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Choosing a firearm for concealed carry and EDC Home Defense

Choosing a firearm for concealed carry and EDC Home Defense


Choosing The Best Handgun for Concealed Carry/Home Defense

Choosing The BEST Home Defense Weapon

Choosing a firearm for concealed carry and EDC

Best Beginner Handguns

Choosing the right self-defense ammo is just as important as choosing the gun you carry it ...

A home defense handgun can be either your carry gun that you normally pack on a daily basis or a dedicated pistol that stays in your home.

Bigger guns are better stoppers, but they weigh more and are harder to carry comfortably

10 Tips To Help Choose The Perfect Compact Handguns

The Loadout Room weighs in on home defense firearms

Do You Need a Weapon Mounted Light or Flashlight for Self-Defense?

How to Pick a Self Defense Pistol – 7 Handguns We Love for Survival / Bug Out / EDC – GEAR CAVE #003

18 Experts Pick Their Concealed Carry Weapon of Choice - Ballistic Magazine

... Choosing a Firearm and Concealed Carry. By Kelly Black. Sig Sauer P238 vs P232

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Truck Gun

Two inches, single action, 25 yards, with Critical Defense 110-grain FTX

“Choosing a home defense weapon should encompass many questions. What firearm are you comfortable and confident with? What's the layout of your home?

Everybody has their own personal preferences when it comes to what type of firearm they carry for self defense.

Walk into a well-stocked gun shop and up to the display cases showing self-defense handguns. What would be your first impression?

Are You a CCW Pistol or Concealed Carry Revolver Type?

Glock 19 vs Glock 26 concealed carry

8 of 8. 8 Experts Pick Their Home Defense Weapon ...

Picking the Right Firearm. A Woman's Self-Defense Guide to Concealed Carry ( CCW)

Handgun Recommendations for New Shooters

Three pistols chambered for .380 ACP

Glock 17 vs. Glock 19 Comparison

Best Pistols For Range, Carry & Home Defense! Which Guns Deliver?

Home Security: 10 Best Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapons

“My home defense firearm of choice is the Glock 19 with hollow point ammunition. Handguns are what I spend a large majority of my time training with, ...

What Is the Best Gun for Self Defense?: Semi-Automatic vs. Revolver

With practice, a revolver can be reloaded quickly via the use of a Speedloader.

Smith & Wesson® Performance Center® Ported M&P® Shield™ Centerfire Pistols

Best Gun for Home Defense: Shotgun, AR-15, or Pistol?

Our Top Picks For 9mm Concealed Carry Pistols

6. Bersa Thunder

Walther P22 Semi Auto

Weapon protection

... is asked as a firearms instructor, why did you choose a particular firearm? I have always chosen a 1911 .45 cal with 230 grain Home defense program.

The 10 best home defense handguns.

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... Shop Revolvers ...

Best Concealed Carry Handguns

Browning Black Label 1911-380

The Best .22 LR Handguns for Concealed Carry

best concealed carry guns for 2018

Best .45 ACP Concealed Carry Pistols

When it comes to choosing self-defense ammo, you really have to test your

The Ruger GP100 is arguably the strongest, 357 Magnum, double-action revolver made

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best survival guns

Select Items. Kimber Micro 9 Pistols

Best Complete Guide on AR-15 Upper Receivers: 2019 .

Sig Sauer P238. "My go to gun for home defense ...

27 Best Concealed Carry Guns For Sale - 2019 1

Glock 19 Gen 5 (note no finger grooves)

The Glock 21: The Best Gun for the Army, Home Defense and Hunting?

5 Self Defense Weapons Every Person Should Have

Top 10 Reasons to Own a Gun

S&W 8-shot revolver

5.56 or .300 blk out for home defense. Don't say neither. Pick one. #WiseMen #2a #edc #edcgear #everydaycarry #gunlife #pocketdump #igmilitia #pewpew #gear ...

EDC for protecting yourself and emergency medical

Beretta 92FS air pistol

glock 19 or 26

The Glock 19: The Self-Defense Pistol Against Which All Others are Measured – CIVILIAN GUNFIGHTER

9mm police vest

These are all handy carry pistols, but will they be effective without practice?

“My home defense gun is a Sig P225 in 9mm accompanied by a Streamlight ProTac HL flashlight. I chose the Sig P225 because most of the time it's my CCW ...

glock 19 4th generation

5:46 PM - 14 Jun 2018

best 380 pistol

Ruger Mark 4 22 Pistol

revolver carry preferred

Ruger GP100 Match Champion

Ruger Mark IV Rimfire Handgun

Kahr Arms CW9 9mm Pistol

... Tips for CCW

Glock 17 Grip

GLOCK 17 vs GLOCK 19: Picking A Plastic Pistol

Cap & Ball Revolvers For Self-defense

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Now that we've gone over the how of concealed carry revolvers, let's get into choosing a concealed carry revolver. Now, for CCW purposes, you're generally ...

What is EDC? A look at Every Day Carry Items

The Pros and Cons of a Miniature Red Dot Sight and Slide Cuts on a Defensive Pistol - ITS Tactical

How ...

9mm handgun

Glock 23 left angled. Choosing the right concealed carry ...


... for a total of seven 9mm rounds. Perhaps this is not adequate in your mind, but that's why there are magazine extensions like the Strike Industries EMP ...


ARMA-100 Bean Bag Gun

The Glock 43X, a new concealed carry weapon that refines the Glock recipe for personal