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According to a comprehensive American study conducted in 2009 the

According to a comprehensive American study conducted in 2009 the


CDC: Half of American Adults Have Periodontal Disease

According to a comprehensive American study conducted in 2009, the annual growth rate of 2.2 % in number

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The China Study

U.S. Immigration Policy

The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study on Nutrition Ever Conducted: Srartling Implications for Diet, Weight-Loss and Long-Term H by Campbell, ...

As an extension of the previous findings, this section of the content analysis presents the DE trends regarding research methodology (designs).

When comparing the results of 2000-2008 with 2009-2013, it may be seen that there has been a shift in the preference to qualitative and quantitative ...

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The China Study

What Makes Us Happy?

School Libraries Impact Studies

Designing for success: A diagnostic to help assess student success maturity

Even fewer studies identify short-term positive changes that create a pathway toward later benefits for children and families. Identifying these changes is ...

Abortion Worldwide 2017: Uneven Progress and Unequal Access | Guttmacher Institute

Executive Summary; The ...

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Cyberbully Avenues

Low-Intensity Weight Loss Program Targeting Obesity Leads to Clinically Significant & Sustainable Weight Loss

Seeking Youth with Tourette Syndrome for Circadian Rhythms, Sleep and Light Therapy Research

Increasing Voter Participation in America

Bennet Omalu Concussions and the NFL How One Doctor Changed Football Forever

Computers + Collaboration = Student Learning, According to New Meta-Analysis

The 2013 Adventure Travel Market Study.

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A Quality Approach to School Funding

A 1997 three year study conducted by one large corporation found that 60% of employee absences could be traced to psychological problems that were due to ...

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The Most Impactful Cannabis Studies of All Time

Safety End Points and Serious and Nonserious Adverse Events, According to Study Treatment Received.

Collective Teacher Efficacy (CTE) according to John Hattie

Uncovering the hidden impacts of inequality on mental health: a global study | Translational Psychiatry

A Consensus Report by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) | Diabetes Care

Prevalence of Depression in the Community from 30 Countries between 1994 and 2014 | Scientific Reports

Homelessness in the United States

Elements of the Surgical Safety Checklist.

NYU Langone Health – Research Study on Opinions Related to Deep Brain Stimulation

Curriculum Reform in the Nation's Largest School Districts

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Why the Quality of School Lunches Matters for Students

Management of Hyperglycemia in Type 2 Diabetes: A Patient-Centered Approach | Diabetes Care

Blood Glucose Management and Levels, Calorie Administration, and Corticosteroid Treatment, According to Treatment Group.

The University of Utah – Utah Tic Lab Survey on You Experiences Navigating the Health System

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Among the many pressing challenges facing colleges and universities that demand the attention of their boards, one set of issues often is overlooked: those ...

choosing pizza during school lunch

University of Miami pediatrician Judith L. Schaechter, M.D. gives an HPV vaccination to a

Among students who started high school in 2009, a higher percentage of Black students than

Diabetic Retinopathy: A Position Statement by the American Diabetes Association | Diabetes Care

Indicators of School Crime and Safety 2016 Compares Bullying Internationally. According to data from the ...

This Punishment Book, from the school attended by Henry Lawson, is one of the earliest surviving examples of this type of record.

Baseline Characteristics of the Patients According to Study Group.

The main study was initiated during the 2009 fall term, with data collection completed at the end of the 2010 spring term. The timeframe of the pilot study ...

The Geena Davis Institute conducted an analysis of the top 100 grossing animated and non-animated family films between 2007-2017, called The Geena Benchmark ...

Vaccine Safety: Examine the Evidence

Diabetes Self-management Education and Support in Type 2 Diabetes: A Joint Position Statement of the American Diabetes Association, the American Association ...

September 1, 2017 -- Americans rate private schools significantly higher than other types of schools, according to a Gallup poll conducted early last month ...

Figure 1: Foreign-born workers tend to cluster in high and low education groups

Fig 2

According to a study by the Women Donors Network, 95% of elected prosecutors in the U.S. are white and 79% are white men. An analysis by DPIC of the study's ...

Kaplan–Meier Estimates of the Probability of Remaining Free of Primary Gastrointestinal Events, According to Study Group.

Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture

As an extension of the previous findings, this section of the content analysis presents the DE trends regarding research methodology (designs).

Global burden of NAFLD and NASH: trends, predictions, risk factors and prevention | Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Insulin Access and Affordability Working Group: Conclusions and Recommendations | Diabetes Care

in 2008 before it could conduct any further research. Since then, evidence on the

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Figure 1: The history and evolution of case study research (JOHANSSON, 2003, p.7) [10]

Did the stimulus work? A review of the nine best studies on the subject

The latest “Celluloid Ceiling” report from Dr. Martha Lauzen, Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego ...

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National Estimates of Medications Commonly Implicated in Emergency Hospitalizations for Adverse Drug Events in Older U.S. Adults, 2007–2009.

Table 1 shows a list of the most common research themes and their frequency when analysing the responses (N = 25).

The prevalence of diagnosed DED ranged from 1.3% in the Shouguang Chinese study [11] to 29.6% in the Alienor study conducted in France [23].

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Chart 2 describes the characterization of the interventions performed in the analyzed studies.

Nutrition Therapy Recommendations for the Management of Adults With Diabetes | Diabetes Care

Sex Education Standards Across the States

Moderating Effects within and between Groups

June 1, 2016 -- The number of private school students increased from 5.3 million to 5.4 million between 2011-12 and 2013-14, according to a report just ...

Flow chart of article selection for the systematic review of hepatitis C virus (HCV) antibody incidence and prevalence in Egypt, adapted from the PRISMA ...

Global information and education on HIV and AIDS

Burdensome Interventions in Nursing Home Residents during Their Last 3 Months of Life According to Health Care Proxies' Understanding of Prognosis and ...

Fig 1 Flow of information through the different phases of a systematic review.

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America falls short of being a full democracy for second year running, report finds

Paternity Testing - English, single

LAC Reads Capacity Program: Improving Early Grade Reading in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Institutionalization of Family Firms - Latin America

November 1, 2016 -- If given the opportunity to select whatever school they could for their child, more millennials would prefer a private school than any ...