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Adapting to democracy Societal mobilization and social policy in

Adapting to democracy Societal mobilization and social policy in


Adapting to democracy: Societal mobilization and social policy in Taiwan and South Korea

Consolidating Democracy in South Korea

Democracy, Civil Society and Governance

Joseph Wong

Social Policy Expansion in Latin America: Candelaria Garay: 9781316606407: Amazon.com: Books

The Mobilization of Conservative Civil Society

Cover of Movement-Driven Development by Christopher L. Gibson

Social Policy Expansion in Latin America: Amazon.co.uk: Candelaria Garay: 9781107152229: Books

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5. Political Participation

Civil Society and Participatory Governance Municipal Councils and Social Housing Programs in Brazil book cover

Social Policy and Social Spending in Zimbabwe: 1980 to 2015

Mobilizing Social Movements • Response to societal ...

Unlike other suggestions that place burdens on individual users to flag content, a standards council addresses these problems on a societal/ecosystemic ...

With its rhetoric of "the 99%" (the people) against "the 1%" (the elite), the international Occupy movement of the early 2010s was an example of a populist ...

Through the Social Media and Democracy Research Grants competition the SSRC will independently administer research funding, lead the peer review and data ...


Social media – a threat to democracy?

Development Social Policy

Series: Elements in Politics and Society in Southeast Asia

Return to Civil Society Under Assault: Repression and Responses in Russia, Egypt, and Ethiopia

The Articulation for Monitoring Human Rights in Brazil is a joint initiative created in 2005, whose purpose is to develop actions to monitor the situation ...

Photo by Tim Green, Flickr

Javier Zarracina/Vox ...

Could populism actually be good for democracy?

Ten Ways Social Media Can Improve Campaign Engagement and Reinvigorate American Democracy

Political Party: Definition, Function, Organization & Mobilization

How to finish a revolution. Civil society in ...

Defending Civil Society

Even in a time of new threats to democracy, social movements around the world are expanding the scope of democratic inclusion.

Social Policy Expansion in Latin America: Candelaria Garay: 9781316606407: Amazon.com: Books

Oxford University Press

Event banner for book and panel discussion Digital Politics: How the Web is Changing Democracy, 15 May 2018, Düsseldorf. By FES NRW.


Extinction Rebellion Victoria

Cover for The Participation Gap

3. Structure

For many Brazilians who recently cast their ballots to elect a new President, the choice was between the unacceptable and the scandalous.

The human-empowermenT model

Securing a Democratic World

Hector Sigala (lower left, hands), digital media director for the Bernie Sanders

Although Islamist movements are not new in Indonesian history, Islamist mobilization become more noticeable on the country's political stage after the late ...

Religion and Brazilian Democracy Mobilizing the People of God

The death of democracy? Why unintelligent protest may wreck society

The case for social democracy

British prime minister Harold Wilson meets with US president Lyndon Johnson at the White House in 1966. Wikimedia Commons

The role of civil society in democratization processes

Democracy in Nigeria: Concepts, representations and expectations

... 34. forms of direct societal mobilization ...

Figure 1 Multi-level mobilization, social networking and the formation of a national pro-indigenous movement

Within chaotic pluralism, there is an urgent need for redesigning democratic institutions that can accommodate new forms of political engagement, ...



An attendee shoots a photo on a cell phone of Democratic U.S vice presidential candidate Senator

Find this book: ...

FES is pleased to announce the publication of our latest edited volume, “The Democratic Potential of Emerging Social Movements in Southeastern Europe”, ...

Abortion May Be Mobilizing More Democratic Voters Than Republicans Now

Cover for The Zapatista Movement and Mexicos Democratic Transition

Mobilizing Affect: Populism and the Future of Democratic Politics in Spain


Only 39% of the world's population lives in a country rated Free in the 2017

The rise of illiberal civil society in the former Soviet Union?

Role of Political Parties in a Democratic System

Social Policy Expansion in Latin America: Amazon.co.uk: Candelaria Garay: 9781107152229: Books


Climate policy: Democracy is not an inconvenience

The Role of Social Actors in Advancing a Green Transition: The case of Québec's Cleantech Cluster | Cairn.info

Running socialist candidates for office, mobilizing social struggles from below, and building the institutional infrastructure of working class power can be ...

9: India and the Two Faces of Political Mobilization - India's Democracies - Idunn


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On The Sidelines Of Democracy: Exploring Why So Many Americans Don't Vote


Social Movement Definitions: Alternative, Redemptive, Reformative & Revolutionary

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An Iranian woman takes pictures with her mobile phone in front of a portrait of parliamentary candidate Ali Motahari on Feb. 23, 2016.

Financing Solution That Will Unlock Financial Opportunities in Burundi Integrating the IDA Private Window | Public–Private Partnership | Taxes

Access to Resources - World Movement for Democracy

The Nordic Democratic-Socialist Myth

... and it is clear that we need, as the authors suggest, a massive interventionist democracy involving the worldwide network of climate activists, ...

The Mobilization Series on Social Movements, Protest, and Culture

The Euromaidan's Effect on Civil Society

Democratic Leadership

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There have been unusually high levels of movement mobilization since the last presidential election. Within a year of Obama's landmark 2008 victory, ...

#CivicTech4Democracy | 17 September 2018 | Thon Hotel EU - CivicTech4Democracy

A bilingual information sign sits on a table as people wait to cast their ballots in Takoma Park on November 8, 2016. (AP Photo / Jose Luis Magana)

How civil society must adapt to survive its greatest challenges

Building "a new Turkey": gender politics and the future of democracy

Social Policy Expansion in Latin America: Candelaria Garay: 9781316606407: Amazon.com: Books