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After finding a meteorite Roberts comic book superheroes start to

After finding a meteorite Roberts comic book superheroes start to


After finding a meteorite, Robert's comic book superheroes start to communicate with him in the pages of his comic books!

Creator Robert Townsend looks back on The Meteor Man, the first black superhero flick, 25 years later

"The Meteor Man" original poster.

Meteor man.jpg

Meteor Man Movie (1993) 1

Cover to the 2005 edition from St. Martin's Griffin by Mike Allred. Author, Robert Mayer. Genre, Superhero fiction

Follow the Author. Robert Greenberger

Meteor Man

Robert Townsend as Jefferson Reed/Meteor Man in Meteor Man (1993)

Atom (Ray Palmer).jpg

In this week's episode of the Geeks OUT Podcast, Kevin (@Gilligan_McJew) is joined by @JonHerzog (on Instagram) as they discuss Robert Pattinson being cast ...

The very idea of the Last Son of Krypton breaking bad should fill you with horror, but the Dark Side turn of Superboy Prime was a big deal.

Showcase #4 (Oct. 1956), generally considered the start of the Silver Age. Cover art by Carmine Infantino and Joe Kubert.

D🌑CFUTURE on Twitter: "robert townsend's meteor man had a very short lived stint in the marvel universe… "

How a Real-Life Astrophysicist Found Superman's Planet Krypton: The Inside Story

Meteorite impacts a house in Uruguay

Illustration for article titled Who am I this time?: 13 comic book characters with

D🌑CFUTURE on Twitter: "robert townsend's meteor man had a very short lived stint in the marvel universe… "

'The Dark Knight Returns' by Frank Miller

Leader of the Pantheon


Bruce Banner (Earth-616)

Comic Book / Age of the Sentry

The basic premise of Robert Kirkman's Invincible is easy to grasp: what if your superhero dad was actually the vanguard of an alien invasion?

Magneto (Marvel Comics character).jpg

2014 Moonbeam Children's Book Award Bronze Medal


“Sure. Though I think Groucho was funnier.” “Who?” “Oh callow youth! Let me tell you about the Marx Brothers another time, or I might lose track again.”

Meteor Man (1993) 2

I'm a massive fan of Dan Slott's Spider-Man and this is the perfect jumping on point. If you enjoyed the Spider-Man films, go to your local comic store and ...

Indestructible – By Robert Doan

Robert Townsend wrote, directed and starred as The Meteor Man.

The Black Panther, official protector of Hell's KitchenMarvel Comics

Every upcoming comic-book movie and when to expect them

“All right, so we're almost up to date. When were you born? '94, was it?” “'95. I was a toddler on the night New Labour got elected.

Original Comic Art:Panel Pages, Robert Crumb Cavalier "Fritz the No Good"

Justice League: 100 Greatest Moments: Highlights from the History of the World's Greatest Superheroes (100 Greatest Moments of DC Comics): Robert ...

the cover to Marvel Team-Up (1972) #33 by Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia

X-Men (Earth-616)

Flash Gordon

Asteroid M. Asteroid M Marvel ...

... the crest of a wave, with Marvel's superhero introductions reaching a fever pitch, pushing the fare of Girls' Comics and Westerns to the background.

Death by Dinosaur by Jacqueline Guest


World's Finest Comics No.

Marvel Comics to Get Audiobook Treatment


Bruce and Clark have a bachelor's night gathering of their own, too. As you can see below, it's…uh, slightly less exciting. Batman and Superman enjoy some ...

Marvel Zombies

Every 2018 San Diego Comic-Con panel you want to watch out for

Logan (2017) starring Hugh Jackman may be the best superhero film since The Dark

Wesley Snipes in Blade (1998).

THE METEOR MAN, Robert Townsend (center), with rap group 'Another Bad

When examining the manufactured quasicrystal using a technique called X-Ray Diffraction, the fivefold

Meteor Man

[September 11, 1963] Has Marvel Comics become Mighty?

Universal Pictures is set to produce a feature film adaptation of Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan's fantasy comic book series, Birthright.

Image for The 30 Comic Books You Should Have Read

Blankman and Meteor Man

The short version of Invincible is that it's about the superheroic journey of a high school student who happens to be the son of Earth's mightiest hero.

And these two viewpoints finally come to clash when the zombies arrive back on Earth, to discover that a few remaining humans (who had been hiding on ...

Black Comic Book Superheroes

Aquaman: The Atlantis Chronicles Deluxe Edition by [Greenberger, Robert, David, Peter

Marvel/John Buscema Tom Palmer

Rising Stars Comic

Yup, that's a lot of dead 'Harleys'

The plot of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' classic Watchmen starts with the murder of former hero the Comedian and ends with an enormous, genetically altered ...


Perhaps he comes from a long line of vicious lunatics? | DC comics

It's a fabulously frenetic fun and frolics story from David Baillie and I love the nod, well, more like a psychic headbutt, to the Supersurf 10 voyage to Oz ...




WALKING DEAD Creator Robert Kirkman is Developing a New Series Set Five Years Before a Meteor Hits Earth — GeekTyrant

In fact, if you were a little tactical about your viewing habits (and not too fussy in your Marvel/DC preference), ...

'Mister Miracle' #9

The thing Jurgens is most excited about in his last issue is the fact that it's a story that matters. “We aren't marking time here—not just filling in the ...

The San Carlos meteorite that hit a house in Uruguay. The green cube is one