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4Ocean A South Florida company is committed to cleaning up as much

4Ocean A South Florida company is committed to cleaning up as much


This South Florida Company Wants To Clean The Seas - And Prove It Can Make Money Doing It

4Ocean- A South Florida company is committed to cleaning up as much of the world's

4Ocean- A South Florida company is committed to cleaning up as much of the world's

Andrew Cooper and Alex Schulze's company has cleaned over two million pounds of plastics from coastlines around the world. Courtesy 4Ocean

4Ocean- A South Florida company is committed to cleaning up as much of the world's

2-Year Anniversary and Cleanup! What a Year.

These 20-something surfers started a company that's pulled 1 million pounds of garbage out of the ocean

4ocean 2-Year Anniversary Cleanup

4ocean volunteers participate in a community cleanup

A South Florida company is committed to cleaning up as much of the world's oceans and coasts as they can – and paying for it one bracelet at a time.

4Ocean Cleanup Fleet

4ocean 2-Year Anniversary Cleanup

4Ocean Fleet

Maybe you saw them on the Today Show back in July, or perhaps the adds have popped up on your cell phone while browsing Facebook or playing games - but the ...

4Ocean ocean cleaning bracelet brand impact

4ocean is unveiling its one-of-a-kind 135-foot Ocean Plastic Recovery Vessel to transport massive amounts of plastic being removed from oceans and river ...


4OCEAN Bracelet with Charm Made from 100% Recycled Material Upcycled Jewelry (Green)

4ocean 2-Year Anniversary Cleanup


The deck of the Ocean Plastic Recover Vessel.

4Ocean ocean cleaning bracelet brand impact

4ocean Monthly Subscription | 4 Ocean Bracelets

World Oceans Day was proposed by individuals and organizations who are deeply committed to ocean conservation. Here at 4Ocean, we believe that every day ...

Coral Reef Bracelet | 4 Ocean Bracelets

4Ocean Signature Blue Bracelet

People of all ages scattered the beach in bright blue 4Ocean gear. We walked along the sand and shoreline and did not see a speck of trash from the event ...

The 4ocean Bracelet | 4 Ocean Bracelets

Help 4Ocean Make a Difference for World Oceans Day (VIDEO)

4ocean Reusable Bottle - White | 4 Ocean Bracelets

It's an understatement, Cooper says, to say that this has all come together quickly. In 2015 when they came up with the idea after the encounter with the ...

On March 2, more than 1,400 volunteers participated in the 42nd Broward County Waterway Cleanup, the county's largest and longest-running environmental ...


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2 Years and over 2 million Pounds with 4Ocean

@4ocean Our Caribbean Cleanup Crew is hard at work sifting through piles of PET bottles and other marine debris. According to Ocean Conservancy, ...


Red Tide Is Giving Most Of Florida A Break, For Now

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4Ocean partners

4Ocean Cleanup Crew

Shark Bracelet | 4 Ocean Bracelets

4 Ocean bracelets are $20 and remove one pound of trash from the ocean.

@4ocean Even with a broken motor, our Bali Cleanup Crew still gets the job done. On this day, they pulled more than 6,900 pounds of trash from the Ijo ...

I've attended several dozen cleanups over the years, but never have I seen the clear sorting of recyclables that takes place during a 4Ocean cleanup.

Seabird Bracelet | 4 Ocean Bracelets


4th May May 2018

Boca group's innovative idea to clean the ocean

4Ocean- A South Florida company is committed to cleaning up as much of the world's oceans and coasts as they can – and paying for it one b…

4Ocean Signature Blue Bracelet

Marine Nursery Bracelet | 4 Ocean Bracelets

ในภาพอาจจะมี หนึ่งคนขึ้นไป, ...

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4ocean 2-Year Anniversary Cleanup

The ROAM app now available in Florida

@4ocean Once our South Florida Cleanup Crew finishes up each day, they bring all the items collected back to our shop to be sorted and weighed.

SIP Distribution East is VERY excited to be offering the 4Ocean Bracelet on our online ecommerce

4Ocean Leads the Way for Ocean Conservation. World Oceans Day. 4Ocean cleanup ...

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4Ocean Captains and Crews wear the Signature Blue Bracelet



4ocean is Actively Cleaning our Oceans and Coastlines

@4ocean If we don't act to end ocean plastic pollution, the only seashells Sally will be selling by the seashore are plastic ones like this tiny plastic ...

plastic in the ocean

Sustainable Fishing Bracelet | 4 Ocean Bracelets

Local Production Company, Bluewater Media Makes Waves in the Fight Against Ocean Pollution By: CAM Staff | Coastal Angler & The Angler Magazine

Lucy and Leon helped out today cleaning up the ocean . Two lbs of trash will be cleaned up because of them . Check out 4ocean.com #4oceanmovement

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Not Whale Food - Godzilla is #NotWhaleFood

4ocean is Actively Cleaning our Oceans and Coastlines

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Join us for our.

@4ocean Our Caribbean Cleanup Crew is on their way back to headquarters with 10 super sacs full of PET bottles, styrofoam and other marine debris.

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4Ocean | One Pound At A Time - YouTube 4 Oceans, One Pound, Deep

... rain patterns are causing the wetlands in two Andean communities to shrink — and that's a big problem for the communities of Miraflores and Canchayllo.

One suggestion I can make regarding the 4Ocean product tent - there were no t-shirts in kid sizes. I saw many children there who were way too small for an ...

Their second crazy idea came later, when they were thinking about how to pay for an army of ocean trash collectors: They decided to start selling bracelets.

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Want to help clean up plastic from the world's oceans and shores? Buy a bracelet from @4ocean You get a cute bracelet made from recycled materials, ...

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@4ocean Can you guess what next month's bracelet represents? Head over to our Facebook page and enter our January Giveaway for a chance to win 3 bracelets, ...

Planet Love Life partners with NGOs to clean up the oceans, give back to the community, and make beautiful accessories.

These bracelets are made from recycled material and for every one sold 4ocean pulls a pound of trash from ...

#4Ocean #4OceanLifestyle #4OceanMovement #BeachCleanUp #SpanishRiverBeach #SpanishRiverBeachFL #SouthFlorida #Florida

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@4ocean Did you know that most of the plastic utensils you try to recycle usually wind up in the landfill? That's because they're made from polystyrene and ...

#4whales medias .

sells bracelets made of recycled plastic and glass bottles to fund its beach and coastal water cleanup operation.

Metsä Group and Business Finland are joining forces in building a wooden Metsä pavilion to be used in Tokyo during the Olympic games.