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Britain Cannot Afford to Preserve Speaking About Brexit

Britain Cannot Afford to Preserve Speaking About Brexit


Britain Cannot Afford to Preserve Speaking About Brexit – Overseas Coverage

How Brexit will save Britain

Think the Commonwealth can save Brexit Britain? That's utter delusion

In my 13 years as a British MEP, I have never seen my EU colleagues more united than they are over Brexit

EU Chief Brexit Negotiator Michel Barnier (R) and Britain's Brexit Minister Dominic Raab hold

Don't worry, a no-deal Brexit won't be allowed to happen

The Brexit clock is ticking and negotiation deadlines are looming. Delay and obfuscation are the

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain is anticipated to maintain the door open for European Union banks and traders after Brexit to attempt to protect London's ...

Britain can't afford to close door to EU banks after #Brexit

Brexit backstop refresh: why the UK and EU can't agree on Northern Ireland

Brexit Britain cannot afford to be laissez-faire about its languages crisis

Jeremy Hunt has met with Japan's foreign minister Taro Kono in the past, but even

How Putin could yet save Britain from Brexit

Brexit: polls that show how Britain cannot make up its mind

Image: Theresa May speaks during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons

I'm sorry, it's over – a break up letter from the UK to the EU on Valentine's Day

Versailles, 1919: the failure of the first World War's winners to foresee the consequences

Britain's imperial fantasies have given us Brexit

Tony Abbott

Can Britons keep their EU citizenship after Brexit?

Bank of England to allow EU banks to keep UK operations unchanged after Brexit

Keep calm and Brexit on: History suggests leaving Europe is great for Britain

A new pressure group joined forces with immigration lawyers and Home Office experts to urge EU citizens in the UK to apply for residency.

Brexit Britain Must Match EU Efforts to Save Iran Nuclear Deal

Brexit vote: British Parliament overwhelmingly rejects Theresa May's plan, diminishing chance of withdrawal on March 29

Divide and rule: how the EU used Ireland to take control of Brexit | The Spectator

If Scotland cannot save the UK from itself over Brexit it must save itself from the UK, Mike Russell has said.

UK's richest man and Brexit supporter is leaving the country and people aren't impressed

Britain's Roma community fears post-Brexit future

Can Jeremy Corbyn Save Britain From Brexit?

Brexit supporters protest.

What is Brexit and what happens next — the big questions answered

What Next for Brexit: Britain Plays the Ultimate Game of 'Deal or No Deal'

An EU flag with one of the stars symbolically cut out in front of the Houses

Everything you need to know about the Brexit “divorce bill”

Friday 7 June 2019

The Withdrawal Agreement

UK must hold EU elections if Brexit is delayed, says senior MEP

Brexit news: Pharmacy shelves full of drugs

What Is Brexit? Answering Your Biggest Questions About the U.K.'s Plan to Leave the E.U.

Can the UK extend the Brexit deadline?

Ben Bradshaw on Twitter: "So grateful to @UsdawUnion & @unisontweets for this brilliant leaflet for the EU elections: #Brexit chaos with Farage or a Public ...

BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND - NOVEMBER 23: Democratic Unionist Party leader Arlene Foster greets UK

Could Corbyn solve Brexit and save Britain? I can almost imagine it now

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There is a possible scenario in which Britain gets to keep its economic agreements in place

Sketching out Northern Ireland's future: how long the Conservative-DUP marriage survives cannot be

Theresa May ignores Cabinet support for no-deal Brexit as she turns to Jeremy Corbyn for help

Ross Clark

UK 'can't afford tax cuts to attract more firms after Brexit' http

The discussion was hosted by Labour for the Single Market and Open Britain, ...

Britain won't pay £39bn Brexit 'divorce' bill if there is no deal, Raab insists as he ramps up pressure on Brussels

Why does the European Union exist, anyway?

Brexit means total chaos. With just over 100 days until the UK is due to leave the European Union, British Prime Minister Theresa May now faces a ...

LONDON — There was no lack of doomsday rhetoric before Britain's referendum on E.U. membership. European Council President Donald Tusk warned that Britain ...

Beyond Brexit: a Global Britain

Brits are so bad at languages, we couldn't even translate the Brexit white paper properly – it's an embarrassment

If Britain is to retain its influence on the international stage we must increase defence spending to 3%.pic.twitter.com/t8yG1Hb7Tg

How American Right-Wingers Are Driving Britain Toward a Hard Brexit | The New Republic

The Irish border is at the heart of Brexit negotiations, as the UK and EU

British universities and the Brexit dimension

UK to EU: Play fair or we won't pay our bill

Brexit, Little Britain and the Empire Politics of the End

Leon Neal/Getty Images

EU ...

Brexit: 'Legally binding' changes to EU deal agreed

Brexit: What happens after Article 50

Brexit Guide (Nov 2018)

The uncertainty behind Brexit continues to create unease for British citizens living in Spain and for Spanish citizens residing in Britain.

Hotel tycoon Sir Rocco Forte writes about all the good news on UK trade and investment

The Brexit supporter Nigel Farage talks with other British MEPs during a European Parliament session in

Former UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader, Brexit campaigner and member of the European

Brexit talks are currently stalled on the first phase of negotiations, covering EU citizens' rights, the money, and the Irish border.

Britain can't afford to close door to EU banks after Brexit

BRITAIN'S SECRET BREXIT WEAPON: UK can secure 10-year TARIFF-FREE trade if no EU deal

A European Union (EU) flag flies beyond an anti-EU, pro-


"Even now, averting Brexit would leave British self-mastery

A pro-Brexit activist (left) addresses an anti-Brexit activist (center

UK bill would weaken environmental law after Brexit, legal experts tell MPs

The EU, British and German flags

Fact check: what a no-deal Brexit will mean for the UK

destruction chaos small version

A demonstrator holds a placard that reads "So Long Great Britain" during a protest

Save is Disabled

Dating back to the post-WWII reconstruction era, the United Kingdom has had a tumultuous relationship with the organisations of Europe.

The newly established Independent Group includes former members of Labour unhappy with Corbyn's reluctance to call for a second referendum on Brexit.

John Kerr addresses an anti-Brexit Open Britain event on Friday © AFP

Brexit: 'Breakthrough' deal paves way for future trade talks

The Spectator

The only way to save the EU is for the UK to leave it

Pro-Brexit demonstrators gather in Parliament Square to listen to Nigel Farage speak in London on March 29, 2019. Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Theresa May conference speech

Tory big beasts led by Boris Johnson started the scramble to succeed Theresa May just hours