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A new study has concluded that heavily fished and rapidly

A new study has concluded that heavily fished and rapidly


A new study has concluded that heavily fished and rapidly disappearing queen conchs in the Bahamas may only sustain commercial fishing in the islands for ...

Whether or not fish feel pain has been debated for years. But the balance of evidence says yes. Now the question is, what do we do about it?

Fishers pull in net

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation: alewife (herring species), striped bass, American eel, mummichog; Massachusetts Department of Fish ...

Fishing for DNA: Free-floating eDNA identifies presence and abundance of ocean life

Click logo for current fish count through Whooshh at Bonneville AFF

Vision in fishes

Testing for pain in fish is challenging, so researchers often look for unusual behavior and physiological responses. In one study, rainbow trout given ...

Despite becoming more efficient and being heavily subsidized, many fishing fleets are reporting lower and lower yields- and this is happening for a simple ...

Significant production increases foreseen over coming decade - Sector faces major challenges

Researchers study how fish adapt to climate change

11, 2014 by The Daily Orange - issuu

The author Lenny Tamule admiring a stout #keepemwet fish.

Now, their importance for coral reef ecosystems has put these fish and their unique way of life in ...

Ocean Warming Is Accelerating Faster Than Thought, New Research FindsOcean Warming Is Accelerating Faster Than Thought, New Research Finds

Atlantic cod stocks were severely overfished in the 1970s and 1980s, leading to their abrupt collapse in 1992

A fishing vessel crew unloads its catch off the coast of Virginia. Credit: Andrew

A new study confirms that coral reefs have faced devastating damage in recent years—a symptom of Earth's rapidly changing climate.

Baby fish have started eating plastic. We haven't yet seen the consequences

Coastal fish

Paul Gilson, by toilets, new showers, and

Red-bellied piranha

Bigmouth buffalo

a pile of haddock fish

Fried Food May Be Killing You, a New Study Says. Here Are the Worst Offenders


A report has found the causes of mass fish deaths in the Darling river.

Hakai Magazine

A new study warns that more than 100 natural World Heritage sites are being severely damaged by encroaching human activities.

Distant water fishing (DWF) takes place in either international waters or those under national jurisdictions. Countries have been sending their fleets to ...

Artist's conceptual illustration of a robotic unmanned aerial vehicle soaring over the ocean -- same

A new study has found that parts of the Florida reef tract are dissolving into the ocean, likely an effect of ongoing ocean acidification.

A parasite has been found to be the biggest threat to Māui and Hector's dolphin.

Hard at work in the field. From the top: Dr Molly fought to bring in a sailfish. Once you have reeled it in, you have to move fast to do the tagging ...

Good gut, good night: New research finds link between gut health and sleep patterns

Graeme Bradshaw, IMI's Naturopath and Homeopath, talks about what you eat and stock up on supplements can minimise the harmful effects of air pollution.

Fish as food


New research at Voyageurs National Park is challenging the conventional wisdom on wolves: Their diets are a lot more varied than previously thought.

... superconductivity in certain strongly correlated electron systems. The conceptual electronic phase diagram considered in this study is displayed with ...

Evolution's Quick Pace Affects Ecosystem Dynamics | The Scientist Magazine®

Spawning season at Kentucky State University's Aquaculture Research Center has come to an end. This spring Team Gomelsky spawned Koi, Koi Hybrids and ...

Huntington's Disease: Hope Through Research

As more and more carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere, the ocean is acidifying too quickly for sharks to keep up. For at least one species, the cost could ...

Unfortunately, the sawfish population has declined rapidly in recent years, largely due to unsustainable fishing.

Eu research Summer 2018

Credit: CC0 Public Domain. Greenland is melting faster than scientists previously ...

This is a ...

This whale had more than 88 pounds of plastic in its stomach when it died

As this graph shows, significant changes in body size - one evolutionary trait that can be tracked through the fossil record - take about one million years ...

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Hard at work in the field. From the top: Dr Molly fought to bring in a sailfish. Once you have reeled it in, you have to move fast to do the tagging ...

Ocean Resources

BONUS BAMBI provides management recommendations for genetic biodiversity - Bonus EEIG

Plastic fibres found in tap water around the world, study reveals

How overfishing and shark-finning could increase the pace of climate change


The Japanese government's ...

Dr. James Tidwell, Shawn Coyle and Leigh Anne Bright teamed up on "Largemouth Bass Aquaculture" that will be publish in the near future.

Facebook Fueled Anti-Refugee Attacks in Germany, New Research SuggestsFacebook Fueled Anti-Refugee Attacks in Germany, New Research Suggests

An oil drilling platform in oil-free water two years after the Deepwater Horizon oil

By definition, fish live in water and with few exceptions (e.g., lungfish, arapaima) can only extract oxygen from water. As such, it should be no surprise ...

Scientists haul in samples of seawater in Svalbard, Norway. Greenpeace is working with the

As observed through one-way glass, a dolphin playfully spins in front of its

Ketamine Syringe

Catch reconstructions reveal that global marine fisheries catches are higher than reported and declining | Nature Communications

Ground-based telescope's view of the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of our Milky Way. The inset image, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, ...

The answer largely comes down to addressing three problems areas: Science and policy, Fishing, and Conservation itself.

whale fluke Chris Johnson

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Fast and behavior-selective exploitation of a marine fish targeted by anglers | Scientific Reports

Paulo Oliveira/Alamy

Fishermen Michael and Patrick Burns

The science on the link is clear, but the alcohol industry has worked hard to downplay it.

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Scientists and explorers had knowledge of piranhas dating back to the 16th century, but Roosevelt's

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Research has found the answer to the 'safe' number of coffees you can have daily.

Evolution's Quick Pace Affects Ecosystem Dynamics | The Scientist Magazine®

Filtering the estuary water back in the lab. Mark Stoeckle, CC BY-ND

Despite the evidence that fish can suffer, animal welfare legislations and other legal protections often exclude them. (wonderlandstock / Alamy)

Climate Change: How it is Forcing Mass Fish Migration

Farmed versus wild salmon: Research review

IMAGE: This is a close up of adult bigfin reef squid, Sepioteuthis lessoniana. view more