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Amaco Textured Turquoise 3x over Iron Lustre 3x on chestnut clay

Amaco Textured Turquoise 3x over Iron Lustre 3x on chestnut clay


Amaco Textured Turquoise 3x over Iron Lustre 3x on chestnut clay

Glazed with Amaco potter's choice oatmeal over textured turquoise. Clay body is WMS 2002 GG

Carole's Pottery: Arctic Blue over Ice on recycled clay (brown).

Pottery glazes

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Textured turquoise x3, iron lustre x1 over top Pottery Mugs, Pottery Ideas, Ceramic

C-41 Pear over. C-29 Deep Sea ...

C-10 Snow over

Textured Turquoise over Temmoku Cone 6 fire, speckled brownstone clay.

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Sapphire float top, textured turquoise bottom, nebula overlap

Amaco Glazes, Serving Bowls, Decorative Bowls, Bowls

C-10 Snow over

Amaco Brent on Instagram: “The layering possibilities with our Potter's Choice glazes are endless! This is PC-31 Oatmeal over PC-33 Iron Lustre.

C-10 Snow; Medium 20190326 163516

Glazed with Amaco potter's choice blue rutile over chun plum. Clay body is WMS 2002GG

C-10 Snow over

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3x Storm Celadon under 2x Seaweed Amaco Glazes, Seaweed, Layering, Seaweed Wrap

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2 Coats Black Nite 2 Coats Sunset Shino; Cinci Rojo Clay; 5 1/2" tall, 7" across (Sold)

C-54 Snapdragon; Medium 20181130 121442



carole's pottery: Toasted Sage 3x under Blue Midnight 2x on Standard 182 G clay body

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AMACO Potter's Choice Glaze layering. PC-23 Indigo Float over PC-2 Saturation Gold

(C) Celadon over (C) Celadon

2 Coats Black Nite 2 Coats Sunset Shino; Cinci Rojo Clay; 5 1/2" tall, 7" across (Sold) | My Pottery | Pottery, Serving bowls, Clay

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Textured turquoise base oatmeal rim and small overlap

Michelle on Instagram: “Amaco potter's choice light sepia (3x) over blue midnight

... Medium vaas amaco celadon combinatie pottenbakster.nl

Glazed with Amaco potter's choice tourmaline over blue midnight. #pottery #potery #potterylife

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Iron luster, then strips of ancient jasper, then oatmeal over Pottery Painting Designs,

Hand carved bud vase in Satin Patina glaze from #maycoglaze on Iron Range clay from MN Clay cone 6

Blue Rutile & Oil Spot on Amaco 58 Warm Brown Stoneware

C-22 Fog over

3x Iron Lustre, 2x oatmal over with seaweed on rim. Pottery Painting Designs,

Amaco Iron Lustre and Textured Turquoise White clay, but the same combination looks fantastic on chestnut clay too!

Oatmeal over iron luster - tourmaline inside Ceramic Glaze Recipes, Glazed Ceramic, Ceramic Clay

Glazed with Amaco potter's choice Ancient copper. Clay body is WMS 2002 GG * #

Mayco Flux with Stoneware

seaweed over textured turquoise

Indigo float bottom half, textured turquoise top half, nebula overlap

Wondering what kinds of layering possibilities there are for low fire ceramics? Check out these glaze series from AMACO!

Glazed with Amaco potter's choice deep firebrick over tourmaline. Clay body is WMS 2002 GG

Pottery Shop, Raku Pottery, Glazes For Pottery, Pottery Mugs, Pottery Studio,

Layering Amaco Glazes | Layering Opalescent Glaze O-20 Bluebell over Velvet Underglaze Base .

Stone Mountain Clay Co.: Ruby Slippers with Mardi Gras at rim on 370 Krunch Stoneware, fired to cone 6 electric (one dip Ruby Slippers, 2 coats Mardi Gras ...

Amaco Oatmeal x2 and Ancient Jasper x2❗️

@pasceramics Amaco Glaze Indigo Float over Iron Lustre Amaco Glazes, Luster, Indigo,

Iron lustre bottom half, deep firebrick top half, nebula overlap

Amaco Ancient Jasper over Blue Rutile (2x2) on Standard Cone 6 English porcelain.

Mayco Eggplant on groggy white clay

Carole's Pottery: Snow celadon 3x under Deep Firebrick x3 on Standard 182G Amaco Glazes,

outside lower 2 x blue midnight, all over = 2 x light sepia and 2 x textured turquoise, amaco potter's choice glazes cone 6

AMACO Indigo Float x2 over Cosmic Tea Dust x3 Cone 5 Amaco Glazes, Sculptures Céramiques

Smokey Merlot is a warm, dark purple glaze with a soft float of lilac over. AMACO Brent

Michelle van Andel on Instagram: “Glazed with Amaco potter's choice toasted sage (only 1 coat) over blue midnight (2coats). Clay body is 933 from G&S.

Photo of plate glazed with Peacock over Mottled Burgundy

Amaco Glazes, Glazing Techniques, Luster, Ceramic Art, Serving Bowls, Pots,

Amaco potters choice iron lustre under oatmeal #CeramicaStyles #Ceramica #Pottery click for more

Amaco Glazes, Clay Classes, Color Combos, Addiction, Colour Combinations, Color Combinations

Buff clay, Amaco AJ over Iron, Seaweed over Dark Green, Firebrick.

Jason Bohman

Glazed Pottery, Glazes For Pottery, Pottery Bowls, Pottery Painting, Pottery Art, Ceramic Pottery, Chicken Bones, Amaco Glazes, Green Clay

Amaco opalescent O52 Fuchsia over a yellow underglaze. Ceramics, Glaze Recipe, Tableware,

Textured turquoise bottom, chun plum rim, nebula overlap

Amaco Frosted Melon over Wasabi. This is on chestnut clay. It's a beautiful somewhat

Bud Vase

Fluted Bowl Cone 6 Amaco Storm under Seaweed & Coyote Ice Blue

Obsidian 3x under Seaweed 3x on top half. Little loafers clay body

carole's pottery: Storm 3x on bottom 7/8 (about 1" below rim

Gives glaze info

Amaco Glazes, Pottery Designs, Pottery Ideas, Serving Bowls, Art Techniques, Decorative

Rutile and ancient copper AMACO Cone 5/6 Exchange Follow · 12 hrs · Steampunk.

My pottery - Glaze - Amaco textured turquoise coats) over Amaco blue midnight coat) - On white clay

Ceramic bowl glazed with 2x amaco indigo float over 2x amaco temmoku Glazes For Pottery,

A subtle turquoise gloss, green-beige where thin, but a beautiful aqua where. AMACO Brent

Slab Pottery, Hand Built Pottery, Glazes For Pottery, Pottery Art, Ceramic Pottery

Amaco Glazes, Pottery Ideas, Clay Art, Spectrum, Layering, Artsy Fartsy,

Cosmic Tea Dust over Deep Sienna Speckle

Amaco's potter's choice tourmaline over iron stone. Difficult to take a nice picture of this

Slab Mug, textured with MKM stamp and glazed with Amaco Textured Turquoise and Vert Lustre

Staffordshire Stoneware 152-1115: 1200-1300C :: Potclays Studio

O-26 Turquoise over V-353 Dark Green Underglaze

Glazed with Amaco potter's choice lustrous jade over blue midnight. Clay body is WMS 2002

Pottery Painting, Pottery Art, Ceramic Pottery, Ceramic Bowls, Ceramic Clay, Stoneware

Michelle van Andel on Instagram: “Small bowl glazed with Amaco indigo float over blue midnight. #pottery #potterylove #pottersofinstagram #instapottery ...

Deb Schalla

Deb Schalla

Ceramic Glaze Combinations / Amaco Glaze Combos for Pottery #potterybym #glazingbym #howiamaco

3 coats Rainforest. Ancient Jasper on the rim. Ceramics Projects, Clay Projects,

Multi-colored Bowl. Hand Thrown Porcelain Pottery Bowl.