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Chimps can use gestures to communicate in hunt for food Science

Chimps can use gestures to communicate in hunt for food Science


... “warmer/colder,” where one person uses those words to guide the other person to a hidden toy or treat? Well, it turns out that chimpanzees can play, ...

Common chimpanzee in the Leipzig Zoo. Image credit: Thomas Lersch, via Wikipedia.

... chimpanzees communicated with a human experimenter to find food. Their results are the most compelling evidence to date that primates can use gestures ...

chimp Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Chimps communicate using the same language rules as humans

Chimpanzees can gesture for hunting, says a new study.

Chimpanzee sign language apes the way humans communicate, research has shown. The primates employ

There's so much that bonobos and chimps can teach humans

Chimpanzees grooming (Image: Science Photo Library)

Human encroachment is damaging chimpanzee culture, scientists warn

chimpanzee facts

Research has shown that chimp sign language apes the way humans communicate (Andrew Milligan/

An infant chimpanzee using the 'reach gesture during play

Study Finds Chimps Can Use Gestures To Communicate In Hunt for Food

Chimpanzee gestures aid in communication for foraging food

Mathematical principles common to many human languages also apply to chimpanzee 'play' gestures, scientists have found.

Chimps use gestures to communicate in their hunt for food

Media player Chimpanzee

Chimpanzees 'talk' just like humans. It's time to realise how similar we are

Baby chimpanzee and mother

Chimpanzees, bonobos, and even humans may share ancient body language | Science | AAAS

Pan (genus)

A female chimpanzee with two juveniles at Kibale National Park, Uganda. Image credit:

chimpanzees on a branch

Can Humans Understand Chimps? Scientists ...

Chimpanzees Can Use Gestures to Communicate Location of Food | WIRED

Chimps Can Gesticulate and Gesture

IMAGE: Berg--a chimpanzee in the Ngogo group, Kibale National Park, Uganda. view more

Chimpanzees modify intentional gestures to coordinate a search for hidden food | Nature Communications

Chimp gesture language translated – they're the only ones besides humans to intentionally communicate

Chimpanzees, bonobos, and even humans may share ancient body language | Science | AAAS


... An adolescent bonobo male making sexual advances to a female adds the arm raise gesture.

Chimpanzees' Use Of Hand Gestures To 'Coordinate' Activities An 'Important Building Block' In Evolution Of Language

Ponso, the only surviving chimpanzee of a colony of 20 apes, is pictured on

Bonobos use finger-pointing, hand gestures to communicate

Chimps use branch as ladder to escape Belfast zoo enclosure

The bonobo (Pan paniscus). Image credit: Pierre Fidenci / CC BY-

Female chimpanzees can tell which males are most likely to kill their babies, scientists discover

Chimpanzees communicate using the same laws as human language


Bonobos and chimps 'speak' with gestures

What does gestural communication of great apes tell us about human language?


Human language adaptations first appeared in our ancestors

chimp sign language 4

Jane Goodall observes a group of chimpanzees at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. Daniel Munoz / Reuters

Chimps think like us, too

Human impacts erode behavioral diversity in chimpanzees

Chimps Communicate Like Passionate Italians

Scientists analysed more than 2,000 of around 58 different types of 'play' gesture employed

Both young and adult bonobos readily share their food. But chimpanzees stop sharing food when they grow older.

Chimps, meanwhile, will not let you have the last slice of pizza.

A researcher has found that some gestures used by chimps are shared by gorillas and orangutans

What Chimpanzees Can Teach Us About Adam and Eve

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Jane Goodall's studies of chimpanzees in Gombe National Park in Northern Tanzania, starting in the 1960s, changed primatology. Ayumu is a six-year-old male.

Watched chimps change their hunting habits

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Chimpanzees Gesture to Talk


Bonobos are apes that are closely related to chimpanzees and humans. This photo was taken at Lola ya Bonobo, an orphanage for baby bonobos in the Democratic ...

Monkey making an intentional call

Western lowland gorilla Moke was born to mom, Calaya, in April 2018.

Fast chimpanzee facts

Toddlers Are 'Tiny Apes' With The Same Non-Verbal Language As Chimpanzees

Jurita enjoying a beautiful autumn day.

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Goodall, JaneBritish ethologist Jane Goodall with chimpanzee Freud at Gombe National Park in Tanzania. Michael Neugebauer/the Jane Goodall Institute

Chimps at play

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Bonobos Lana & Kesi 2006 CALVIN IMG 1301.

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Bonobos (pictured) and chimpanzees share gestures which initiate grooming

Video of Baby Chimp Playing 'Airplane' with Grown-up Chimpanzee Shows Just How Much They're Like Humans

A Failure Of Intelligence Testing, This Time With Chimpanzees


Gestures Offer Insight

Chimpanzees, like this one, have many different gestures that they use to communicate to other chimps. Closely related bonobos use a lot of similar gestures ...

Peter Gabriel's pet project: teaching monkeys to Skype

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Chimpanzees should never be pets.

Turns out humans aren't the only apes that share. Scientists ...

Mother chimp with her infant. Credit: M. Fröhlich

After studying great apes including chimpanzees (pictured) for more than a decade, scientists

Chimpanzee Yawning. Chimpanzee Yawning. Chimpanzees communicate using gestures.

Chimpanzees start using a new tool-use gesture during an alpha male take over

Toto, a 29 year-old chimpanzee, begs for food at Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage in Chingola, Zambia, in this April 11, 2005 file photo.

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Chimpanzee covering eyes and sticking out tongue