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Coal miners heading to work 1900s TheWayWeWere History Daily

Coal miners heading to work 1900s TheWayWeWere History Daily


Coal miners heading to work, 1900s : TheWayWeWere

Kingston, Pennsylvania, circa 1900. Child laborers, shame on us and some would have it still in their greed and need for more

Working in a coal mine. 1908 via Shorpy

When AC/DC marked their first Top 40 hit! This week in 1985,

Typical Fayette County, West Virginia coal mine 1900. My granddad Fray worked in the mines when they used horses & mules.

The entrance to Redondo Beach's Tent City. Dome of Chautauqua Building can be seen in the distance above the sign, top center. Undated photo.

Scranton coal miners in the 1900's

An unidentified workman demonstrates the new Geiger Counter, specifically designed for Uranium and Thorium prospecting

May 1951 - groups of men stand chatting at the gate of a deserted Manchester dock

Untold History: The Survival of California's Indians

Beaming Deartment at Regent Cotton Mill owned by the Lancashire Cotton Corporation Limited, in Failsworth

At Shorpy, kids working in a coal mine in Kingston, Pennsylvania: Breaker Boys: 1900.

Nuns from the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus at Victoria Street taking care of babies

Bluff City bicentennial: In Memphis, the way we were reflects the way we are

History of the United Kingdom

Located at the convergence of the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers, the village often flooded. There were four major floods in Waterford from 1900-1949.

Cover of 'The Way We Were' being republished in 2019. Image: David Bracher


Opening ceremony for the W.P.A. Scale Model of San Francisco, April 1940; image courtesy of the San Francisco Department of City Planning Records, ...

The text reads: This famous book was written by George Orwell, in 1936. It is a picture of working class life of the depths of the Depression, ...


Ross Chesterman was popular with his students and they even gave him prime editorial space in the Goldsmiths Student Union Handbook for 1969-70.

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Town of Waterford – Saratoga Avenue in the early 1900's. Waterford's famous “Mill Owners Row,” millowners built their mansions uphill from their factories, ...

Between 1938 and 1940, the New Deal's Works Progress Administration (WPA) hired some 300 artisans to create a detailed wooden ...

The text reads: From the beginning of organised coal-mining in Britain, nearly a thousand years ago, women and girls worked alongside men and boys.

Emigration pamphlet circa 1858: 'Practical Hints for Emigrants to our Australian Colonies'.

American Law in the Twentieth Century / Edition 1

Postcard shows Llewellyn Iron Works plant in Torrance, circa 1918. (Credit: CSUDH photo archive, James H. Osborne collection)

My Gypsy childhood

'Australia's Offer to the British Boy' advertisement for British emigrants, ...

Document - Agreement under the Mines Act 1890.


Let us not forget the female laborers who risked their lives on a daily basis. People like this kept countries running. Coal Mining, Women Coal Miners, ...

June 17, 1954 - Flying into Memphis on June 17, 1954, from an

London Daily News newspaper archives

Between her profession as an occupational therapist, her new role as a business owner and her involvement in the Jewish ...

How Jack White Became Interested in Fort Worth History

The author, Peter Lee, with his beloved Ah Sim. This photograph was taken while on holiday in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, in 1969. Courtesy of Peter Lee.


About Roshan Bhappu

Blasts From the Past: Finding Rare Historic and Vintage Photos For Your Projects

/archives/honeyman - 201761076

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History of Newcastle upon Tyne

Their workers traveled by the trolley train along the avenue to go back and forth to work.


In close relation to the previous question, the topic of art as social praxis also had great relevance. The public location of the roots, and their entwined ...

Pan de sal (Photo by Judge Florentino Floro/Wikimedia Commons)

The 40 Best Christmas Movies of All Time

Dan Rice: The Most Famous Man You've Never Heard Of

Prints, an illustration and text about the Leeds-Liverpool Canal.

Who was George?

Colonial Life in New Zealand

The 1900s Town Street at Beamish Museum ...

When Pat Loughrey arrived in 2010 he said: 'I firmly believe that Goldsmiths has huge potential for the future.'

Sundre - The Way We Were

Bonnie Johnson, left, and Kathy Strelich, both 17 and members of the California Coast Girls Surf Club, survey the waves. (Daily Breeze staff file photo)

Marlburian Club Magazine 2018

Open image in new window ...


Twice a boomtown, Tilt Cove's population is now only four people. (Adam Walsh/CBC)

Figure 6.2 Picture released on 28 February 1940 of Hopi artist Fred Kabotie (L) and Apache Miguel Flores (R), along with other Indian tribes of Arizona, ...

lancashire mill workers 1900 - Google Search

Forced adoption: the mothers fighting to find their lost children

/archives/macmechan - 201808041

Ballarat News Special Publication - The Way We Were. The Making of a Mighty City, 1991

Family dinner 1938

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Red flags and a portrait of Soviet Union founder, Vladimir Lenin, at a rally

Women harvest mustard greens with young helper

Considering History: The Real Crisis Facing Public Higher Education in America

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The Bahamas are limestone islands, not volcanic like the vast majority is the Caribbean islands. This shaped its original flora, but its landscape was ...

The California Enviromental Protection Agency Air Resources Board seems to be even more pessimistic than you Memmel.

Declaration of Independence:


Margaret Thatcher (pictured in 1983) was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979-1990

... Workers Arriving at the Bomber Plant - 1942

'Concert on Deck', from a bound album of postcards published by Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co., depicting some of the activities engaged in on ...

May 15 ...

Each Branch will hold 3 special events. The West Portal Library held an opening event on Jan. 26 and two more will be held on Feb.

View image of (Credit: Getty Images)

Adding solutions like fiber optic networks makes the city less dependent on daily commuting, which results in fewer interruptions in productive work.

Dear Quote Investigator: The theater world has long been known for complex tempestuous relationships between cast members on and off the stage.

She has made many friends for life.

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Text about the history of The Moon Under Water.

Town of Waterford – The flood of 1936 as pictured from Broad Street to the Fourth Street, 1936. Located at the convergence of the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers, ...

The decentralization continuum. Organizations can be placed on a continuum based how much people participate in making decisions that matter to them.