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An English iris Iris latifolia Coloured engraving by F

An English iris Iris latifolia Coloured engraving by F


An English iris (Iris latifolia): flower and leaf. Coloured engraving by F. Sansom, c. 1803, after S. Edwards.

"Irises (Plants)" | Catalogue search | Wellcome Collection

Spanish iris, Iris xiphium. Handcoloured copperplate engraving by F. Sansom of a botanical

Michael Valentini - Viridarium Reformatum, seu Regnum Vegetabile: Krauter Buch (Newly Revised Garden

Irises (Iris), Hand coloured copper engraving from the Hortus Floridus, Crispyn van

"Irises (Plants)" | Catalogue search | Wellcome Collection

Maria Sibylla Merian - Iris germanica L., Bearded Iris, late seventeenth century

A plant (Ornithoglossum glaucum): flowering plant. Coloured engraving by F. Sansom

Bignonia Radicans. Ash-Leaved Trumpet-Flower.

Iris Spuria. Spurious Iris.

Blue Spanish iris, Iris xiphium, in half bloom and full bloom. Handcolored copperplate

Date: [1839-42]

Title: I. Clematis coerulea Pannonica II. Clematis peregrina incarnata III. Clematis peregrina


Gentian [Gentiana lutea, great yellow gentian], hand-colouredFuchs, Leonhart: New Kreuterbuch, 1563, Fig. 111

[Tall bearded garden irises (flag irises)] Iris latifolia violaceo colore maior; Iris latifolia vulgaris coerulea; Iris latifolia maior variegata

A plant (Allium angulosum): flowering stem and leaf. Coloured engraving by F


Model # ...

Iridaceae - Iris mauritii - Iris tingitana. From: The garden. An illustrated weekly

Image: Iris xiphium Flower Closeup 17May 2009 Dehesa Boyalde Puertollano

The idea for this series of postings is quite simple. On Monday mornings I walk around the garden and jot down a few notes, recording what's looking ...

Pictured in colour Mountain Sunset and Eloise Lapham. Cooley's Gardens catalogue 1935.

Iris ~ unknown variety, purple and white iris, botanical art print, iris print, colored pencil drawing, summer flower print by TwigsAndPetals on Etsy

Bright and showy blue Iris latifolia flower close up. English Iris King of the Blues

Florentine iris, Iris florentina, with flower, leaf and root. Handcoloured zincograph by

michaelnordeman: “Lichens. ”

10 day Iris xiphium Spanish Iris flower opening & dying time lapse

Scarlet flowered Avens, Geum coccineum. . Handcolored illustration by E.D. Smith engraved by Watts

Irises from 1965

"Irises (Plants)" | Catalogue search | Wellcome Collection

Hybrid Iris 1905 Henry Moon Botanical Flower Print

Latifolia Yellow Toadflax Var Phone Case by English School

Portraits of Heinrich Füllmaurer and Albrecht Meyer, Leonhart Fuchs' plant illustratorsFuchs, Leonhart: New Kreuterbuch, 1563, without pagination


Anemone (Anemone), Hand coloured copper engraving from the Hortus Floridus, Crispyn van

Title: Les Oiseaux - Mouches. grandeur de nature. Artist: Jacques Eustache de

Hochzeitszug von Wolfgang Wilhelm. Der Marienplatz von Süden, links am Bildrand die Frauenkirche, auf dem Platz der Hochzeitszug des Pfalzgrafen Wolfgang ...

Botanical Prints - Curtis Botanical Magazine Engravings

Iris Hybrid 1905 Henry Moon Botanical Flower Print

2 works, Iris Florentina | Iris Calcedonia latifolia |Iris Myrica [Orris Root |

Gladiolus Cardinalis. Superb Gladiolus; or, Corn-Flag.

A plant (Whiteheadia latifolia): flowering plant. Coloured engraving by F. Sansom

coral, maroon, blue combo

Beautiful campanula flowers growing on garden wall, spring season. The small bell flowers has

Another image of A GARDEN IN VENICE. by (Gardens, Venice) EDEN, ...

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This well known indigenous large wild iris ...

So lifelike - it looks more like a freshly pressed flower than a 200+ year

One of Ehret's drawings for the Hortus Cliffortianus - subsequently engraved

Botany for the artist


Plate 11, one of 18 hand-colored engravings of flowering plants by Sowerby



... blogoctgarden20reszdimg_0121


... Image taken from page 614 of '[Our Earth and its Story: a popular ...

Copyright, To publish this image, please contact the Hunt Institute Art Department. Credit · Title, ''Iris.

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Goat's Beard and Ragged Robin Botanical Engravings Vintage Book Plate - Roots Yellow-Green Pink Flowers Plates 255/256 Buy 3 Get 1 Free by saffronfields on ...

... in Ballon village & environs; 13.

Notes of a botanist on the Amazon and Andes. London: Macmillan & Co. Volume 1.

Frontispiece of Hortus Indicus Malabaricus (Vol. 1), 1678

Iris - Iris hoogiana

Cottage Florals IV


2 works, Chamaeiris latifolia biflora [and 3 other varieties of dwarf irises] —

Itasca from the 1939 catalogue.

no thumbnail available (9) plantillustrations.org 392786. Iris ...

Polygala Stipulacea. Stipuled Milk-Wort.


heaveninawildflower: “ A flowering queen-flower (Lagerstroemia speciosa) with five glow-

Botanical - Flower - Dandelion - engraving


Iris florentina, Iris germanica nothovar. Handcoloured copperplate engraving by F. Sansom of a

Maize Dwarf MosiacCORN109.JPG


Lily Pad. “

... no flower buds; in the next week I will dig those up, separate them, and replant with fresh compost, perhaps inspiring some to produce blooms next year.

Blue Vervain

warm colors calibrachoa

Model # ...

At its entrance rises a great Tamarind, and a still greater Saman; both have leaves like a Mimosa—as the engraving shows. Up its trunk a Cereus has reared ...

Handcolored illustration by Edwin Dalton Smith engraved by F.W. Smith from

Medicine Plant Wall Art - Photograph - Saffron Plant by National Library Of Medicine

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Bus departs from Westin at 12:30 pm for DBG. Watercolor pencils are a versatile mixed media and truly the multitasking responder in your tool kit.

... [Beardless purple iris] Chamæiris angustis foliis minor. Eichstatt, 1613. Hand-coloured engraving. In excellent condition, with the exception of ...

Epipactis palustris var. ochroleuca – pale variety


NAICC: A Slow Start to the 2017 Crop