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Check out Lewis Wickes Hine Young West Virginia Coal Miner 1911

Check out Lewis Wickes Hine Young West Virginia Coal Miner 1911


Check out Lewis Wickes Hine, Young West Virginia Coal Miner (1911), From

Childhood labor documented by Lewis Wickes Hine. Famous Pictures, Coal Miners, Vintage Photographs, Vintage Photos, Old Photos, West

Lewis Wickes Hine, | ... Company's mine in South Pittston. Photo by

3Breaker boys 4Breaker boys

Lewis Wickes Hine, A young mine worker: Turkey Knob Coal Mine, Macdonald, West Virginia, 1908 So young to do such a hard job ~ Now days you would be ...

1911. all young breaker boys

The Photos That Helped End Child Labor in the United States. Lewis Hine ...

11 year old Otha Porter Martin working the tipple at the Turkey Knob coal mine in Macdonald, West Virginia in 1908. Lewis Wickes Hine.

January 1911 Group of Breaker Boys in #9 Breaker, Hughestown Borough, Pennsylvania Coal Co.

Group photo of child miners, 1911. Blog post by Stewart Plein, Assistant Curator for WV ...

1911 Breaker #9, Hughestown Borough, Pennsylvania Coal Co. One of these is James

Child Labor, Frank, whose legs were cut off by a motor car in a

The History Place - Child Labor in America 1908-12: Lewis Hine Photos - Miners

Drivers and Trappers Going Home: Barnesville Mine. Location: Fairmont, West Virginia.

Breaker boys, Woodward Coal Mines, Kingston, Pa. 1913 - photograph Detroit Publishing

File:Lewis Hine selfportrait.jpg

Child labor, a newsie, from'There are a number of these young newsboys

Typical Fayette County, West Virginia coal mine 1900. My granddad Fray worked in the mines when they used horses & mules.

Drivers and Mules with young laborers in a West Virginia coal mine. October 1908 photo

Photo of a boy "running the trip rope" as part of mine work

Tipple Boy at West Virginia Mine Poster

first aid wickes 1911

One of these is James Leonard, another is Stanley Rasmus. Pittston, Pennsylvania. Mid - A young driver in the Brown Mine.

Pittston Breaker Boys by Lewis Wickes Hine, 1911 Poster

Trapper boy a mile deep in a mine in Macdonald, WV 1908 - Same year my 8 year old grandfather went to work in the mines in WV.

At the close of day. Just up from the shaft, January 1911 - Stock

Group of Breaker boys. Smallest is Sam Belloma, Pine Street.Location: Pittston, Pennsylvania. 1911 ...

Coal Miners Checking in at Completion of Morning Shift. Kopperston, Wyoming County, West

scared and alone, young Asian child who is at high risk of being bullied,

Pittston Breaker Boys by Lewis Wickes Hine, 1911 Poster

Boy sitting in front of a mine door with writing and images on it

Old time coal miner

(PDF) Using Lewis Hine's Child Labor Photographs, Part 2: Miners | Kate Sampsell-Willmann - Academia.edu

Main entrance, Gary W. Va. Mine. Trapper boy in center. Going

Child laborers portrayed by Lewis Hine in 1911. Dust covered Breaker boys at Pennsylvania Coal

Scott's Run, West Virginia. Peter Percupu, Roumanian miner, unemployed, known in

Two of the "helpers" (aka too young to be legally working) at ...

Tender couple in love - bride and groom in a brown coat on their wedding walk

Lewis Wickes Hine - Portrait of Tipple Boy Poster

Lewis Wickes Hine


Group portrait of boys going home from Monongah Glass Works

Lewis Hine. 'Waiting for the dispensary to open Hull House District, Chicago'

An 8 year-old coal miner in Utah or Colorado, USA, in the early 1900's

Row of men at the New York City docks out of work during the depression,

Lewis Hine. 'Paris Gamin' 1918 .

Lewis Hine

Lewis Wickes Hine Newsies Gus Hodges, 11, and brother Julius, 5, Norfolk VA 1911

Lewis Hine - Brooklyn Museum - Climbing into the Promised Land Ellis Island - Lewis Wickes

Hanoi, Vietnam - Jun 22, 2017: Cooking Chung cake outdoor in communal house

Lewis Wickes Hine - Newsboy in St. Louis, Missouri Tote Bag

Laurinburg, North Carolina. Mid - 9 p.m. in an Indiana Glass Works. Right - Some of the young knitters in London Hosiery Mills. London, Tennessee.

A fire in 1911 at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in Manhattan (Getty Images//

Joseph Stalin Mugshot, Tsarist Russia 1911

Coal miner in his home in Sessa Hill, Scotts Run, West Virginia,.

Miners Go Home, 8/31/1921

Lewis Hine. 'Belgrade. Christmas Fiddles' 1918 (detail)

Daily inspection of teeth and finger nails. Older pupils make the inspection under the direction


Young stylish macho boy in black jacket posed outdoor of street. Amazing model man.

West Virginia by Luke Wilson

Patrick Harvard

Bank Boss, Turkey Knob Mine, Macdonald, W. Va., and a great fall of Slate that blocked entry. Witness E. N. Clopper. Location: MacDonald, West Virginia.


Arthur Havard, a young driver, Shaft #6, Pennsylvania Coal Company. Location: South Pittston, Pennsylvania. January 1911

Decorated book cover of "The Blind Brother" showing a young boy clutching someone's sleeve

The latter earns 84 cents a night. Whitnel, North Carolina. Right - Some of the workers in the Farrand Packing Co. Baltimore, Maryland.

The Boys of Bridgeton: 1909

Glass Works. Midnight. Indiana. Children at work. Photograph by Lewis Wickes Hine

Lewis Wickes Hine Lord Byron August 1911 "I cut my finger nearly off, cutting sardines the other day". Seven-year-old Byron Hamilton of Eastport, Maine, ...

Lewis Hine child labour at Smart's Bog, Massachusetts, 1911 (Lewis Hine child labour

22. Yunsheng, Geng. Young coal miner in the ...

Consolidation Coal Company Officials Dine With John L. Lewis at the Fairmont Field Club

These Striking Photos Will Change the Way You Look at Coal Country

1887 . . Unknown Lewis Hine photographing ...

Newsboy in St. Louis by Lewis Wickes Hine, 1910 Poster

Indiana Jones - Sean Patrick Flanery as the young adult Indiana Jones.

June 1911 ¿Raymond Bykes, Western Union No. 23, Norfolk, Va.

ourpresidents: “ President Truman Speaks on the First Live Transcontinental Telecast — Today in 1951

Lewis Wickes Hine, Photographer (1874-1940)

Miners at the Coal Face Victorian period - Stock Image

Pin by Anna Boatright/Headrick on Life of The Coal Miner | Coal miners, Virginia, West Virginia

10 Lewis Hine 1874 – 1940 1874194018741940  Lewis Wickes Hine was an American photographer. For Hine, the camera was both a research tool and an ...

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Inside workers shaft 6, Pennsylvania Coal Co. Location South Pittston, Pennsylvania. 1911

Leather jacket and long haired male model

Coal miners waiting for next shift, Caples, West Virginia

Wife and children of an unemployed African American coal miner in Scott's Run, West Virginia

June 1911 ¿A typical group of Postal Messengers in Norfolk, Va. Smallest on

15 National ...

source: Lewis Hine/Library of Congress

Young Girl Caring for her Sister, 1911 Card

Jörgen Lindström and Sven Nykvist on the set of the Movie: The Silence, 1963

... boys going home from Monougal Glass Works. One boy remarked, "De place is lousey wid kids." Fairmont, West Virginia. Mid - A few of the young workers in ...

Child labour in early twentieth century USA: Doffer boys in Aragon Mills, Rock Hill

Lewis Hine - Freckles (1)

Vintage c1910s Men Coal Mining Mule Lanterns Ohio Valley WV Labor Work Photo