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Are stingless bees moving north All About Bees Stingless bees

Are stingless bees moving north All About Bees Stingless bees


A stingless bee in the genus Plebeia found in Palo Alto, California. Photo © selwynq, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC). See original photo at iNaturalist.

The small Plebeia bees, about 5 mm long, were foraging on geranium flowers. Photo © selwynq, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC).

bumble bee

A Tetragonula stingless bee worker

No one knows how they got there, but a colony of stingless bees was recently

A native Blue Banded Bee roosting on a stem at night.

Two species of Carpenter bees with an amazing contrast in size.

Native bees of Eastern North America image: © Clay Bolt | claybolt.com |

stingless bee

Honey bee

A Leaf-Cutter bee (Megachile sp.) prepares to land on an Aster

Taken from Our Native Bees © 2018 by Paige Embry. Published by Timber Press, Portland, OR. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

rusty patched bumble bee

Amegilla cingulata

Our Native Bees: North America's Endangered Pollinators and the Fight to Save Them: Paige Embry: 9781604697698: Amazon.com: Books

How the Bees You Know are Killing the Bees You Don't

The European honey bee (Apis Mellifera) is a much-loved insect t

Do Honey Bees compete with Native Bees?

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You're Worrying About the Wrong Bees. Native ...

Africanized bee

Do native bees sting? Tetragonula Carbonari

Pollination is perhaps the most fundamental issue of all for those of us who grow food. Should we also raise honey bees or just hope that local wild bees ...

9 extraordinary facts about North America's native bees

Below: Native bees collect resin from the Cadaghi tree and sometimes the seeds stick to their legs and they deposit the seeds outside of the hive.

1310 stingless split 22. 1310 stingless split 22. Australian native stingless bees are ...

1.1 Local, Solitary, Hole-nesting Bees for Instant Backyard Beekeeping. Native bees are ...

As shown above it is really important that this is done right. Red arrows indicate locations not to mark your bees, these have a high chance of killing your ...

Image of a yellow-faced bumble bee on a flower.

Native Bees. As part of our work with on-farm beneficials, we have tallied bees in various circumstances. While some of that information is presented in ...

Stingless bees are Eusocial.

bee swarm

Entomology Today

Native California bees (Bee City USA)

Metallic Green Bee (Agapostemon sp.) visits a Black-eyed Susan. This

Beyond honey bees

Making micro colonies is something I have done since the beginning. I love working with little colonies to help learn about stingless bees and watch them ...

Plight of the Bumble Bee: Conserving Imperiled Native Pollinators

The once-common western bumble bee, Bombus occidentalis. (Photo by the USDA

Honeybees Help Farmers, But They Don't Help The Environment

Bee test.JPG

To Bee Ethical is to Bee Sustainable

Hive Position: Some morning sun to warm the hive early and shade for the rest of the day is ideal. The Australian Native Stingless Bee Hive is perfectly ...

Honey Bees were brought from Europe to North America in the 1600's and quickly became the most important food pollinators, responsible for the pollination ...

We also have hives of Tetragonula hockingsi available for sale. This species is more suited to coastal areas of Queensland. The Australian Native Bee Book

How Climate Change is Messing with Bees

Blue orchard mason bee

Close up of a goup of small stingless bees crowd around circular entrance to hive.

Recovery: Bringing Back Bumble Bees

What Exactly are Africanized Bees, and How Scary are They?

A honey bee perches on a person's finger. Most modern farmland is inhospitable to wild pollinators, so agriculture has become heavily dependent on ...

5 Facts About Bumble Bees—and How To Help Them

Native Bees

Males of the Peponapis pruinosa often sleep in the flowers of squash plants. Taken from Our Native Bees © 2018 by Paige Embry. Published by Timber Press, ...

Rusty patched bumble bee

The blue-banded bee in flight with extended prosbosis Erica Siegel Wildlife Photography www.


Entrance to a nest of stingless bees of a species known as "little angels"

Three Bees

Best Bee Plants!

how to make a bee hotel for native bees www.recycledinteriors.org

Native beehive program. bee hive test.jpg

Social bumble bee on bee balm.

Keeping Mason Bees: 10 Expert Beekeeping Tips for Families

A swarm of African Honey Bees hanging from a branch of a tree.

three western honeybees forage on a cluster of tiny yellow spherical flowers

Bee Guide

7 Tips for Planting a Bee-Friendly Garden in North Carolina

How to tell the difference between honey bees and bumble bees

Squash bees and honey bees

Close up of the head and part of the body of a native bee on a

A great carpenter bee. These Australian native bees are found in the topics and subtropics

This 14-million-old fossil, unearthed in Nevada, is a honey bee

Identify. Wherever you find flowers, you'll find bees ...

Close ups of Bombus Hortorum bee

Bee Friendly Practices

Anatomy of a Honey Bee 100 Plants to Feed the Bees

Meet North America's Native Pollinator: The Blue Orchard Bee

http://bugguide.net/node/view/352502, BugGuide, Iowa State University, Colletes spp., Desert Bee, Coachella Valley Preserve, Riverside County, California, ...

Honey bees at hive entrance

What are the causes of bee decline?

The truth about bees

The honey bees then proceeded to collect all the wax leaving the stingless bees with nothing. He now runs a course mesh that only a stingless bee can fit ...

Xunan-Kab is a stingless and docile species. No protective clothing is necessary to

The most common bee in Singapore, the Asian Honey Bee can be found in urban parks and even roof-top gardens.

National Honey Bee Day 2018: What's being done to save the species in Britain

Two mason bee ...