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3M Stocks Collapse Deals Vanguard a 10 Billion Catastrophe World

3M Stocks Collapse Deals Vanguard a 10 Billion Catastrophe World


By CCN: 3M stock (MMM) plunged by 11 percent on Thursday after the $112 billion company unveiled disastrous first-quarter earnings, drastically slashed its ...

3m stock institutional owners. Vanguard ...

3M stock insider dumping

3M Stock's Collapse Deals Vanguard a $10 Billion Catastrophe - The BlockChain Feed


3M Stock's Collapse Deals Vanguard a $10 Billion Catastrophe

And it wasn't just stocks. Real estate got demolished as well. At its peak, Tokyo's prime neighborhoods rose to levels that were 350x more expensive than ...

The 10y-3m curve has been steadily falling for nearly nine years now, at an average rate of 3.15 basis points per month. But with the curve still at 0.48% ...

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Therefore, as Wall Street is busily pricing the Trump Tax cuts into shares multiple times over, none of the bond bubble catastrophe is even getting a ...

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(Source: Investor Presentation)

Donald Trump Just Set the Stage for a Massive Dow Dump

Basically (and this is very basic, as there is a boatload of nuisance in this) the Federal Reserve, and for that matter the central banks of any country, ...

... market historians, is that this ultra low volatility could be causing massive investor complacency. In other words, a sense that "stocks only go up."

GRAPH (above): the Vanguard European Stock Index (VESIX) provides all the evidence I need to confirm my thesis regarding the power of “Irish Intangibles” to ...

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stock market asymmetry

A current snapshot of how expensive the stock market is – not in sticker price, but in the more instructive price-to-earnings (P/E10) ratio.


Crypto ford stock price chart

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FedEx and TNT do largely the same business in different parts of the world. If they combine their forces, wouldn't they be much more efficient while also ...

Realty's management culture has always been conservative and focused on quality over quantity.

Fivebucks.com: Meet the Freelancer's Marketplace Powered by Bitcoin Cash

Chinese School Officials Caught Mining Ethereum On School Property

Donald Trump Pumps Stock Market With Dangerous Tweet

(Source: San Francisco Federal Reserve)

7 Stocks to Buy That Lost 10% in April


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(Source: earnings supplement)

The two 'most important charts in the world' point to more fun for #stock-market bulls

Lessons from Japan's 1989 Market Crash

Products and services

Stock and index performance since 1980

BP shares have risen but lagged behind the gain in the oil price - up 24

Even a small number like 2%, compounded over a long period of time, can lead to financial ruin. Jack Bogle, the founder of Vanguard once said:



2018 stock market crash fourth quarter .jpg

Therefore, as Wall Street is busily pricing the Trump Tax cuts into shares multiple times over, none of the bond bubble catastrophe is even getting a ...

Indirect Accepted Bids Tank for the 13-Week Treasury Bills Auction

As a result, they've managed to deliver decades of market-beating total returns with 10% less volatility to boot.

3M MMM stock

Finance and Payments


When we put all Good Times since WW2 into a graph, you can see just how exceptionally long we have been riding high.

Second, just like GDP growth, there are a lot of factors that make it a bit challenging on how exactly to interpret it. Right after the vote, the UK's stock ...

We ...

World stock markets continue to make all time highs. The current bull market (as defined as a 20%+ increase in the market) has lasted 3,255 days, ...

Global Exports By Region

$41 Billion Flash Crash Leaves Singapore's Stock Market Stunned: What Happened?

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The Brent Crude oil price has risen 50% over the past year, from $50

2008 and 2009 oversold stock crash


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Own Netflix Stock? We Guarantee This Chart Will Terrify You

Stocks to Buy That Lost 10% in April: LendingTree (TREE)

Stock and index performance since 1980

(Source: earnings presentation)

Crypto Ford Stock Struggles After US Auto Giant Reveals Aggressive Downsizing Plan

DFA Global Allocation Vanguard Balanced

Stock%20performance%204%20%28from%20election%29.jpg .

... nothing happens for a long time, the all of a sudden, BOOM, the amount explodes. This my friends is compound investing – the eighth wonder of the world.

(Source: Bianco Research, Marketwatch)

The point is Brexit was fairly universally acknowledged as a total disaster in the making by the loudest (but not necessarily the smartest) voices.

'Bloomberg Surveillance' Full Show (04/26/2019) – Bloomberg

Amazon's Revenue Is Roughly Half that of Walmart, AMZN Stock Yawns

Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. Interest rates were hiked and lowered. LTCG was introduced. But none could stop the compounding engine.


Fidelity fought Washington over money market funds — and won - The Boston Globe

stock market SPY $SPY

At the Second Coming of Christ, some knucklehead will short Hooters. Don't count on T+2 settlement…

Altria Implodes After Stupid Investors Senselessly Dump MO Stock

global macro asymmetric risk reward .jpg


Below you will see the entire historical returns of the S&P 500 from 1926 through 2017. What you will see is that the S&P 500's historical average hasn't ...

U.S. real GDP has grown 2,200 fold since 1800, a time when total production was

S&P 500 Bounces Off Its Lows

2008 stock market crash drawdown

I'm not saying Amazon or Netflix are terrible companies, in fact quite the opposite. I think they're great businesses, which I am a customer of both.


Market Outlook: After A Crash, The #Stock Market Made A V-Shaped Recovery, What's Next

Stocks to Buy That Lost 10% in April: Acuity Brands (AYI)

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'Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas' Full Show (04/29/2019) – Bloomberg

Dark blue was US stocks (down 8%) and light blue was International stocks (down 18%)

(Source: Forexlive) - note Nov 2018 estimate

... you'd think the fund's investment returns would be out of this world. Yet even the biggest and the best can't beat the market over the short, medium, ...

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