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3 Environmental Processes Behavior and Toxicity of Diluted Bitumen

3 Environmental Processes Behavior and Toxicity of Diluted Bitumen


FIGURE 3-1 Processes affecting the composition, amount, and behavior of diluted bitumen.

FIGURE 3-2 Observed increases in density for two diluted bitumen (AWB, Access Western Blend; CLB, Cold Lake Blend) added to a flume tank containing seawater ...

images. SOURCE: Delin et al. Page 52 Share Cite. Suggested Citation:"3 Environmental Processes, Behavior, and Toxicity of Diluted Bitumen.

FIGURE 3-4 Evolution of the median droplet diameter (d50) with time as a function of the oil viscosity, based on model simulations.

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NAS study Fig 3-2

FIGURE 3-3 Sheening in the Kalamazoo River, the site of a diluted bitumen spill (see Box 3-1). Left: Sheen emanating from an island after a modest rise in ...

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Figure 3. The spatial and temporal scale of environmental stressors and.

FIGURE 3-5 Biota coated in adhesive oil: (a) Oil that coated the shoreline after the Marshall spill into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan (Box 3-1) as the ...

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FIGURE 3-6 Left: Types of oil-particle aggregates (OPAs): A, single and multiple oil droplets (yellow) aggregated with natural particles (blue); B, ...

Map of Crude Oil Transport in Washington State (Credit: WA Department of Ecology,

Trans Mountain Supporting Ongoing Canadian Research of Diluted Bitumen Behaviour in Water - Trans Mountain

FIGURE S-2 Response operations: diluted bitumen relative to commonly transported crude oils. Acronym: VOCs: volatile organic compounds.

A Dilbit Primer: How It's Different from Conventional Oil

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Hakai Magazine

Graphical abstract

Subway Reads The Dilbit Disaster: Inside The Biggest Oil Spill You've Never Heard Of - Subway Reads

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Kalamazoo River diluted bitumen spill clean-up

Spills of Diluted Bitumen from Pipelines: A Comparative Study of Environmental Fate, Effects,

Giant Mine, Yellowknife, NT (photo: A. Houben)

Federal records show the plan will study natural degradation processes and collaborate with toxicity researchers. Government of Canada image

In this June 27, 2012, file photo, a Chinook salmon, second from

Raw bitumen and diluted bitumen are displayed in jars during a news conference in Vancouver in 2012. A draft federal government report says the effects of a ...

Figure 1-3: WA Department of Ecology: Marine and Pipeline Routes in.

Pipe segments for the hotly debated Keystone XL pipeline sit at a storage depot in North Dakota in November 2014. Photo by Andrew Cullen/Reuters/Corbis

Bitumen spill effects on waterways, oceans unknown, draft federal report says

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Extensive research shows that diluted bitumen behaves much the same way as other heavy oils. Here is an excerpt from the Citizen's Guide to Tanker Safety ...

Catalysts | Free Full-Text | Partial Upgrading of Athabasca Bitumen Using Thermal Cracking

Impact of diluted bitumen on young sockeye salmon deadly, says Guelph study

Scientists are planning an oily bitumen spill in this Ontario lake

Bitumen is the thick, (barely) fluid oil extracted from oil sands. Being thicker than conventional crude the oil needs lighter solvents or oils added to it ...

This area is where the Enbridge pipeline leaked nearly a million gallons of diluted bitumen (dilbit), a tar sands oil product, into wetlands, Talmadge Creek ...

FIGURE 5-1 Diluted bitumen relative to commonly transported crude oils: considerations related to transport in the environment. Acronyms: BTEX: benzene ...

To recap the process so far, this diagram from the National Energy Board shows the steps that occurred during the approval process up until May 2016, ...

Cross-flow of solvent vapor and oil in the contact zone (Das and Butler

Bitumen spill effects unknown: report

Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts

Crude oil and its associated by-products are ubiquitous in the aquatic environment due to both natural and anthropogenic sources (i.e. oil seeps and rivers ...


Estimated surface tension of bitumen-solvent mixtures (based on data from Das 1998;

With relevance to pipeline integrity, federal scientists and engineers also conduct research on pipeline corrosion, the manufacture of pipeline fittings, ...

Accelerated Dewatering and Detoxification of Oil Sands Tailings Using a Biological Amendment | Journal of Environmental Engineering | Vol 144, No 9

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On politicians shading the truth about diluted bitumen | A Chemist in Langley

Catalysts | Free Full-Text | Partial Upgrading of Athabasca Bitumen Using Thermal Cracking

Figure 4-1: US DOT, PHMSA's Petroleum Pipeline Systems (Credit: U.S.

Accelerated Dewatering and Detoxification of Oil Sands Tailings Using a Biological Amendment | Journal of Environmental Engineering | Vol 144, No 9

A radial gant chart showing when and how often the varieties of salmon are present in

FIGURE 5-5 Time scales of environmental processes affecting spills of diluted bitumen and the windows of time for various response options.

article image Study: Impact of diluted bitumen ...

Chemical engineer Hena Farooqi, left, and physical scientist Behnam Namsechi the process of the

Drugging the Environment

Reversible glycosidic switch for secure delivery of molecular nanocargos | Nature Communications

'Kayactivists' protest Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain expansion project near the marine terminal where tankers would ship the pipeline's diluted bitumen to ...

Potential for Microbially Mediated Natural Attenuation of Diluted Bitumen on the Coast of British Columbia (Canada) | Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Workers haul away contaminated soil alongside the Kalamazoo River after a diluted-bitumen spill in


40 Interesting Facts About Water Pollution You'll Wish You'd Known

EPA sampling during Enbridge bitumen spill

The design stage (concept creation) has a vital influence on the product's life cycle and also on subsequent occurring environmental effects.

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Catalysts | Free Full-Text | Partial Upgrading of Athabasca Bitumen Using Thermal Cracking

Effect of pressure on SAP performance (Gupta and Gittins 2007; reproduced with permission from

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Statement by Environmental Defence's Patrick DeRochie on Suspension of Energy East Panel Sessions

Since the aim is to get off coal and natural gas, this seems like an easy one. We can simply eliminate all 74 MT. This helps a lot (20%) but leaves us ...


(Councillor Bruce Phinney examines glass bottle containing water and diluted bitumen, Sackville Town Council, Feb. 6, 2017)

Just look at @HuskyEnergy's #Searose spill, which CAN'T BE and will NEVER BE CLEANED UP! World-class means nothing if no one can clean these things ...

... Subsurface Oil Droplets: Binary Component Mixture Dissolution Theory and Model-Oil Experiments | Journal of Environmental Engineering | Vol 143, No 10

Densities of Seven Oil Types as a Function of Temperature

Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology

B.C. Green MLA Andrew Weaver argues that, if we're going to transport oil

FIGURE S-1 Spill hazards: diluted bitumen relative to commonly transported crude oils. Acronyms: BTEX: benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylenes; ...

Ottawa's call for new science review says a lot about Trans Mountain safety claims | The Narwhal

Yellowknife, NT (photo: L. Kimpe)

The effects that conditions, such as wave action, temperature, or sediment load, will have on a spill depends on the physico-chemical properties of the oil, ...

... cleanup workers employed tactics such as spraying the sediments with water and agitating sediments by hand with a rake. (U.S. Environmental Protection ...

Will Canada's Proposed Tar Sands Oil Pipeline Muck Up Its Pacific Coast? - Scientific American

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Environment Switzerland 2018 Report of the Federal Council

Modeling the transport of oil–particle aggregates resulting from an oil spill in a freshwater environment | SpringerLink

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... peace and the ability to be resilient. There may be tension, but let it not tear us apart. May our country, built on survival help keep us strong in ...

Figure 5: Summary of risks associated with tankers as specified in the SARA Recovery Strategies

Figure 1 Experimental procedure for effluent treatment optimization.

Effect of acid gas solubility on formation volume factor (based on data from Jamaluddin et