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Betty White Funnies Funny Hilarious Funny Quotes

Betty White Funnies Funny Hilarious Funny Quotes


“I may be a senior, but so what? I'm still hot.”

She's Hilarious!See 15 Of Betty White's Best Quotes To Celebrate Her 97th Birthday

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Betty White in memes. Betty White is a comedic...# Explore News Pictures You Like

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11 Times 97-Year-Old Betty White Told It Like It Is

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21 Quotes From Betty White That Prove She's The Greatest Person Ever

Betty White Quotes and Memes 96th Birthday January 17

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26 All Time Best Betty White Quotes & Funny Memes In Honor Of Her Birthday

Why do people say "grow some balls"? Balls are weak and sensitive . Betty White MemesSex QuotesFunny QuotesFreaking HilariousHilarious ...

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"I've always liked older men. They're just more attractive to me. Of course, at my age there aren't many left!" — Betty White

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"My philosophy for staying Young is, actually every day… Drink bubbly every birthday!" — Betty White

I Love Betty White...don't agree but thought it was funny

Betty White Quote on Aging. “

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"The secret to our marriage was enthusiasm. When I knew Allen was coming home, I would freshen up my make up and put on a new blouse." — Betty White

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Betty White Gets All the Attention!

Dolly Parton Quote on Aging. "

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"Why do people say “grow some balls”? Goals or we can sensitive. If you want to be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding." — Betty White

Lmao!!!! I Don't Know If All Vaginas Can Take A Pounding.. WHO AN I KIDDING YES THEY CAN!!

4. When she established herself as an authority in the transportation of herring.

Snickers Betty White funny commercial

Betty White's Off Their Rockers Poster

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Betty White & Johnny Carson in Funny Skit as Adam and Eve on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, 1979

"That's nice, dear" — Betty White

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like wine we get better with age - happy birthday meme wine

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Blanche, showing her humility.

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Betty White -- Safety Old School Style #airnzsafetyvideo

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Dorothy, taking bless your heart to a whole new level.

15. She believes in the power of caring.

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3. When she made this admission.

Betty Boop

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Blanche, being Blanche.

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Senior quotes ^_^

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