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Auction Finds I need Steemian help Any BRIGHT ideas what to do

Auction Finds I need Steemian help Any BRIGHT ideas what to do


Auction Finds - I need Steemian help!!! Any BRIGHT ideas what to do with these???

The only problem is we seem to have mostly the "@"s and the "A"s. I need help to provide suggestions to customers as to what to do with them!

These lights measure on average about 55cm/55cm/6cm, and weigh about 4kg. The light bulbs are not included. We have been scratching our heads as to what ...


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Announcing Card Delegation & Pack Tokens! 69 Comments / 38 reblogs

Hello Steemians, as part of our strategy for improving the economic sustainability and decentralization of Steem, we are selectively rolling out ...

Steemit Update.jpg. Hello Steemians,

There are countless efforts to welcome new Steemians and point them in the right directions. Recently, @inquiringtimes hosted one of the most comprehensive ...

Today, we are thrilled to introduce our plan to launch the HUNT token via an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). We will run the IEOs via three exchanges ...

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SMT started its token sale or not ? - where to buy SMT token ? - SMT started its functioning platform website or not yet?

Steemit Winter Update: 2017 reflection, our Vision Statement and Mission, and a look forward by steemitblog | Steem


This is not only an opportunity but in my view point: This is life changing milestone for the people who tried there best to win a project at freelancer ...


There is something known as a reverse auction. Here's the best and worst time to vote.

Best Facebook Photo Sizes: Cover, Profile, Wall Photos 2014

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Facebook marketing tips: Make your FB Personal Profile Cover Photo size look good on both

downvote_pool_title.jpg. Hello Steemians ...

Proof Of Brain is talked about a lot, so here are some great solutions to plug the holes in the steemit.com bucket of liabilities and turn them into assets ...

http://thesciencepost.com/chemtrails-may-protect-against-vaccine-injuries-study- finds

There are so many people currently trading bitcoins and the image above was shared awhile ago .. I'm not 100% sure if the data is still valid however that ...


Token Sale


Website: bit.ly/SteemitDrugWars

Frozen, old friend depression

We are a licensed #cannabisbusiness |LIC: C9-18-0000090-TEMP | for adults 21 + | keep away from kids | Nothing is for sale here.

Introducing David Far

http://www.quotehd.com/imagequotes/authors35/bill-sanders-quote-theres-nothing-that-we- can-do-and-theres-no-sense.jpg

How Walmart Is Using Blockchain


Introducing Local Trade


Help in solving riddles Most riddles encourage critical thinking. When answering a riddle, you need to think out of the box and thus, you might be able to ...

I personally feel uncomfortable, when things are not under my control. That is why strategies, which rely on specific social media channel, ...

Announcement: Steemit 101 e-book released for free (Part 2)

#share2steem 1 #steem #cryptocurrency deposited into my steem account ackza via #discordtip

A Blog about TauChain and Agoras / Blog NO Oficial sobre Tau-Chain y Agoras - tau-chain.info, A blog about Tau-Chain and Agoras.

But yet we still care and want to help... #drugaddicts #drugepidemic #drugwars #drugprevention #iceruinslifes #iceruinsfamilies #meth #mentalhealthproblems ...

For starters:

Please vote for Steemhunt - a witness which will take Steem blockchain to the next level in company-wide value stream and scalable user experience (learn ...

This will be good also

What's happening in the CRYPTO scene in Malaysia


Oscar Wilde Moon Quoto

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Free Your Mind

A Blog about TauChain and Agoras / Blog NO Oficial sobre Tau-Chain y Agoras - tau-chain.info, A blog about Tau-Chain and Agoras.

HODL Iota T-Shirt Funny Cryptocurrency Blockchain Token Tee


2016 & 2017 Bitcoinshirtz STEEM Designs:


Hashflare.io Discount Ode Monero Mining Calculator Genesis

Facebook marketing tips: FB event image size differs from both personal and business pages.


Welcome to the 13th @share2steem curation post where we will be highlighting some of the

And hence, I'm sure you can appreciate the effort it took to write any of those poems. And, there is another Poem-Contest currently ...

vote ura-soul for witness

[Playing tactical games and earn 2USD* worth of crypto perday] Before I started to talk about this ,I am hoping existing steemians to give back to community ...

I think i found out the reason, i had made 3 upgrades from 0. Genesis Mining If you are interested in learn more about Bitcoin Cloud Mining Roi Altcoin ...

How does Kratom help in depression? When your brain becomes depressed, it stops producing enough dopamine and serotonin which are chemicals whose purpose is ...

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Litecoin Forecasting How To Buy Octanox Cryptocurrency

By doing so you can succeed in providing us very good information. I am proud that I am part of this society. I read every article you need.

Top Cloud Mining

... definitely checkout cryptochickshackathon.com. Dev and non-devs of ladies are welcome to apply. My twin and I were able to get in.

Golden Offers & Mega Sale Facebook Cover Photo

Is Genesis Mining Worth it? A Genesis Mining Profitability Calculator You'll Actually Use

New Custom EOS Apparel!

contents in this issue… reviews & letters ads & classifieds what's going on secret travels totally locally town council opportunity to be generous ...

Coingecko ...

Ready for some more #notmycar @notmycargame #digitalreel goes #live at 2pm et

Preservation – Original Instrumental Music by Darren Claxton

After saying my prayers, we left the church and I took a short ride down memory lane to have a look see the house my grandparents stayed in, ...


The best course of action if you find yourself in this situation is to cut off all contact with the person.

So my question right now is which is worse to give the man with no brains a gun or is it worse to give the man with no heart a gun?


System Trading Open Source, System Trading Open Source


Steem ...

To raise your sales out of the flatline of the long tail you need to connect with your True Fans directly. Another way to state this is, you need to convert ...

Can we improve the quality of our life?, if we are in lots of pain and you make use of CBD oil you can surely see results and there are lots of ...

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