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9 Quirky Linux Commands You Need to Know And Will Love in 2019

9 Quirky Linux Commands You Need to Know And Will Love in 2019


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How to Erase and Restore a Mac to Return to Factory Settings

... viewport-list-cli ...

JIRA is without a doubt one of the world's leading platform for issue and bug tracking, and with Terjira you can bring the JIRA functionality straight into ...

The 8 Most Useful Homebrew Apps to Install on Mac

My Recommendation for Tilix

Must have books for begginners and current unix & systems administrators to start working in Unix & Linux and learn adavance skills.

Timetrap is a time tracking tool with a slightly more complex capabilities, perfect for freelance developers and designers who are constantly relying on ...

ls command tricks

Command Line Tools


As per the reviews of the users themselves, Babun is a Linux shell that Windows users are going to enjoy using. If you thought Cygwin was great, ...

9 Quirky Linux Commands You Need to Know (And Will Love)

Windows 95 is now an app you can download and install on macOS, Windows, and Linux

Best GNOME Desktops For 2019

WINDOWS vs MAC vs LINUX || Best OS for web development 2019

8 Best Portable Linux Distros to Run from USB

May 9, 2019. microsoft is targeting developers with its its own linux kernel and a windows command line terminal

... though not everyone wants to use the WordPress dashboard to manage their site, especially not developers who have grown to love their terminal!

Debian 9 in VirtualBox on Arch Linux. You can ...

Fedora 25 desktop

GalliumOS Xfce desktop

OpenSSH Security Tutorial Query Ciphers and algorithms choice

... I doing” reminders in a TaskPaper-formatted text file. It allows for multiple sections/categories and flexible output formatting. Never again will you ...


Ze wallpaper, if you're interested.

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GNOME Software is an application that uses store-like interface to browse for and install software. GNOME Software is available on Ubuntu and any ...

Keenan had previously been an effects developer at Dreamworks on films like How To Train Your Dragon, and there he used Linux, making him a command-line ...

9 Quirky Linux Commands You Need to Know (And Will Love)

1st July 2016 / 9:00PM


Even from a power user standpoint Windows was quite inferior to Linux and Mac. Probably the biggest downside for me was lack of virtual desktops.

Hub is your friendly git wrapper that boosts your GitHub experience, whether you are a contributor or someone who maintains their own project.

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Debian GNU/Linux

Changing the login shell

RUST Server Description Command and Variable

microsoft has released early builds of its revamped edge browser based on open source chromium

Rule of Law and respect for staff: more of the same

The Linux tar command is the swiss army of the Linux admin when it comes to archiving or distributing files. Gnu Tar archives can contain multiple fil.

Telegram Contact Notification

WorldWideWeb (the original NeXT-based web-browser) showing many of its functions

linux mint 18.2 sonya cinnamon desktop

Let's be honest, it can be easy for a new user to become confused by this interface. Even seasoned Linux users — rather, especially seasoned Linux users who ...

Battery 2

2) A bit of experience:- In this stage you don't run away from the command line and are comfortable solving easy problems encountered in the forums but ...

15 Funniest Real Computer Error Messages

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Free Lightroom alternative Darktable is now available on Windows


People have their preferences concerning the Linux distro that they want to use. This portable Linux distro is often overlooked, especially by older ...

The directory contents as displayed by the Finder

Linux Mint Cinnamon

ZeekWeek 2019 will be held on 8-11 October 2019 at King Street Ballroom & Perch, Hilton Embassy Suites in Seattle Washington and registration is now open.

We've got a tip for you. 50 of them, in fact. All in this month's edition of The MagPi magazine.

My Recommendation for st

You can also try other official Ubuntu derivatives with different desktops, of course. The Xubuntu desktop with Xfce is probably the most traditional one.

Following our Software Interlude posts, which we completed with this post on Development Paradigms, we now move on to unpacking the the third and last ...

Page 1. 2020

We've just announced our final show of the year – 1st December at Centrala in Celebration of ORE's Album Launch. It's a jam packed bill featuring ...

18. Text Adventure


JQ primarily acts as a filter that can take your input, and then produce a settings-based output.

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Using Hey Siri on Mac. You'll find ...

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Text editor for PocketCHIP

Free Lightroom alternative Darktable is now available on Windows: Digital Photography Review

The commands themselves were reasonably straightforward to implement, Keenan taking general inspiration from Linux and programming, implementing a syntax ...

Summary: It is safe to say that in spite of exceptional and rare outcomes like Berkheimer v HP Inc. at the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit software ...

Luckily there is a number of more advanced alternatives available: wsltty, hyper, console2, conemu, cmder. Most of them felt either buggy or ugly to me, ...

GalliumOS Can Turn Chromebooks Into Linux Boxes

I would find it difficult to now enjoy Stellaris without Ancient Relics. As always, the DLC is not required but this is one pack that you should ...

Listen To Over 100 Internet Radio Stations Right From The Linux Desktop

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