a bird, at some point it would have halfleg and half-wing. Now, it can no longer walk or run; yet, it cannot fly.

Get Off My Lawn

Amanda Knox

May 2019

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The Bible tells us that if we are persecuted or even killed, REJOICE in the fact that God has great rewards for you!

The Great Wall of China

In about 1998, I came to realize that God did inspire His Word in the original Hebrew and Greek and then He preserved it perfectly in the KJB for those who ...

If our (supposed?) Creator could, within one of many possible dimensions, also operate as a Scientific Mathematician then the two are not at all at odds.

Yamashita's Gold (Skeptoid #673) - The facts behind the urban legend that billions in Japanese gold lie buried in the Philippines. April 30, 2019

Shklovski and Sagan[edit]

Post-flood animal survival[edit]

Smithsonian Institution admits to destroying thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in early 1900's |UFO Sightings

The team gathers at Rano Raraku

Gremlins (Skeptoid #627) - These mischievous creatures that sabotage airplanes are claimed by some to be actual physical beings. June 12, 2018

How to make people angry: write about science

*T. J. Clark

Weekly analysis of world news ...

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Now We Know What Causes Creationism!

Schumann, The Faces and The Masks by Judith Chernaik

Issue 2 (Fall 1980)

3 School Board Candidates in St. Louis Say Creationism Belongs in Science Class

it was the giants i tell ya' … those freakin' giants! – A LITTLE LEFT OF CENTER

Nazca Lines[edit]

French Benedictine monk Antoine Agustin Calmet (1672-1757) is recognized as one of the first theologians to attempt to place the entire Bible in a literal ...

Clarence Thomas Defends Religious Extremists, Claims Atheists Can't Be Trusted

Poll: 52 percent approve of God's job performance

bat shit crazy by hip is everything

Student Questions: Drinking Urine and Studying to Music (Skeptoid #674) - Skeptoid answers another round of questions sent in by students all around the ...

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What reason goes in that blank? What could possibly go in that blank? If you're a layperson in a particular scientific field, how could you reject that ...

Imagine roots below and branches above. This pictograph communicates, with fewest strokes possible, the ancient yet still recognized functional appearance ...

Female Giant by Pavel Spitsyn Fantasy Races, High Fantasy, Fantasy Story, Sci Fi

10/28/11: Solving the Mystery of a Megalithic Monument in the Land of Giants

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Killing Castro (Skeptoid #659) - It's proven the CIA tried to assassinate Castro, but the number of claimed attempts differs wildly. January 22, 2019

Issue 4 (Spring 1981)


See: www.creationism.org/iceepoch.jpg ...

Weekly analysis of world news ...

Darwin, Francis & Seward, A. C. eds. 1903. More letters of Charles Darwin. A record of his work in a series of hitherto unpublished letters.


Rick Stone · Crap crazy religious people spew

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Darwin, Francis & Seward, A. C. eds. 1903. More letters of Charles Darwin. A record of his work in a series of hitherto unpublished letters.

1843 Millerite prophecy chart.